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    Streaming Quality? (US)

    So I've been watching SG-1 and Atlantis on Hulu for a few years now. With SG-1 being added back to Netflix and both SG-1 and Atlantis being on Amazon Prime I have to ask, which service has the best transfers?

    From what I've seen Amazon has the entire series in widescreen whereas Netflix and Hulu only have SG-1 in widescreen from Season 5 onward. One thing that has bothered me with watching the show on Hulu is that the early seasons all look really bad in dark scenes, the blacks are crushed to all hell.

    Trying to watch the show on Netflix it seems more pixelated than what I remember, Amazon seems better.

    Is Amazon the best quality for SG-1? Is Atlantis identical between Hulu and Amazon? Do any of them have the extended version of Threads?

    Originally posted by SG-17 View Post
    Do any of them have the extended version of Threads?
    I don't know if this is correct but I was under the impression that only the region 2 DVD's have the extended version of Threads as normal version.

    I remember that the episode on Stargate Command (that failed attempt at a stargate streaming HUB) had the short version. I assume this would therefor also be the case for the other streaming services, since they operate with the same source material.
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      In the U.S. right now Amazon Prime Video has far and away the best copies. They are 16:9 widescreen (like the DVDs), and the first seven seasons look to be the new upscaled picture quality.
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