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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    I don't know if anyone has asked this before but: Why only single beds in the Atlantis quarters? I assume the team is using what the Ancients left behind as regards furniture. Did all ancients live alone? Did they not have family units? I don't recall seeing children when Weir went back in time. Did the ancients not have children? Will their social structure ever be discussed?


      One of my favorite actors is Terence Knox, who did such a great job as Sgt. Zeke Anderson in Tour of Duty. I think he'd make a great addition to stargate. I know you've already spent most all your money :-) on casting the major parts, but how about considering him for a military tough guy with a warm heart? A lot of the military supporting parts are just cardboard now, I think he'd add a lot.


        Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

        After reading the spoilers here on Gateworld, I noticed that Sam Carter is only mentioned in four out of thirteen episodes currently under development for season nine. We all know Amanda was going to be unavailable for the first five episodes of the season due to maternity leave, however, I was curious if this lack of new spoiler information regarding Sam is any indication that Amanda's involvement this season will be limited much like RDA's has been over the past few years?

        I understand she is to appear in fifteen of the remaining episodes( at least according to spoilers she is ), but will Sam be returning as an active member of SG-1? Or will she be involved with the Stargate program in some other capacity?

        Thank you for your time,
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          Is there any chance Major Davis will get a promotion? He's been a major almost as long as Colonel Carter!


            Can you discuss the decision to drop Jessica Steen as Dr. Weir?

            Teal'c: I believe a medical attack could be successful.
            Jack: Surgical attack Teal'c. It's called a surgical attack.


              I have a question about Sam.

              Due to the almost complete lack of mention of her in the spoilers, is she truly going to be an equal and participating member of this touted 'season of the team' or is she just going to be like Doctor Frasier, little bits and pieces when the script calls for it?

              Me and many other fans of the character are noticing the lack of mention and were wondering if it was simply just how the spoilers were written or if the character of Sam is perhaps being written out of the show.

              Can you give us any insight into this please?

              thank you
              Where in the World is George Hammond?



                Originally posted by Capt. Voronokova
                Hi Mr. Mallozzi:

                1. Saw Everybody Loves Raymond’s introspective tonight, and the writers likened their nine years as going through high school, college (and a year of grad school) with the same classmates. So, being part of nine year old show yourself, I’m wondering how you would relate your time in the Stargate family?

                - It's been fun and, when all is said and done, what I'll miss the most will be the people I worked with.

                2. Window of Opportunity mentioned your PhD. What is your doctorate degree?

                - Actually, I don't have a doctorate. But I do a have a Masters in English Lit.

                3. We’ve seen various cast members write and direct, and directors write. Do you have any desire to try on another hat as either director or actor (and not just a cameo)?

                - Not in the least. We have infinitely capable directors who are doing a terrific job. Why mess with that?

                4. What do you think of fans’ reaction to the ending of Moebius? To clarify, I don’t mean the Jack/Sam ship (though as a nonshipper, I’ll give my requisite grrr ), I’m referring to the general confusion as to the time travel (not the fish, specifically, but I guess that too). SG1 died in ancient Egypt, but then our SG1 never needed to go...but then how did the video...but then...well, my question isn’t about explaining this (though PLEASE feel free if the muse moves you). Did you expect the confusion, or was it a surprise? (Obsessed? us? Ha! )
                - Well, as I once said, one of the producers' head exploded during the production of this episode - so the fans are not alone.


                  [QUOTE=SueS]Hello Joe,

                  Thanks for answering. I have a few more questions.

                  1. There's been some discussion over what the opening credits for season 9 might look like. (i.e. what order the actors/characters names and pictures will appear.) Has that been decided, and if so, can you tell us what the order will be?

                  - Sorry. That's not my sphere of influence. I haven't seen anything yet.

                  2. You already answered my question regarding Daniel's role in Ex Deus Machina, and I thank you for that, but can you tell me if there will be any Daniel/Baal scenes in this ep? How about Daniel/Mitch/Baal scenes (This would make a lot of people happy.)

                  - Can't comment on that. You'll have to watch the episode to find out.

                  3. When Sam returns in Beachhead, will she know who the Ori are, or will she have to be caught up to speed?

                  - She'll already be up to speed (and save us, and the audience, lengthy scenes in which we explain what we already know).

