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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by belgian
    sorry if this has been asked bevore

    in moebius part1 sg-1 leaves the puddle jumper in ancient egypt, in moebius part2 the alternate sg-1 also leaves their puddle jumper in ancient egypt

    Question: are there now 2 puddle jumper that are stil somewhere in egypt that need to be found
    You're not thinking of forming an expedition, are you?


      Originally posted by Aither
      Hello, Mister Mallozzi.

      You mentioned the episodes "The Clone/Not the Clone Story" and "Remembrance of Things Past" in the page 26 of this thread.
      My question is : Were these two episodes renamed, canceled or moved into another season (maybe season 10) ?

      Thanks for the answer. Bye.
      The Clone/Not the Clone Story became Condemned. And Remembrance of Things Past became Collateral Damage.


        Originally posted by Gilder
        Bouncing my last question to the top...not to be a pest, just civic pride.

        Congratulations to you and your Spurs. But to tell you the truth, I've always been a fan of the Pistons since way back when they were The Bad Boys.


          [QUOTE=tofuchef]hi. a few questions.
          1) will we ever see a change in weapons.. how in the beginning of the series they used mp5's and now p90's.

          -For the time being, we're sticking with the P90's.

          2) will the grand alliance ever meet again?

          - Possibly, but not anytime in the near future.

          3) whats your favorite anime's?

          - Noir, Now and Then Here and There, Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, Kino's Journey, Last Exile, Grave of the Fireflies, GTO, Spirited Away, Utena, Neon Genesis Evangelion - and others.

          Have you seen naruto yet? its coming to north america in the fall. but if you have not seen it.. watch the japanese version with subtitles. the voices are jus irraplacable.

          - Haven't watched Naruto yet but I'll get around to it eventually. Since I'm learning Japanese (and just started Cantonese lessons), I always watch anime in the original Japanese.

          4) also what would you prefer (black or white)


          5) in your dvd collection.. combined how much did you pay for all of them roughly.

          - Hard to say, but I'd estimate somewhere between "quite a bit" and "a lot".


            [QUOTE=TOA]Hi There Joe,

            I thought I would try again since (I think) you intentionally skipped my previous question regarding the status of the alliance. I decided to try again (different question though).

            All the "teasers" that have been dropped kind of imply that the ancients we're broken up into a number of groups/cultures, back where-ever it is they come from. Two inter-related questions:
            1) Are the "good" (non-ori worshipping) ancients extinct?

            - There are no "bad" "Ori-worshipping" Ancients.

            2) When the ancients left the Milky Way did they all goto Pegasus or did they split up?

            - You won't have long to find out the answer to this one...

            A mini-question is what exactly was the alliance? (military, social, political, technological etc)

            - What alliance?


              Originally posted by Sum1
              Hi Joe! I have a few questions for you which I hope you will deem worthy to answer.

              1. Are there any Israelis on the Atlantis expedition team? Israel is one of only 7 countries that can launch its own satellites into orbit so it would make sense that Israel may have seen something with the Anubis incident and is pretty advanced scientifically and industrially and Stargate airs there (Saturdays at 5PM-6:30PM local time or 12PM-1:30PM GMT on Channel 1 - both Atlantis and SG-1 and it's commercial free like almost all Israeli television).

              - Yup. There are a couple of Israelis on the team.

              2. You mentioned Nightwalkers as one of your favourite episodes that you have written and I'm wondering whether or not Sam has a point of entry scar on her neck from her experience in that episode.

              - You couldn't tell by looking at her.

              3. You mentioned earlier in a reply that the titles shown in the credits have a variety of meanings and I'm wondering what Jonathan Glassner's Executive Consultant title means exactly. I know he stopped writing after season 3, but is he still involved and if so, how?
              - Jonathan isn't involved in the show anymore. However, he did co-create the series with Brad Wright.


                Hi, Joe,
                Thanks for answering our questions. Here's another one. Beau Bridges said in an interview that he researched generals and gave the writers a 40-page report on them, which they incorporated into his character. Did Ben Browder have any input into the character of Cameron Mitchell? If so, what did he contribute?

                Also, I have the same question for all the new cast members as well. Thanks!


                  Hi Joe. Just wondering why there are no Aussies on Stargate. I know we are a little country but we are the closest to Antartica and we have a strong military background. How about sending some Aussies, maybe a crack SAS team out to help out. After all isn't it the WHOLE planet that we're trying to keep safe?

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                  TOGETHER FOREVER,
                  NEVER TO BE TORN APART


                    Hi again, Joe. Thank you for answering my previous questions - I've thought of some more I hope you will answer too.

                    1. Can you explain a bit about the process you went through joining the show and why you chose Stargate? Has your perspective about the show changed at all over the years?

                    2. Stargate SG-1 will, as of season 9, surpass ST:TNG in episodes, beating out the longest Star Trek series and may soon de-throne the X-Files as the longest running Sci-Fi series. What do you feel has contributed most to the show's success? Oh, and congraultations for being part of managing this feat!

                    3. Do you often watch the finished episodes of the show? When you do, does the final product ever differ from the way you envisioned the episode as you wrote it and comment on that (maybe in a positive way, or in a negative way)? Could you provide an example of such an episode?

