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    TV Hypocrisy

    During the extended summer hiatus of the major TV shows, the production teams of many high profile shows were going on in the media about how their shows would reflect the realities of CV this fall, when their new seasons started up.

    Using 2 shows as examples of shows that talked about this, "Grey's Anatomy" and "Law & Order SVU", their hypocrisy is quite clear.

    When doing scenes, they are often wearing masks and talking about it.. in the 12/3 ep. of SVU for example, Benson tells her underlings to "mask up". But in almost every scene, the principal actors might be wearing masks at the outset of the scene, but within a few seconds, they have dropped their masks to play out the scene unencumbered. That ain't the way it is (or is supposed to be) in real life. If these shows want to preach about it, shouldn't they film them accordingly?

    I've noted the same behavior in Grey's Anatomy, and their hypocrisy stands out even more 'cause it's a medical show, with their titular character a victim of the disease.

    If they want to talk the talk, shouldn't they walk the walk?

    I don't think you will find anyone defending them over not setting great examples.