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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by elhSG1
    Hi Joe! Got a question for you.

    Who came up with idea of the Orii? The Ancients have always fascinated me, so hearing that there were going to be evil Ancients have made me very excited about the new season.

    As always, thank you for the time you take to answer our questions.
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      Hey, J-Man. Gonna hop aboard briefly with the bandwagon of 'he's back, post lots of questions' and drop a line or two of my own but I'll try an' make 'em brief as possible.

      1.) Obviously, the Free Jaffa Nation is going to be one of the larger plot elements for the upcoming season; that goes without saying. I am wondering, however, if Bra'tac will be in a few episodes? I'd anticipate him in at least one or two, but could you perhaps divulge a rough estimate on how many he'll be in, out've the first ten episodes of the year? Might seem like an odd question -- I just happen to think he's awesome.

      2.) Will we get to see Ben Browder's new character piloting anything? This question's probably been asked before but I can't, for the life of me, remember. (Long work day, I'm sure you know all about them, eh?) I hear he's a top-notch fighter pilot and I'd surely like to see him pull a few g's.
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        Hey Joe,

        Quick question... we've seen plenty of crossover appearances from SG-1 to Atlantis (Sgt. Harriman, Gen. Hammond, LtCol. Carter) but not too many Atlantis crossovers other than characters that orginated from SG-1 (i.e. McKay, Weir) any chance of having other Atlantis characters making the cross over to SG-1? Thanks once again

        Very Respectfully,

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          Hey Joe

          I was just wondering why Teal'c is still in season 9. He's accomplished his primary mission which is to free the Jaffa, and with Jack gone is there a reason for him to stay?

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            Hi Mr. Mallozzi:

            1. Saw Everybody Loves Raymond’s introspective tonight, and the writers likened their nine years as going through high school, college (and a year of grad school) with the same classmates. So, being part of nine year old show yourself, I’m wondering how you would relate your time in the Stargate family?

            2. Window of Opportunity mentioned your PhD. What is your doctorate degree?

            3. We’ve seen various cast members write and direct, and directors write. Do you have any desire to try on another hat as either director or actor (and not just a cameo)?

            4. What do you think of fans’ reaction to the ending of Moebius? To clarify, I don’t mean the Jack/Sam ship (though as a nonshipper, I’ll give my requisite grrr ), I’m referring to the general confusion as to the time travel (not the fish, specifically, but I guess that too). SG1 died in ancient Egypt, but then our SG1 never needed to go...but then how did the video...but then...well, my question isn’t about explaining this (though PLEASE feel free if the muse moves you). Did you expect the confusion, or was it a surprise? (Obsessed? us? Ha! )

            And thanks for the PM.
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              Hello Joe,

              Thanks for answering. I have a few more questions.

              1. There's been some discussion over what the opening credits for season 9 might look like. (i.e. what order the actors/characters names and pictures will appear.) Has that been decided, and if so, can you tell us what the order will be?

              2. You already answered my question regarding Daniel's role in Ex Deus Machina, and I thank you for that, but can you tell me if there will be any Daniel/Baal scenes in this ep? How about Daniel/Mitch/Baal scenes (This would make a lot of people happy.)

              3. When Sam returns in Beachhead, will she know who the Ori are, or will she have to be caught up to speed?

              4. Finally, for the episodes listed below, can you tell us whether you consider each to be a team based episode or character (name the character(s)) based ep? Also, is this the correct order?

              1. Avalon Part 1
              2. Avalon Part 2
              3. Origin
              4. The Ties That Bind
              5. The Powers That Be
              6. The Order
              7. Beachhead
              8. Ex Deus Machina
              9. Babylon
              10. The Fourth Horseman Part 1
              11. The Fourth Horseman Part 2
              12. Collateral Damage

              Once again, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.



                Hi, Joe,

                General "industry" rather than SG question

                Musical theatre: Love it, tolerate it, or run-screaming-and-kicking-in-the-other-direction hate it?

                Do you think there's a chance, MOULIN ROUGE notwithstanding, that we will see a return of filmed musicals? (Everything else is being re-imagined, why not musicals?)

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                  I was reading an article on Broadcasting & Cable online that talked about the onslaught of other-worldly, sci-fi type shows that will be coming our way next season. One paragraph in particular caught my attention.

                  "Paramount Network Television's Threshold for CBS involves a government worker (Carla Gugino) who leads a “first-contact” undersea team that pursues threatening aliens. The cast includes Charles S. Dutton, Brian Van Holt, Robert Patrick Benedict and Brent Spiner."

                  Sounds like a soggy version of Stargate, IMO. What do you think?

                  The whole article itself is rather interesting. You can find it here


                  If the link doesn't work, email me and I'll send you a copy of the article.



                    Hi Joe,
                    Thanks for reading this. I've just been reading the Stargate books from the UK. Some of them seem to tie up story arcs like the loss of Henry Boyd in A Matter of Time, and aliens like Quetzelcoalt and the Furling transport technology in Crystal Skull. I'm just wondering, should we consider these stories canon or will you be dealing with these threads in a different way in the series?
                    Thanks again


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      As for Carter outranking Mitchell...she does?
                      Hi Joe -- does Mitchell outrank Carter? Thanks.


                        Atlantis question for you (I posted on the ask MG thread and then realized that, well, you wrote this ep and just might be better suited to answer my Q)...This is regarding the episode HOME...why didn't anyone wonder why General Hammond was there? O'Neill was already a General by the time RISING aired and he was the one who sent them off to the Pegasus galaxy and Hammond had long been gone (frankly I didn't think any of them even met Hammond). So why didn't Weir or anyone else for that matter wonder why Hammond was back at the SGC or where General O'Neill was?

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                          Sorry if this has been asked before,

                          Do you have any idea if the 9th chevron will be introduced in season 9, or what its for???

                          Thanks for your time


                            Hi Joe -- does Mitchell outrank Carter? Thanks.
                            They're both Lt Colonels - thats already been established. Will he be above her in the chain of command when they're on missions?


                              Sorry if this was already asked, but my internet connection is too slow to page through 60 pages of posts... Reading as fast as I can though!!!

                              Hi Joe, thanks for answering our questions. It's really appreciated!

                              I was wondering if we would see the Asgard share more of their knowledge of the Ancients... Or the alliance of the four races? I don't want to see questions on their tech, but their history would be interesting to know.

                              Also, will we be seeing Joe Spencer again? Citizen Joe is a big favorite of mine & I'm a big Dan Castellaneta fan!

                              Will we learn more about the plague that killed off the Ancients? And what happned to the Ancients once they returned to Earth?


                                Hi Mr. Mallozzi:
                                I am amazed at the great job you all do, writer, actors, directors, etc. etc. And the stories you guys come up with, especially to fit them in a 44 minute format, it's like watching a feature film every week! It's incredible that you can come up with so much great stuff and not run out of ideas.

                                My favorite characters are Sam and Daniel(as friends). Will we possibly ever see a 2-person story featuring them as in "Solitudes" or "Paradise Lost"?

                                Also, some of my favorite recurring characters are Agent Barrett, Col Rogers, and Baa'l. Can I ask if any or all of them will be appearing this year?