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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe. I have a question about Atlantis. This is kind of a silly question, but the game of Prime/Not Prime played by McKay and Zelenka in Hot Zone reminds me of the movie Cube, where the characters use prime numbers to determine if a room is booby-trapped. Was this a conscious nod to David Hewlett's role in Cube, or is this just a coincidence?

    Thanks so much for your time!

    Sheppard: Why does it smell like I'm on vacation?
    McKay: (proudly) Could it be the simulated tropical aroma of cocoa butter?
    Sheppard: Strong enough for anyone within five miles to smell you.
    McKay: Right, like they haven't been tipped off by the Aqua Velva?


      Hi Joe !
      I have only one but huge question :

      Can you tell us if this being is a Ori , a Prior or a Doci ?
      Thanks you to answer to our questions. ( I am french so excuse me for my english )



        Wow, that looks like Julian Sands. If it is then isn't he the Doci?


          Originally posted by jannagalaxy
          Hi Joe,

          I would like to refer to a interview by Chris Judge that I just read. He says something like it's going to be like a "new" show.

          Is this an acaruate defination of season 9?

          "Like a new show" and "a new show" are very different. I prefer "an old show with new elements".


            Originally posted by Ugly Pig
            Is Sean Patrick Flannery coming back? Spoilers indicated the return of Orlin, but said he was not yet confirmed. Am I too quick in getting my hopes up?
            Sorry. You're getting your hopes up. Sean Patrick Flannery will not be reprising the role of Orlin in The Fourth Horseman.


              Originally posted by Teal'c
              Hey Joe, I just looked up the definition of Beachhead:

              # A position on an enemy shoreline captured by troops in advance of an invading force.
              # A first achievement that opens the way for further developments; a foothold

              I couldn't come to any conclusion about what the biggest threat to the galaxy is (It wouldn't make sense to be the Ori, they've already been established...) I was thinking it's an extra-galactic threat based on where I suspect Sam to be in the first 5 episodes. (Somewhere far, far away, as you said) The definition would make it seem like something coming into the galaxy (beach), taking over some systems (beachhead) and awaiting the invasion force.

              Unfortunately that damned word 'foothold' got me thinking about my favourite aliens (who were also extragalactic). So my question is, after all this rambling, will this threat be new or known? (Such a simple question, I'm sure you'll dodge it though )
              New to us but known to them.


                Originally posted by tpe78
                Hi Joe

                Just a quick one. I apologise if this has been asked before.

                Is the character of Jay Felger going to make it into season 9?
                Even for everyone just to take the Pi*s out of him.

                Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.



                  Originally posted by oragans
                  Hi Joe
                  I was wondering if we will be seeing a flashback show this year.

                  And will we be seeing and episode where it is just the team going out to another planet having nothing to do the main storyline.

                  Who will be the commanding officer of SG-1
                  Yup. Check out Collateral Damage. I wrote the outline. Paul wrote the script.


                    Originally posted by Faraway
                    Hi Joe,
                    I was just wondering about the status of Claudia Black and her character Vala. Any chance we will see her again later in the season? And how has she been to work with?

                    Thank you,

                    We love Claudia. She was a blast to work with. As for whether she'll be back sometime this year. Hmmm. Maybe.


                      Originally posted by twiggy
                      hey Joe,

                      my question is where do you come up with such unique names? do you look up foreign dictionaries or what? coz you guys have to come up with several for almost every episode. so what's your inspiration?
                      It depends on who is coming up with the name. Some writers are better at coming up with alien names than others. Personally, I go to foreign words and names and change them up to make them sound a little more "out of this world".


                        Originally posted by Gilder
                        Further on names, and possibly for the legal advisors:

                        What is the objective /need for legal clearance of character names? I have made some assumptions but would like to know the "industry standard" explanation.

                        (I have a vague feeling this has been asked and answered sometime in the last three years. If so, I've forgotten the answer and don't have time to research the many bulletin boards /chat or con transcripts that might contain the response.)

                        All the best!
                        I'm not sure what you mean by objective. Legally, we can't use names that are in the public domain (ie. company names without permission) or specific names of people (ie. We can't have a character named Dr. Herceval P. Pennysmitherstein working in Montana if a Dr. Herceval P. Pennysmitherstein does actually exist in Montana).


                          Hi Joe question about Prototype. Is David Plaffy going to reappear as the Anubis clone or perhaps as Anubis himself but than in a flashback or so?? but a new scene, not that scene from season 6 with Daniel in Full cirlce
                          Lord Zedd


                            Originally posted by Watters87

                            Any plans in the works on having General Jumper make an appearance in a Season 9 episode.

                            General Jumper did a terrific job in his last appearance, so - yes, chances are we will see him again.


                              Can you tell me anything else about the Aurora?

                              Sorry if this has been asked before. And thanks for answering our questions.


                                Joe, Ben Browder was known for ad libbing on Farscape. How do you feel about the actors ad libbing on SG-1?