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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by IMForeman

    For some reason all of Colonel Everett's lines seemed to have been re-looped... was there a problem with his dialogue as recorded in studio, or am I just imagening things again?

    No, you're not imagining things and yes, there was.


      Originally posted by Shep'sSocks
      Any chance of always making Carl Binder free to work on the Atlantis clip show? BiS was brilliant.
      If I had my way, Carl Binder would write every clip show from now on.


        Originally posted by majorsal
        Hi, Joe,

        I'm curious, when you guys were filming the Moebius eps, did you know the show had been renewed for a 9th season?



          Joe, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

          Mine is pretty simple: WHY "Cameron"?

          I know that there is an ep of Farscape where Ben names his sword "Cameron". Is this an homage to that naming?

          Matt Mason would have been so much funnier. I really wish that had been considered (and if it was, that it had been approved).

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            Good Morning, Joe.

            First of all thanks for taking time to answer our questions. I’ve really enjoyed reading your answers. They’ve been very informative and at times very entertaining. I’ve drawn quite a bit of attention at work a couple of times for laughing out loud at some of them.

            I’ve often wondered while reading all of our questions for you, if you ever have any questions for us. Although this is definitely a place where a person can stumble upon waaay too much information, is there anything you’d like to ask us about?

            Also I’ve been wondering why we haven’t been seeing any ‘mature women’ on the shows. There have been a number of great mature male characters on the show – Jacob, Hammond, our own beloved Jack to name a few, including a couple of the newer characters coming in the next season. Where are their female counterparts? There are a lot of good looking, talented women in their primes who would be an asset to the Stargate universe. Surely you’re aware that the forties are the new thirties, especially for women...

            …and before any of my younger forum buddies wrinkle their noses or roll their eyes at the thought of a ‘mature woman’, I would like to point out that Tina Turner is in her sixties and I haven’t heard of anyone changing the channel on Tina in a short skirt yet!

            Again, thanks for stopping in, Joe. Looking forward to enjoying the new season.
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              Originally posted by Sela
              There are a lot of good looking, talented women in their primes who would be an asset to the Stargate universe. Surely you’re aware that the forties are the new thirties, especially for women...
              I'll second that. The guys on SG-1 are getting older but the women are somehow getting younger. Hmmmmm ... Speaking for myself, I like seeing actresses like Amanda Tapping & Teryl Rothery who are in my age bracket. If I want crumpets, I'll watch a Bond movie. I associate SG-1 w. smart, witty, mature women. They're a big part of why I watch the show.

              Incidentally, why did the whole Cassandra storyline get deep-sixed after Heroes? It was bad enough that Fraiser got killed but to simply wave off seven seasons of character development with the now-infamous "Cassie's a tough kid. She'll survive," left a bad taste in many peoples' mouths that remains to this day. (Besides, there's that manifestation in 1969 begging for an explanation.)

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                Will season 2 of atlantis contain the previously shelved episode "Human Error"?


                  Originally posted by JMallozzi
                  First, the goa'uld stole most of the technology they used. Secondly, they use the braziers more for effect than as a lighting choice. Thirdly, here's a question for you: "If the Jaffa fly around in space ships, arm themselves with staff weapons and zats, and use ring transport technology - how come they haven't gotten around to upgrading their horns for radios?

                  Yes, I watch Futurama. I have the series on DVD.
                  Well, uh, they dont use radios coz they interfere with the SGC's radio frequencies, or something. Either that or the horn is a radio, a really high tech one that just looks like a horn to trick first time enemies into believing that the gould/jaffa arnt really that advanced. Yeah think about it.

                  One more question about futurama, favourite episode? Mine is The WHy of fry, coz its cool


                    Hi Joe

                    I was just reading the Omnipedia here at gateworld, particularly about Atlantis. I already knew Atlantis was capable of space flight (from the Pilot) and was wondering... Is it concievable that at some point in the future, that the Expedition might try and bring Atlantis back to Earth? (assuming of course that they could get a hold of 3 fully powered ZPM's...) Or more to the point, if they could... would they???

                    Thanks again...!
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                      Dear Mr. Malozzi,

                      will we see Janet Fraiser back in the show, because Teryl Rothery did a great job and I think no one can replace her (and I mean NO ONE!).

                      Best wishes for the show


                        Hi Joe,

                        Will we be seeing a follow-up on 'The Defiant One' in season two ?
                        I mean, that crashed Wraith ship could probably teach us tons about Wraith-technology..even if it is 10,000 years old.


                        SGU Continued....


                          Hi Joe!

                          In an interview on About. com, Joe Flanigan says he penned an episode for season 2 called Epiphany. But you told us he had gotten too busy to write an episode and it was on hold. So did he or didn't he?? Inquiring minds want to know

                          Also, will we have episodes centered about Sheppard and his gene this year? We've had so many Rodney-centric episodes already - will we get to learn more about Sheppard in season 2?

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                            Mr. M.

                            Just something I'm pondering on a very slow day at work :

                            How are SG1/SGA stars approached and/or approved for interviews? Do magazines, TV shows, internet sites, etc., approach stars directly. . or their agents? Or do interviewers have to go through the show's producers first?

                            If stars are approached for an interview, do they need approval from TPTB before they can proceed? Or are the stars free to do any interview they please, as long as they don't breach confidentiality rules in their contracts? And if stars get paid for an interview revolving around their show, do the producers/studio get a percentage (which doesn't seem fair, but. . .)?

                            Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

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                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              Hey Pam. Both Paul and I hail from Montreal. We both attended McGill University where Paul obtained a Masters in History and I completed my Masters in English Lit.
                              Can I ask what you specialised in?? Any parituclar courses you loved or struggled your way through?

                              My writing partner & I just finished our undergrad degrees in history and literature. And journalism & German. Gonna go on to masters/phd after I finish my film & tv postgrad degree...I adored all the Victorian and Gothic lit (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights etc). Moby Dick was one I struggled with for American Lit though, even though I enjoyed it. Mostly.

                              Our degrees had nothing to do with writing and, to be perfectly honest, the few "writing courses" I took were pretty useless. I've always felt that you can't teach good writing. You can teach someone the craft of scriptwriting (a good book will do the trick - check out Screenplay, by Syd Field), but you no amount of seminars, no matter how pricey, will turn someone into an accomplished screenwriter.
                              Hmm. Are you sure your degrees haven't helped you with your writing? I agree that a writer is a writer and you can't teach a non-writer how to write great stuff. But assuming you *are* a writer (which happens to be true in your case ) don't you think studying the way other people have crafted their stories and picking them apart to see what works (and what doesn't) improves your own writing?

                              When do you think you went from being a talented writer to a *professional* writer?

                              I have this awful feeling that I'm paying all this money for a film & tv degree I'm enjoying but that is ultimately unecessary.

                              Though really, I'm doing it to get access to the equipment .

                              I'll be checking out Syd Field though.


                                Originally posted by Janus
                                Hi Joe,

                                This might sound silly.

                                But why is Earth building a fleet ?
                                I mean, with all the action of season eight, our Galaxy must loaded wtih abandoned Goa'uld ships by now.
                                We can't we just steal those and patch them up.
                                Ha'Tak's can be stolen, that's been proven in the past by SG-1 and the Rebel Jaffa.

                                That's true. However, all of those ships are manned by now free Jaffa - and they have their own plans for those ships. As for the many other ships abandoned by the goa'uld and who is getting their hands on them - check out "The Ties That Bind".