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Did Ancients create non-human aliens?

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    I like the idea that some Ancients just took up terraforming as a hobby, to see what'd happen.
    Originally posted by Craig Charles
    "And the 'replicator' has just entered Sir Killalot's corner and Killalot is...urm...wait a minute... Sir Killalot has just been eaten by the 'replicator' and now there's two of them..."


      This is an interesting question. I do not think that the Ancients are responsible for the emergence of all sentient lifeforms such as the Unas, Reol or Ursini etc. but I do think there is a chance that they might be responsible for creating others races such as the Asgard and the Nox. Clues pointing to this would be
      1: the number of planets that supported Ancient colonies within the Milky Way suggest that, like in the Pegasus Galaxy, that the Ancients seeded the galaxies that they travelled through similar to the Ancient Humanoids from the Star Trek The Next Generation episode The Chase. Daniel Jackson himself said that the reason that the Ancients left the Milky Way galaxy is unknown and that leaving for another galaxy may have been a part of their plan all along but it was speed up because of the plague. Seeding of the Pegasus Galaxy was done in part because of the plague that had decimated the Ancient populations but it also shows that subspecies did come out of such seeding (ie the Wraith). The existence of the Dakara device suggests that each galaxy the Ancients inhabited may have a similar device or they could have used unmanned terra forming ships like the Gadmeer (the existence of The Destiny proves that they did utilize unmanned ships).
      2: We know that the Asgard who lived 30,000 years ago looked very similar to modern-day humans a clue that they may be distant cousins is the fact that Asgard scientists studied and experimented on humans when trying to fix their reproduction conundrum. We know that there was an Ancient presence in the Ida Galaxy as Thor says "the Ancients left our region of space a long time ago." The Nox might also be a subspecies of the Ancients as Samantha Carter herself noted how similar they look to humans.
      3: Perhaps the Alliance of Four Great Races was made up of the Ancients and three species that were closely related to them biologically (this assumes that the Furlings also look similar to the Ancients and/or humans). With the original home galaxy of the Alterans being so far away perhaps over the eons they stopped and seeded many galaxies with their DNA, this could also explain why the Furlings have never been seen because they live in another galaxy. Perhaps each inhabited a different galaxy: the Asgard in the Ida Galaxy, the Nox in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy (the Asgard society is only 100,000 years old and Atlantis left for the the Pegasus long before) the Furlings in a fourth galaxy (based on its close location to the Milky Way let's speculate the Andromeda Galaxy). After the Furlings, Nox and Asgard advanced to a certain level the Ancients agreed to the Alliance with their distant cousins/relations because of their common ancestry. In this theory the Alliance of the Four Great Races would therefore represent the dominant powers from each galaxy.
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        We don't know what lore will Brad Wright create about it. I would like to believe that the Ancients were careful about younger races, so even if they have planted a gate system everywhere, they knew that it needs a long evolution to understand how it works. Maybe they have also skipped the dangerous lifeforms, so what if the gate seeding ship had a special protocoll where it can place stargates. We also don't know how the local conditions have effected the evolution (like sun type, sun size, sun-planet distance, local seasons, number of moons, planet's rotation, gravity, atmosphere, other lifeforms evolved on the same planet, location of the stargate, visitors in the past). And what if the stargate system was not necesserily filtered all the germs and spores of the travellers, so even distant worlds could infect each other by gate travellers. What if the Asgard have used time dilation fields to speed up or slow down evolution. This is the reason I believe SG-4 should talk more about biology related problems as so many stories could be based just on this subject if one of the new hero would have such skill or interest.
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