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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by BackStageJim
    My we're up late tonight!
    I just had some homemade ice cream and have energy to burn.

    I think I'll go paint a fence.


      I had a pretty dang good question about the Jaffa I posted a while back but it got lost in the mix....but since today's my birthday (well it's still June 19th where YOU are)...I'll ask it again

      Regarding the there a chance that they'll consider getting rid of the tattoos? I'm asking this because it seems logical that they'd want to remove the last vestige that would remind them of their enslavement to the Goa' it would further unite them as one people by discarding any barriers caused by "he served this Goa'uld or that Goa'uld"...

      Now Teal'c got rid of his by 2010 but I'm not sure if that was a direct result of the medical advancements of the Aschen that made it easier for him to lose it or if it was something else...

      Thanks for your being here... we truly appreciate it!

      Mary Beth

      P.S...Congrats on making it to the END of the list of questions!!! Quite an accomplishment I think...

      ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


        Hey Joe,

        When do you guys expect to hear about a possible next season? Any chance it might be sometime before the last horn blows this year?


          hi, joe,

          i hope this isn't too much of a personal question, but how is amanda adapting to being sam carter AND mommy at the same time? i guess i just want to know she's doing good and isn't dog-tired.




            Seems I got missed on that last round of yours Joe, so I'll ask again:

            We know Jack's going to be in one or two episodes this Season, but I have to ask what he might be doing? He's not there for the sake of being there, obviously, so what part in the plot would he serve other than to say 'Ok, here's Landry, and I'm leaving!".

            I've seen one shot of him standing by a window that looks like a typical Pentagon style office that we've seen before and he looks sad!

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              What was going to be the original concept for Atlantis if there was no Season 8 of SG-1? We know it was going to be set on Earth but were other idea's like the Wraith conceived after Season 8 was picked up?

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                sorry if this has been asked bevore

                in moebius part1 sg-1 leaves the puddle jumper in ancient egypt, in moebius part2 the alternate sg-1 also leaves their puddle jumper in ancient egypt

                Question: are there now 2 puddle jumper that are stil somewhere in egypt that need to be found


                  Hello, Mister Mallozzi.

                  You mentioned the episodes "The Clone/Not the Clone Story" and "Remembrance of Things Past" in the page 26 of this thread.
                  My question is : Were these two episodes renamed, canceled or moved into another season (maybe season 10) ?

                  Thanks for the answer. Bye.
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                    Bouncing my last question to the top...not to be a pest, just civic pride.

                    Originally posted by Gilder
                    Well, gee, Joe, since we're both online and the Spurs are again in the NBA Finals...

                    San Antonio Spurs or Detroit Pistons?

                    *reaches down from NBA Finals Bandwagon, extends hand to help Joe jump on*

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                      Hi Joe,

                      first of all, thanks a lot for answering my questions!

                      And now... Congrats on SYFY PORTAL AWARDS for: Stargate SG-1 as THE BEST TV SHOW, Michael Shanks as THE BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR/TELEVISION, Claudia Black as THE BEST SPECIAL GUEST ("Prometheus Unbound") and "Prometheus Unbound" as THE BEST EPISODE/Television. Big hugs for Damian Kindler, Vala and Daniel's first "date" was REALLY fan-frellin-tastic!


                        Originally posted by valaCB

                        I want to know if Claudia Black`s character will appear in the end of seson 9.

                        Thank you

                        BTW - If Jonas will be visiting in season 9 it will be also fantastic and if he will meet Valal it will be super!

                        BTW2 - i've read the other posts. when people ask you Q about VALA or CBlack you prefer not answering. Hope you'll answer mine

                        Originally posted by JMallozzi
                        What kind of "maybe" is it?

                        1) maybe, but I can't really promise anything
                        2) maybe, we're working on it
                        3) maybe, but not this season


                          hi. a few questions.
                          1) will we ever see a change in weapons.. how in the beginning of the series they used mp5's and now p90's.
                          2) will the grand alliance ever meet again?
                          3) whats your favorite anime's?
                          have you seen naruto yet? its coming to north america in the fall. but if you have not seen it.. watch the japanese version with subtitles. the voices are jus irraplacable.
                          4) also what would you prefer (black or white)
                          5) in your dvd collection.. combined how much did you pay for all of them roughly.


                            Hi There Joe,

                            I thought I would try again since (I think) you intentionally skipped my previous question regarding the status of the alliance. I decided to try again (different question though).

                            All the "teasers" that have been dropped kind of imply that the ancients we're broken up into a number of groups/cultures, back where-ever it is they come from. Two inter-related questions:
                            1) Are the "good" (non-ori worshipping) ancients extinct?
                            2) When the ancients left the Milky Way did they all goto Pegasus or did they split up?

                            A mini-question is what exactly was the alliance? (military, social, political, technological etc)

                            Thanks (hopefully you can answer these...)


                              Hi Joe! I have a few questions for you which I hope you will deem worthy to answer.

                              1. Are there any Israelis on the Atlantis expedition team? Israel is one of only 7 countries that can launch its own satellites into orbit so it would make sense that Israel may have seen something with the Anubis incident and is pretty advanced scientifically and industrially and Stargate airs there (Saturdays at 5PM-6:30PM local time or 12PM-1:30PM GMT on Channel 1 - both Atlantis and SG-1 and it's commercial free like almost all Israeli television).

                              2. You mentioned Nightwalkers as one of your favourite episodes that you have written and I'm wondering whether or not Sam has a point of entry scar on her neck from her experience in that episode.

                              3. You mentioned earlier in a reply that the titles shown in the credits have a variety of meanings and I'm wondering what Jonathan Glassner's Executive Consultant title means exactly. I know he stopped writing after season 3, but is he still involved and if so, how?


                                Originally posted by Carterslave
                                Dear Joe: Color me confused ...
                                Early indications were that "a much-loved, sorely missed character" (believed to be Dr. J___t F_____r) would reappear in your script for Ripple Effect (née Convergence).

                                - Is that who you think it is? Interesting.
                                To answer your question first, Joe: The phrase "much-loved, sorely missed character" first appeared in your response to another GW member who asked you about the possibility of Teryl Rothery reappearing on the show. Quite a few people have taken that to mean the dearly departed CMO ... viz. the spoilers pages, GW's own forums,, etc. Admittedly, you could have meant Heimdall, but I'm not sure if he counts as "sorely missed."

                                Now, for my question ...
                                You can blame this one on Peter deLuise, who conferred a Ph.D in Latin upon you. What is the English translation of the Latin inscription at the base of Cronus' throne, in Exodus? It amuses me no end that Apophis—hardly a paragon of Franciscan self-denial himself—considers the marble throne a bit de trop.

                                Since we both have an ice-cream habit, I should warn you that there is a wasabi-flavored ice cream out there. We had a tasting at the office last week & I thought we might have to send some folks to the hospital after they tried the wasabi. (There was also a "fruit cereal" one that tasted like puréed rubber.)

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