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Walker (CW TV series)

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    Walker (CW TV series)

    Been watching episodes of Jared Padalecki's new show.

    I hate the TV drama with the kids, some of it is understandable, but the last episode...woo boy. One of these kids is going to get themselves killed!

    I would have done it episodes ago if they were mine

    It's sort of a reverse of Supernatural. The main story of the episode is sort of secondary to the drama between the characters. It'll be fine if the kids weren't doing stupid things.

    I know some of it is suppose to be about showing they need to grow up some, but it's tiresome and I think the show would be better if it lean more into the buddy-cop angle.

    I've only seen the first episode, but so far I'm not that impressed. If they wanted to do a show about a Texas Ranger, instead of using Walker, Texas Ranger, they should have based it on James Patterson's series of Texas Ranger books, which wouldn't bring as much baggage as trying to fill Chuck Norris' boots.

    Also, not to split hairs, but shouldn't this thread be in the General Television forum?