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  • Jay Halstead
    I've started watching this and I'm really liking it. But I've not finished it and I'm hoping they haven't removed it yet, I've not been on there for a little while.

    I've just checked and it hasn't, so I'll be able to finish this. I've never read the book before, I didn't actually know there was one, don't know at the moment if I'll buy it and read it. But for now I want to finish the series. I'm really liking Chris Evans in this though and Michelle Dockery as well.

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  • gnoel809
    started a topic Defending Jacob

    Defending Jacob

    Recently watched Defending Jacob, an 8-part limited series on Apple TV. Starring Chris Evans (Captain America) and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey).

    Some will find this series slow, but it kept our attention and the performances are very good. Filmed in the Boston area, where Chris Evans is from originally and also where the book the show was based on was set.