                    4. I'm a bit confused regarding the Asgard ships, specifically the newer class seen in "Unnatural Selection". They are shown to be huge compared to the Prometheus (like a gunboat facing a super-battleship), yet we only ever see Thor on them. Is there an actual crew that we just don't see? The ship seemed pretty empty in "New World Order", too. It seems like it would be hard work for Thor to run a ship of that size alone, especially if it were to be boarded. If there is a crew, can you possibly give us an idea of how many crewmembers would be on a ship that size (maybe relative to Prometheus' crew compliment)?

                    5. Regarding the Sam and Jack relationship storyline - is there any special resolution to this story that you personally would have wanted to see? After four years, I'm sure you've come up with or come across lots of possible solutions and I'm curious which one you think is the best.

                    BTW, you mentioned it wouldn't be economical to have Jack appear over the phone like Chrissy from season three of Three's Company. It was actually season 5 of Three's Company.
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                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      To answer your question first, Joe: The phrase "much-loved, sorely missed character" first appeared in your response to another GW member who asked you about the possibility of Teryl Rothery reappearing on the show. Quite a few people have taken that to mean the dearly departed CMO ... viz. the spoilers pages, GW's own forums,, etc. Admittedly, you could have meant Heimdall, but I'm not sure if he counts as "sorely missed."

                      - Admittedly, the phrase could refer to any of a number of characters. I'm sure there are fans out there who loved and sorely miss Rothman, Makepeace, even Felger and Anise.

                      Now, for my question ...
                      You can blame this one on Peter deLuise, who conferred a Ph.D in Latin upon you. What is the English translation of the Latin inscription at the base of Cronus' throne, in Exodus? It amuses me no end that Apophis—hardly a paragon of Franciscan self-denial himself—considers the marble throne a bit de trop.

                      - Oooh. My Latin is a little rusty. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

                      Since we both have an ice-cream habit, I should warn you that there is a wasabi-flavored ice cream out there. We had a tasting at the office last week & I thought we might have to send some folks to the hospital after they tried the wasabi. (There was also a "fruit cereal" one that tasted like puréed rubber.)
                      - If you liked the wasabi ice cream, I urge you to try the durian ice cream. There's an ice cream parlor in town that serves an assortment of exotic flavors from chili chocolate to curry. I tried one that, uh, left a lasting impression. I can't quite remember the flavor. I believe it was roquefort - but it could well have been vomit.


                        Originally posted by White Knight
                        Hello, Joe.

                        As you might've noticed, Gateworld have got a brief interview with Cliff Simon on the main page, where he says that Ba'al is hiding out on Earth as a busienssman. My question to you is thus...what name does he use?]
                        Percival Drinkwater the Third.

                        No, seriously. Baal is on Earth?!


                          Originally posted by N8ball88
                          Hey Joe

                          I've recently heard that Jonas was half Goa'uld. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this as I have never heard that before. I know he was advanced, but half Goa'uld?

                          Thanks for your time!
                          Half goauld? Really? That's news to me.


                            Originally posted by gatebee
                            Hi Joe
                            Right to the point. Since you, TPTB, knew that RDA was not coming back on a regular basis on S9 or even S10, why did you not end the "ship" with a definitive answer rather than vagueness and AU kisses.
                            Hi Joe, I am reposting my own question. Hope this time could you please answer it.

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                              Originally posted by star47
                              Hey Joe:

                              My whole extended family (18 of us) love the show and appreciate the hard work all of you do. We've always felt that you guys do the best you can within budget constraints, with great direction, fantastic writing, superior special effects, wonderful talent amongst the crew, actors and TPTB. All that work shows up on the screen as practically a mini-movie every week.

                              My question is: We were all wondering after you've worked so hard on an episode, do you ever get discouraged when you see the negative comments in some of the chat rooms? Or do you just figure you're never going to please everyone, no matter what, and just go about doing your job the best you can? I hope you realize there's a lot of people out here in the "real world" who never go on the Stargate web sites or chat rooms who absolutely LOVE the show, and are continuously entertained by the direction of the show and look forward to every show and each new season. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
                              We're realists. We know that we can't please all of the people all of the time. Some fans will love certain episodes, other fans will hate certain episodes and love others, and other fans will predictably hate everything and harken back fondly to episodes like Emancipation, Broca Divide, Hathor, polyester shirts, pennywhistle candy, and the Edsel.


                                Originally posted by Avatar28
                                Joe, going on Kirmit's question back to one I asked before but was never answered. :-( I thought I'd repost in case you had simply overlooked it.

                                You've said in the past that you don't incorporate fan ideas for plots, etc (I'm guessing due to legal/copyright issues). But what about science/technlology/technospeak. E.g. We discuss how a certain technology might work within the framework of the show and the laws of physics (e.g. device X appears to work by method Y) . Or new applications for existing technologies we've seen on the show (Since device Z seems to work this way, it could be changed slightly and accomplish Q (sorry, ran out of variables :-D ).

                                So, in short, have you ever incorporated any fan ideas regarding technology/physics and if so, can you give us any specific examples of this.
                                To be honest, I've never checked out any of the tech threads.