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    This stinks because it and NCIS only got 16 episodes while LA got 18 for this TV season and I don't think any veteran CBS show should be canceled during a pandemic. Yes, for most of it's time on Sunday on CBS it was on at 10pm EST, and that is reported to be the death slot, but the show should have, at least, been given one more season. For all we know, they have written all the episodes for this season and have them set in stone, so we wouldn't get a proper final. I'm guessing the reason for all the 2 part episodes this season is so the guest cast has 14 days to isolate before their episodes, and any changes, like guest cast, made for the last 2 parter would mean a delay in production. I also know, from the last time Scott Bakula and his wife were on The Talk, that they had moved to New Orleans, so they wouldn't have to commute for the show. I just hope they told the cast before the news of this was reported. I also read somewhere that Mark Harmon's contract is up at the end of this season on NCIS, so that's another reason not to cancel New Orleans because if they decide to end the flagship show of the franchise, then New Orleans could still be around for those characters to make appearances as they are needed. I got into watching this show on weekly basis with Season 6 before then it was just reruns on TNT. The only other NCIS show I watch is LA and the only other CBS shows I watch are Blue Bloods and Young Sheldon.

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      I blame CBS for this, the show was doing good (like 12 mill. viewers per episode) until they gave the time slot to Bull (Tue. at 9PM to 10). ratings went downhill from there (like 6-7 mill). And then they moved it to Sundays at 10PM following NCIS: LA, which made things worse (now about 4 mill.).


        I never understood the change to Sunday... but okay, nothing to be done about it.
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          Yeah, me neither!
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