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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by teddybearnospaces
    This isn't the deepest question on here, but I'm just wondering how much you've planned to incorporate the stick work (Kali) in upcoming seasons of SGA?

    As a quantifier (I apologize if this runs too long) I'm a martial artist so the stuff I've seen with the character of Teyla has been a dream come true. I'm mostly curious if we're going to see it outside of that training room again?
    It's funny you should mention that. We were down on the Atlantis set the other day watching Teyla and Ronon spar. Both actors have put in a lot of work and are extremely talented. Expect more fancy stick-work in season 2.


      [QUOTE=John Preston]A few queries that might cause me to be pelted with sharp and evil objects.

      (1) Aris Boch and his race and the roshna. Will we be seeing anymore of this in Season 9?

      It's possible.

      (2) In the one episode which had an ascended being follow Samantha Carter about the ascended being created a small little makeshift stargate which actually worked. I do not believe this was entirely lost, so does this mean that the SGC now has the ability to create stargates?

      No, they don't. They would need the help of an ascended being - or a subsription to "Stargate Hobbyist" magazine (and, of course, a working toaster).

      (3) Will we be seeing more of this mysterious race who created the plague/virus in the one Stargate Atlantis episode that was designed to kill Humans?

      We've been discussing a story that may find it's way into the back-half of the season 2 schedule.

      (4) What do you like in your coffee?

      Believe it or not, I don't drink coffee.

      (5) Ford. Are you going to do any Ford oriented episodes for Atlantis, at all?

      Ford's life takes an interesting turn in season 2. Check out Siege III and Runner for a peek at a darker Ford.


        Joe.....a different sort of question:

        What can you tell us about the demographics of the viewers? Gateworld only posts the overall ratings for each episode. Without subscribing to the Neilsen report, or placing a buy on Sci-Fi, what type of info can you give me on who watches?

        What are the age/sex breakdowns by percentage?

        I think a lot of people have a perception that many Sci-Fi viewers are 18-34 males, but I work in the media, and I know that that type of perception is often very wrong.

        Just wondering. Thanks!


          Mister M,

          I've found this text I thought fitted Atlantis like a glove.
          It's from Dickens A Tale of Two Cities.
          Here is goes:

          I see a beautifull city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, through long long years to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of which this is the natural birth, gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out.

          What do you think ?
          Does this fit Atlantis or not ?



          SGU Continued....


            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            Our degrees had nothing to do with writing and, to be perfectly honest, the few "writing courses" I took were pretty useless. I've always felt that you can't teach good writing. You can teach someone the craft of scriptwriting (a good book will do the trick - check out Screenplay, by Syd Field), but you no amount of seminars, no matter how pricey, will turn someone into an accomplished screenwriter.
            I don't know that I agree with that, if only because I've done a writing course that taught me a lot about the craft of writing and how to put a story together that I wouldn't have known had I not done it. What/who do you think has taught you about the craft of writing then? Or, and I don't mean this sarcastically, is it just that you're innately talented?


              This is a question for Joe Mallozzi. Do you think that maybe the Tok` ra will return in season 9?

              I know that there are many, many changes in season 9 (I think it will be more a different show in a different universe than just another season - that was the message of the fish in the Moebius 2 - I´m right?) but I think it wouldn´t hurt if the show keeps some little connections to the past (like the Tok´ra).


                Hey Joe;

                So, just wondering, are you looking forward to the next Star Wars coming out in May?

                P.S. Could you just, in passing, mention my name, if you, for example, are doing the audio commentaries on the SG-1 Season 8 or Atlantis season 1 dvd's? [my name is Shay]?
                Of course I'm only joking, but still?????
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                  Originally posted by Purpleyin
                  Hi Joe

                  Thanks for continuing to answer questions here (I love reading the answers.)
                  And I have more of them...

                  How much backstory do you all plan for things like enemy technology? For example the wraith darts. There's ponderings on how many people they can beam up (like if they would literally physically fit...and if they use modified/hacked Ancient stargate/ring tech to dematerialise them?) and is that kind of detail that has a planned explanation somewhere down the line? Just curious how much seemingly insignificant parts of the shows mythology (to most viewers) are written in in that way.
                  A fair amount of thought goes into the creation of elements like the wraith darts, stunners (heck, the wraith for that matter). Rob or Brad will have an idea they'll pitch out to Brad and usually they'll spin it, then pitch it to us and we'll spin it some more. The idea goes to the art department and when the concept is designed (ie. the wraith ship for example), further layers are added. Of course, it's never really a fully complete picture until it hits the page at which points the concept enters a whole new phase of the evolutionary process.


