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    Hey Guys,

    If you could put ateam of 6 ppl from SG1-SGA From ANY SEASON, to make the ultimate stargate team to fight the wraith/ori (whatever you're into) who would you put in the team and why?


    ??????????? I'd love to hear some of your responses ????????????????
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    1) O'Neill - Because of his leadership qualities;
    2) Daniel - Very knowledgeable, speaks Ancient;
    3) Carter - Sorry McKay, she's the best. He can step in from time to time;
    4) Sheppard - Would be great to see him and O'Neill play off each other;
    5) Teal'c - Sorry Ronan, you're a close second to this warrior;
    6) Mitchell - I just like the guy.

    That would be my dream team.
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      I'm thinkin

      Carter - Just too hott to handle!
      Daniel - as previously said cunning linguist
      Sheppard - Young daring smart
      Mckay - proving to be an ASSet and not so much an ASS!
      Ronan - Deadly with that pistol
      Ba'al - If he turned out to join this team they would have an army of carter! ~~~~~ Lol!
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        1-Me, because I'm awesome.
        2-Jack: He's awesome too
        3-Sheppard: With Sheppard and Jack you could never not be laughing
        4-Carter: Smart and gorgeous
        5-Daniel: Is also funny, and smart.
        6-Teal'c: You always need someone to keep the cool, and no one does it like T.
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          Teal'C (whaddaya know, thats old school SG-1)
          Ronon (more firepower never hurts)
          McKay (neither do more brains).
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            Well I'm thinking the results will be pretty much the same.
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              Teal'c (the original SG-1 team of course!)
              Me (non military so I could be Sams new love interest)
              Thor (cool alien gadgets never hurt anybody)
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                Oneill { dont need an explanation}
                Carter { shes super smart}
                Tealc { he is a good warrior}
                Daniel { can speak 24 different languages}
                Jacob { useful tokra information}
                Thor { really smart and has a cool ship}



                  1. Sheppard as team leader. I love Jack to death, but John is younger, a bit more addaptive, and definetely better at using Ancient Tech. My only doubts with him are command structure, and lack of the leadership experience Jack has. Mitchell is a great character, but I don't think he contends with either of them yet.
                  2. Sam for the Science Geek. She's sort of a "Jack of All Trades" more so than McKay. Much better with a gun too, so thats always nice. Her personality is usually much better suited for diplomatic situations than McKays is.
                  3. Ronan would be my muscles. He seems to be slightly faster than Teal'c, maybe not as strong, but just as deadly. And he has a feisty personality which I kinda like. If I could give him some of Teal'c docility he'd be set.
                  4. Daniel would be... well, Daniel. Daniel's great. He's got ethics, intelligence, and has shown he can use a firearm sufficiently. Also the whole Ascended deal, and his language knowledge is invaluable. Jonas was a great character, but the experience Daniel has is more than enough reason to give the job to him.
                  5. Jacob Carter for back up 1, since standard SG teams only have 4 members. He's always been a great resource in the past, and being both Tok'ra and a former Air Force General, he's more than qualified.
                  6. Ford would be my other back up. Before enzyming, he seemed to be a great soldier, and a genuinley good person. If a balance could be found in his present state, he'd be a great asset to the team.

                  Well, there ya go.


                    You think they'll all be the same? Well, try this one.

                    Kawalsky: Because he should of been in the entire leader
                    Siler: Always there with his trusty spanner! (Fixes things)
                    Walter: He stands at the gate the entire time on off world missions and presses the DHD when Kawalsky yells "DIAL THE GATE!"
                    Dr. Lam: Meh, she needs more off-world missions...
                    Prior #3: Muahaha, having a Prior on you're team would absolutely kick a$$
                    THOR!!: 'nuf said.

                    There, now THERE is a good team...

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                      Lieutenant Colonel Sam Carter: Commands the unit. Also has the soldier and tech angles covered.

                      Dr. Major Janet Fraiser: The team's Doctor. Provides expert medical advice while on missions and field medical assistance if required. 2IC as she's the second ranking officer (obviously she's not the CMO of the SGC - Dr. Lam is )

                      Captain Jennifer Hailey: Tech support and handy with a weapon (she'd have to be a Captain by now...).

                      Dr. Elizabeth Weir: The team diplomat. Handles negotiations, provides language support and generally the team's 'moral' center.

                      Teyla Emmagan: Highly trained fighter with strong sense of ethics. Also able to give insight into various cultures they come across.

                      Vala Mal Doran: Slightly shady character that has bonded with Col Carter. Initially distrusted by the rest of the team, she's proven her worth by coming up with less convential (and ethical) solutions with her 'street smarts'.


                        Jonas: All around genius, predicting the future from time to time doesn't hurt either.

                        Teyla: If you need to have a fighter in the group, she's a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than Teal'c. Her character's really grown on me to.

                        O'Neill: The minute this thread said members from ANY season, O'Neill was guaranteed a team leader spot. It's a given.

                        Jackson: What can I say, I like character arcs?

                        Hammond: Who doesn't want to see Hammond in the field?? He's the ultimate.

                        What's her name?: The SUPER hot Tokkra from one of the first few seasons that gives SG-1 the super human bracelets.


                          Lt. Aiden Ford- super strong now, with heigtend senses etc. Before the enzyme thing he was an awesome soldier who would risk his life and an all around good person.

                          Carter- Mckay may be as smart as Carter but he does not have the military experiance.

                          O'Neill- who can go wrong with his humor and his black ops missions.

                          Bra'tac- can't go wrong with him. He is a great warrior for being over a hundred.

                          Teal'c- another great warrior, especially with the P-90.

                          Sheppard- has the ancient gene but he is a natural with it. He is also a pilot and a good soldier.

                          BTW: I believe the Tok'ra was Anise.


                            Originally posted by Agent_Dark

                            Lieutenant Colonel Sam Carter:

                            Dr. Major Janet Fraiser:

                            Captain Jennifer Hailey:

                            Dr. Elizabeth Weir:

                            Teyla Emmagan:

                            Vala Mal Doran:
                            hmmmmmmm using sex as a weapon hey!? nice team!

                            Originally posted by Crichton
                            What's her name?: The SUPER hot Tokkra from one of the first few seasons that gives SG-1 the super human bracelets.
                            Anise - the host!

                            don't remember the name of the snake!?


                            1) O'niell: Smart and funny! a dangerously hilarious combination

                            1.1) Urgo: embedded inside o'neills mind only! he can kind-of go where others can't!

                            2) Repli-carter: assuming she dosen't want to 'kill all humans' shes a fabulous bionic assest to the team!

                            3) Janus: Another super-smart person

                            4) Danny: Your friendly universal translator and 'know-it-all'

                            5) Thor/Hermiod but probably LOKI since he seems to be the most proactive one: Cause 'You gotta love those guys!'

                            6) TBA: possibly a furling
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                              Originally posted by jazz!
                              hmmmmmmm using sex as a weapon hey!? nice team!

                              Anise! don't remember the name of the snake!?

                              Clever tactic.
                              No remember Anise. Oh well, people can't remember everything...