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Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines:
  • This forum is family-friendly. The rule of thumb for everything you do here should be "Rated PG!" That includes your posts (profanity is not welcome), and any pictures or links you include in your post, signature, avatar, profile page, and private messages. Keep it clean and polite -- we're all friends here! Moderators have final say on what is "PG," and we'll let you know if something is out of line.

  • SPOILERS: You're welcome to post info about episodes that others might not have seen yet, as long as you take precautions not to spoil them. Any thread that contains plot info, surprise developments or character appearances, etc., for episodes in any current or future season, either on either cable or in syndication, must indicate in the first message, or the first message and thread title, that the thread includes spoilers for that episode(s). An example:

      SPOILERS for "Episode Title" (Season #) below!

    Include this line and at least 10 blank lines at the top of the first post. If you are replying to an existing thread that isn't marked for spoilers from that episode, include this in your post.

    For the forum's complete spoiler rule, visit the FAQ.

  • Respect your fellow users. Refrain from personal attacks and name-calling. Disagreements and debates are fine, but negative personal comments are not welcome. We want our forum to stay friendly! Stick to the issues and the arguments, and when the debate has concluded, agree to disagree.

    Personal disputes are not welcome on the public discussion board. If you must press a personal dispute with someone, do it in private e-mail.

  • Respect Stargate actors and production crew members. This falls under the previous rule -- but it's important to remember that we owe the show's cast and crew at least as much respect as we owe our fellow fans. Criticizing creative decisions is fine; cutting down the people that make the show is not.

    These people take time out of their day to participate here, and it's our job to make sure they aren't met with personal attacks because of their creative decisions -- or even drowned with questions and personal requests.

  • No SPAM. Do not post advertisements that are not related to Stargate or other sci-fi -- especially money-making schemes. Definition of "SPAM" lies solely with the moderators. Spammers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of a Goa'uld pain stick!

  • Copyrighted material. Please do not post a copyrighted article in its entirety on the forum, without permission. Instead, post interesting selections/quotations, citing the source, and a link to the full story if it's available on the Web.

  • Episode downloads. Do not use GateWorld to request, trade, or advertise downloads of copyrighted films or television programs, including Stargate. Keep any such conversations in private e-mail -- no exceptions.

  • Stay on topic. If your post is drifting from the thread topic, feel free to start a new thread in the appropriate folder!

  • Look for the right thread. If you can find a thread already discussing a topic or episode, post there instead of starting a new thread. Every episode already has its own thread -- if you can find it, look for the "Discuss" link on that episode's page in GateWorld's episode guide. (Moderators may close redundant threads from time to time, so that members aren't confused and conversations aren't schizophrenic. Please don't take it personally!)

  • Post your own words. Feel free to quote articles, TV shows, other fans, etc., but do not repost copyrighted material in its entirety. (Also, please do not post on behalf of someone else -- let them visit the forum and post for themselves.) Also, do not copy and paste someone else's post made in another forum to this one without the author's permission. One person (or family) per user name, please.

The moderators of [ARG:2 UNDEFINED] reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. Should a post you make be found in violation of the rules, you may be asked to edit it yourself, or the moderators may choose to edit it without notice. Grossly negligent or repeated violations of the rules will result in restricted access to the forum, including banning.

In short: Play nice! We look forward to having you join the GateWorld community.