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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    [QUOTE=LOL4JACK]Hello Joe,

    I'm confused in previous answers you have mentioned that the resolution to S/J relation was obvious after S8.

    For us shippers it is obvious that Sam and Jack are together specially after Threads and that that is how S9 will start.

    So why a romantic interest for Sam?

    Who said anything about a romantic interest for Sam in season 9?



      Any plans in the works on having General Jumper make an appearance in a Season 9 episode.



        Originally posted by lonely_star
        re-hi joe
        a quick little one
        do you know yet if Sean Patrick Flanery will play Orlin again? any idea when you'll know ?
        thanks for your time
        We know now that Sean Patrick Flannery will not be playing Orlin again in The Fourth Horseman I and II. Instead, the part will be played by the terrific Cameron Bright. How is this possible, you're no doubt asking. Well, there's a very good reason Orlin's appearance has changed...


          Originally posted by sg-1fanintn
          I didn't suggest lengthy conversations. I was just hoping for occasional short conversations, a la "Citizen Joe." How about those?
          To be perfectly honest, we would have to pay any actor for an appearance on the show, no matter how small a scene. We may have the occasional O.S. conversation (or one-sided phone conversations with O'Neill) but it doesn't make much sense to simply have him appear a la Chrissy from Three's Company's second (third?) season.


            Originally posted by Jeff O'Connor
            1.) Obviously, the Free Jaffa Nation is going to be one of the larger plot elements for the upcoming season; that goes without saying. I am wondering, however, if Bra'tac will be in a few episodes? I'd anticipate him in at least one or two, but could you perhaps divulge a rough estimate on how many he'll be in, out've the first ten episodes of the year? Might seem like an odd question -- I just happen to think he's awesome.
            - Yup. We'll be dedicating a fair amount of screentime to the Free Jaffa Nation storyline. And, you guessed it, Bratac will be making a couple of appearances. A rough estimate? So far, I'd say two episodes.
            Originally posted by Jeff O'Connor
            2.) Will we get to see Ben Browder's new character piloting anything? This question's probably been asked before but I can't, for the life of me, remember. (Long work day, I'm sure you know all about them, eh?) I hear he's a top-notch fighter pilot and I'd surely like to see him pull a few g's.
            - Oh yeah. He'll be showing off his piloting skills in various instances over the course of thsi ninth season.
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              Originally posted by McKay's girl
              Hey Joe

              I was just wondering why Teal'c is still in season 9. He's accomplished his primary mission which is to free the Jaffa, and with Jack gone is there a reason for him to stay?
              Not really.

              Unless, of course, the galaxy faces a threat so fearsome that he his priorities must necessarily change for the sake its billions of inhabitants.

              But the chances of that happening are miniscule.


                So, Joe, any news on Michael Welch (Little Jack?) His show's been cancelled.
                Causality should not be taken lightly.



                  Just wondering why the lack of info on Carter; will she be rejoining SG1 - the Team, to be specific. Thanks for your time


                    Originally posted by JMallozzi
                    Oh yeah. He'll be showing off his piloting skills in various instances over the course of thsi ninth season.

                    As delighted as I am about Ben Browder joining the cast, I and a bunch of the other fine folks of the Sam's A Great Character thread are a smidge concerned by the sense that the focus will be about the new guys, new technology, etc., and kind of shelving the this case, Sam, who by the way is also an accomplished pilot and strong leader.

                    We haven't seen much reference to her being a former Tok'ra host by way of her using cool Goa'uld technology in a while...we finally got to see her utilize her piloting skills in Covenant but, besides her gift at technospeak and her mean wielding of a Carter special or P90, she's painfully underutilized (although we were thrilled to learn that the world's leading theoretical astrophysicist could also run a fax machine).

                    Is the fact that there's a lot being said about Cameron in Season 9 (as opposed to Daniel/Sam/Teal'c) just because we don't know him yet or is it an example of the direction the show will be heading in the future?

                    We get that there's a whole hush-hush aspect to giving out spoilers, especially if they're about key players/major storylines...and we know you are real excited about the new season and characters, but the reason we've been watching the past NINE years is because of the three primary ones. Is there a reason we are hearing so little about our original characters? Could you toss a bone to some of your faithful lapdogs please? Just a small bone. A bone-ette.

                    We're dyin' out here.

                    Looking forward to Sam reclaiming her role as kickbutt SG-1 team leader in Season 9...

                    Mary Beth aka ÜberSG-1Fan
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                    ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                      Same here

                      any word/spoilers about amanda?

                      I mean, we know about beach head and 4th horseman but thus far, well s9 sounds like little more than the Three Stooges with a dose of Vala-esque American Pie tossed in for 'comic relief'.

                      Any snippits/spoilers about Sam and Amanda would be greatly appreciated
                      Where in the World is George Hammond?



                        Originally posted by JMallozzi
                        They are serious episodes that, like most of the stories we do, have a few light-hearted, comedic moments. Episode 4, The Ties That Bind, is more of a comedic episode.

                        Thanks for responding. I have to tell you I've been reading reports from the various cons and everyone sounds very enthusiastic about the new season, so I can not wait for July.

                        So, another question for you. How much Danny-whumping are we going to see this season? A rough description of the type of whumpage or the number of episodes in which Danny-whumpage occurs would be nice.




                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          We won't be seeing either the replicators or Anubis in season 9. They have, for all intents and purposes, been dealt with.

                          Joe - Can you confirm that this means we will not see Replicarter in S9? Thanks.


                            For once I'd like to see people refrain from having to have the last word.

                            QUESTIONS ONLY, PLEASE.


                              CJ mentions in his Gateworld interview that he really has to be on his toes with the new cast because there's no telling who's going to ad-lib something.

                              You answered a question earlier that if a director changes anything in the script they usually check with the writers.

                              How much rein do all the actors have to ad-lib stuff these days and do the writers get to approve the changes beforehand or is the creative process more interactive in S9?

                              Thanks Joe, we appreciate the time you give the forum. I'm also enjoying your blog a lot. Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough - good choice
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                                The comic episodes like wormhole x-treme, the felger virus episode, the time loop , and the barber, are among my favorites. I'd love to see Svetlana Markov trying to deal with Felger in a comic episode.

                                Will tptb remember the fans of geeks and humor with an episode in season nine?