I've been meaning to watch Absentia for a while, mainly because I've always liked Stana Katic (Castle).

It's available on Amazon Prime, 3 seasons so far, don't know yet if there will be a fourth.

Stana is amazing in it, plus Paul Freeman (Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark) plays her father. There's a Stargate connection as well, since Neil Jackson (SG-1 episode Prototype and SG Atlantis episode Vegas) plays her brother.

The summary is, Stana's character is an FBI Agent who is kidnapped by a serial killer and held for 6 years. She escapes and starts trying to find out who took her and why.

The first season is a little slow, but if you can get through it, seasons 2 and 3 move quicker.

The show is filmed in Bulgaria (but is set primarily in Boston).