                  4. Finally, for the episodes listed below, can you tell us whether you consider each to be a team based episode or character (name the character(s)) based ep? Also, is this the correct order?

                  - That's a tough order because, clearly, different people have different ideas of what qualifies as a "team episode" and what doesn't. As for the episodes themselves - 6. The Order? Never heard of it. And Prototype will fall between Babylon and the Fourth Horseman I and II.

                  1. Avalon Part 1
                  2. Avalon Part 2
                  3. Origin
                  4. The Ties That Bind
                  5. The Powers That Be
                  6. The Order
                  7. Beachhead
                  8. Ex Deus Machina
                  9. Babylon
                  10. The Fourth Horseman Part 1
                  11. The Fourth Horseman Part 2
                  12. Collateral Damage


                    Originally posted by Gilder
                    Hi, Joe,

                    General "industry" rather than SG question

                    Musical theatre: Love it, tolerate it, or run-screaming-and-kicking-in-the-other-direction hate it?

                    Do you think there's a chance, MOULIN ROUGE notwithstanding, that we will see a return of filmed musicals? (Everything else is being re-imagined, why not musicals?)
                    Hate to tell you that I fall into the latter, run-screaming-and-kicking group. Martin Gero, however, surprisingly, is a HUUUUGE fan.

                    As for seeing another Moulin Rouge on the big screen - God, I hope not. I mean, I enjoy seeing two fifty year old men dancing about singing an acapella version of Like A Virgin as much as the next guy but...


                      Originally posted by ayowza
                      Hi Joe,
                      Thanks for reading this. I've just been reading the Stargate books from the UK. Some of them seem to tie up story arcs like the loss of Henry Boyd in A Matter of Time, and aliens like Quetzelcoalt and the Furling transport technology in Crystal Skull. I'm just wondering, should we consider these stories canon or will you be dealing with these threads in a different way in the series?
                      Thanks again
                      No plans to deal with any of those particular storylines anytime in the near future.


                        Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                        Atlantis question for you (I posted on the ask MG thread and then realized that, well, you wrote this ep and just might be better suited to answer my Q)...This is regarding the episode HOME...why didn't anyone wonder why General Hammond was there? O'Neill was already a General by the time RISING aired and he was the one who sent them off to the Pegasus galaxy and Hammond had long been gone (frankly I didn't think any of them even met Hammond). So why didn't Weir or anyone else for that matter wonder why Hammond was back at the SGC or where General O'Neill was?
                        In his position in the Homeworld Security, Hammond would have been the one to debrief them - not the commander of Stargate Command.


                          Originally posted by Whistler
                          Hi Joe, did you always intend to go for the Deus ex machina ending to "Full Alert", or was there a longer ending planned?
                          I'm not sure what you mean by a Deus Ex Machina ending.


                            Originally posted by shockwave
                            Can you give us some more information about "The Order"? plot? episode number? I only know that Harrid and Sallis will return, and Bratac will guest star.
                            There is no episode titled "The Order".


                              Originally posted by The Mighty Musnud
                              Hey Joe,

                              I heard the other day that the show, "Joan of Arcadia," was cancelled. Although I feel bad that Michael Welch doesn't have that full-time gig anymore, I would imagine it might free him up to return to SG-1 as young Jack. Any word on his availability, and any plans to write another young Jack storyline if he is free to return to the SG-1 set?

                              Also, my favorite computer game ever is a game called Star Control II that was released in 1992. Interestingly enough I find a lot of similarities between characters/storylines in the game and characters/storylines in SG-1 (i.e. The Ancients/The Precursors, the Goa'uld/the Dnyarri, the Jaffa/the Ur-Quan). So my question is, "Have any of you writers ever played this game? And if you have, do you think that consciously or subconsciously you may have picked up on these characters when writing for the show?"
                              No plans to have young Jack back yet. As for the game, I've never heard of it.


                                Originally posted by golfbooy
                                Hey Joe,

                                If you had to eliminate one episode from SG-1's entire nine year run, which would it be and why?
                                Just one? I can think of a couple. Why? Because they weren't very good.