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Stargate Bluray Collection (VEI - SG1, Atlantis, and Universe)

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    Here are some yt videos as well from fans :


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      Originally posted by Platschu View Post

      Darren and David have talked a lot about these Blue-ray boxes from VEI. The gates are wrong on bith boxes. SG-1 has got only 8 chevrons and repeated symbols. Universe has got the back part of the gate, the 7th chevron is not on the top, no other chevron on the right. UglyPig has mentioned the 5.1 audio is messed up. So that is a massive NO from me so far. This is insolence. We can only hope fans will make better covers or the shows will be released by the new owner of the rights.

      I am doing a rewatch of all Stargates. I am currently on Season 5 of SG1. I'm watching from a Bluray player and the picture is passable for me. If you are going to mess with the sound, not do a true HD conversion and mess up the cover art for the case, forget it. I already have Atlantis on Bluray anyway. Season 1 of SGU on Bluray (still disappointed we got ripped off for season 2). I'm happy with my current releases. I'm not giving people who half assed it my money.
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