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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hello, Joe.

    As you might've noticed, Gateworld have got a brief interview with Cliff Simon on the main page, where he says that Ba'al is hiding out on Earth as a busienssman. My question to you is thus...what name does he use?

    Yours in incarceration,
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      Originally posted by Sum1
      Hi Joe! I have a few questions for you which I hope you will deem worthy to answer.

      1. Are there any Israelis on the Atlantis expedition team?
      How about a Palestinian? Now that the Jaffa are free, it's their turn, yes?


        A few questions about names.

        When Jack was commanding SG-1, Carter would usually adress him as Colonel, Col. O'Neill, or Sir. Daniel would call him Jack, and Teal'c called him Colonel O'Neill or O'Neill.

        So, how will Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c be addressing Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell?

        And, how will Mitchell be addressing them?




          Mr. Mallozzi

          Is Sam offworld at the beginning of the season?
          Is Sam with the Tok'ra?
          In season 9 the Ori seem to have somewhat of a complex stratification: Ori on top, Doci as the second level acolytes, and the priors as foot soldiers. This seems that there are just a few ascended Ori to fight whereas the Priors are many.
          For most of the season will SG-1 be fighting (human or jaffa) priors that use advanced technology? And will the SGC find advanced weapons that can counter them?

          Always loved Stargate SG-1
          Keep up the good work.


            ^ Jree - I've heard that Carter is at Area 51 at the beginning of the season.

            Now my question:

            Hi Joe

            Keep up all the hard work on Stargate - can't wait for the new season and characters. My question is regarding old characters.

            Q: Will Colonel Reynolds, Colonel Pierce or Major Griff be returning in Season 9? Those three characters were great SGC team members who I would like to see again, Reynolds also seems to have grown more respect for SG-1 and Pierce was a great team leader of SG-15 in Season 6.

            Many Thanks


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              Hey Joe

              I've recently heard that Jonas was half Goa'uld. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this as I have never heard that before. I know he was advanced, but half Goa'uld?

              Thanks for your time!

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                Originally posted by Kalliope
                What kind of "maybe" is it?

                1) maybe, but I can't really promise anything
                2) maybe, we're working on it
                3) maybe, but not this season
                What she asked is what i want to know too
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                  How come dr. Lam is named dr. Lam instead of dr. Landry, as she is Gen. Landrys daughter? (married?)


                    Hey Joe,
                    Just wondering have you ever heard such a good idea from a fan that you've incorporated it in an episode?
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                      Hey Joe:

                      My whole extended family (18 of us) love the show and appreciate the hard work all of you do. We've always felt that you guys do the best you can within budget constraints, with great direction, fantastic writing, superior special effects, wonderful talent amongst the crew, actors and TPTB. All that work shows up on the screen as practically a mini-movie every week.

                      My question is: We were all wondering after you've worked so hard on an episode, do you ever get discouraged when you see the negative comments in some of the chat rooms? Or do you just figure you're never going to please everyone, no matter what, and just go about doing your job the best you can? I hope you realize there's a lot of people out here in the "real world" who never go on the Stargate web sites or chat rooms who absolutely LOVE the show, and are continuously entertained by the direction of the show and look forward to every show and each new season. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!


                        Joe, going on Kirmit's question back to one I asked before but was never answered. :-( I thought I'd repost in case you had simply overlooked it.

                        You've said in the past that you don't incorporate fan ideas for plots, etc (I'm guessing due to legal/copyright issues). But what about science/technlology/technospeak. E.g. We discuss how a certain technology might work within the framework of the show and the laws of physics (e.g. device X appears to work by method Y) . Or new applications for existing technologies we've seen on the show (Since device Z seems to work this way, it could be changed slightly and accomplish Q (sorry, ran out of variables :-D ).

                        So, in short, have you ever incorporated any fan ideas regarding technology/physics and if so, can you give us any specific examples of this.


                          Joe - can you tell the fans what some of the story arcs will be for Carter after her return? There is precious little about her involvement re: the eps she is in. Obviously we know you cannot divulge major details or spoilers but a few words on whether or not she actually plays a significant role in any of the stories and what some of the arcs will be would be helpful to Carter fans, many of whom are feeling somewhat skeptical about this character's return as the strong, intelligent leader. We know she was away for personal and professional reasons (one of which is backstory re: Cassie), we know she returns in Beach Head because the SGC needs her to once again save the day cuz they can't do it without her, that's nothing new, but what else?

                          As always, thanks for your time here. (BTW Dasani or Evian?)
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                            Dear Joe,

                            Thanks for the info...question: If you are revisiting "Charlie" then shouldn't Jack be in the episode?...please say yes, and get RDA some screen time.

                            And back to my original question some time ago...why hasn't Jack been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor?
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                              In The Ties That Bind, The Weapon Vala is holding,

                              is that a pulse pistol from Farscape or did you guys make it.
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                                is that a pulse pistol from Farscape or did you guys make it.
                                lol its really look like pulse pistol...