                    Originally posted by Hulabaloo
                    Hi Mr Mallozi! or is that too formal???

                    Hmm trying to think of a question. Anyway give my best wishes to Amanda and her new baby. Good Luck!

                    Q: Have you ever written a script that you think there is a really funny part and they have reduced by taking out a line?



                    P.S I just thought of another question, Will we be seeing rodney use that personal sheild again? I loved him making his deadman jokes!
                    Taking out "a" line? I wish. There were whole sequences that were cut out of It's Good to be King because we didn't have the time to shoot them.


                      Originally posted by Kiech Bepho
                      Hi Joe! I love the show and hope it never, ever ends. Just keep replacing the characters that want to retire.

                      Any chance we will see the Time Machine in action again someday? Perhaps maybe to save the Tok'ra queen? Or heck any plots to save the Tok'ra at all from eventual extinction?

                      - I've always been a fan of time travel episodes so, hopefully, we will get around to doing another one.

                      Is Rodney Cursed? It seems every time he goes out on a mission with another scientist they are instantly slated to become a 'red-shirt' and die. Even walking around the station isn't safe if you are with Rodney it seems.

                      - Well, on the other hand, you can say Rodney is extremely lucky as he's never the one getting fried/shot/blown up.

                      Some people have been wondering if we will see any 'fanciful' creatures in future episodes, such as mermaids, unicorns or dragons. Perhaps delve a bit into western mythology a bit and have it explained as you have with Egyptian mythology.

                      - No plans to se any fanciful creatures as of yet.

                      And my last, waaaay out there question, has there been any thought on merging Battlestar Galactica and Stargate? They are, after all - on their way...


                        Originally posted by Merlin7
                        Hi Joe. I love SGA and my fave character is Sheppard. I was intrigued by him and his GENE from the moment I watched RISING and Joe Flanigan is an amazing actor. That said...will there actually be ANY eps devoted to Sheppard this season? Thanks.
                        Yup. For starters, check out an episode titled Epiphany, written by Brad Wright.


                          Hello Joe,

                          just one question - is there a chance to see Claudia Black in more than the first five season 9 episodes? I hope you are not going to kill Vala at the end (?) of her story arc...


                            [QUOTE=AlphaBlu]Mr. Mallozzi,

                            I have two questions to ask, plus an extra special bonus round question:

                            1. For someone like me who loves it when a series keeps its continuity right, it was a delight to see Rob Lee come back as now-Colonel Pierce after his year absense in Season 7, and the continued use of Erik Breker as Colonel Reynolds. Plus you guys are doing a fantastic job of keeping the reoccuring characters consistent in Atlantis as well (Zelenka being the biggest example).

                            So my question is, are we going to see more of Colonel's Pierce and Reynolds in Season 9, or ultimately any of your well established secondary characters (Dr. Kavanaugh is another great example - good character)?

                            - Yup. We try to re-use our established characters whenever possible.

                            2. What do you (or any of the production/writing staff) think of 'Letters from Pegasus'? It was reportedly Atlantis' first "Clips Episode", however it was anything but a clips episode. Do you think of Atlantis Season 1 as 19 eps plus a clips show, or as 19 episodes plus a show that was supposed to be a clips show but actually turned out to be a full episode (not that I didn't like Politics/Disclosure/Inauguration)?

                            - We were, of course, very pleased with the fan reaction to Letters.

                            Seriously Joe - 'Packing'? What did O'Neill mean at the end of Mobius II! Nothing to this day has confused me more than this comment.

                            - Actually, I already answered this one: She had to pack to go fishing with him.


                              Originally posted by Salty
                              Hi Joe!

                              In an interview on About. com, Joe Flanigan says he penned an episode for season 2 called Epiphany. But you told us he had gotten too busy to write an episode and it was on hold. So did he or didn't he?? Inquiring minds want to know

                              I believe the interviewer misheard Joe or what Joe meant to say was that he scripted a draft of the outline for Epiphany. A) The episode has yet to be written and B) It will be written by Brad Wright.


                                Hi Joe!

                                Yup...yet another question!

                                I live near a town called Dumbarton, which is linked to some Arthurian is said that Dumbarton ( Dun Breatainn in Gaelic) could possibly have been King Arthur's seat of power for a time. I was just wondering what places from the Arthurian legends will be incorporated into season nine.

                                Secondly (hope this question isn't as dumb as the first), will Stargate ever examine Egyptian Mythology or Classical Mythology again?
                                Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)