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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by trudy
    AltSam etc. have a working timeship in ancient Egypt. I know they can't/won't visit any time prior to that or between that and the time they departed from the future, out of consideration for the timeline, but there's nothing stopping them from traveling just a bit further into the future then when they left the future, is there? That would seem to be a more comfortable environment for them than ancient Egypt.
    Plus, I am now thinking, the longer they stay in the past, the more likely they are to mess up the timeline. Wouldn't they want to get out of there as soon as possible? (Even if they destroyed the ship in the past, they could still do the accidentally step on a bug thing.)


      Hi Joe!

      Having recently rewatched season six, I was impressed at how you managed to keep the character of Daniel Jackson 'alive' in the show. Will you be doing the same for Jack O'Neill now he's only a recurring character?

      Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)


        This isn't the deepest question on here, but I'm just wondering how much you've planned to incorporate the stick work (Kali) in upcoming seasons of SGA?

        As a quantifier (I apologize if this runs too long) I'm a martial artist so the stuff I've seen with the character of Teyla has been a dream come true. I'm mostly curious if we're going to see it outside of that training room again?
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          On the day Jacob met Pete, he told Sam he would be visiting Mark the next morning. However, the next scene at the SGC is Jacob, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Brat'ac discussing the Anient weapon. Did Jacob visit with Mark and his family before his death?

          Token ~


            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            - The fact that this is scifi doesn't mean it will necessarily happen, simply that it's possible it could happen. Witness Kawalsky and Ra's appearances in Moebius I and II
            After re-watching a tape of "Moebius II" and re-reading the GW Omnipedia entry on staff weapons, I have a (possibly moot) question...

            Could "Moebius II" Kawalsky be alive and a prisoner of "Moebius II" Apophis...or worse yet, a Go'auld again?

            I could be wrong...after all, I still hope that the Tok'ra symbiote Kanan survived ("Abyss", S6)

            Also regarding "Moebius":

            Did my eyes deceive, or did "Moebius" Hammond have a scar on his left cheekbone, just under the eye?

            Finally...AND MOST IMPORTANT...congratulations on the Hugo Award nomination for "Heroes", S7! Who gets to vote, and how do we lobby them?

            You can contact me through my GW Forums profile (email preferred) or on Facebook.



              Hey Joe!

              In Moebius there were plenty of Simpsons references as many of us know, but I (after seeing various sources, including a mini image of the script in the Official Magazine) know of the big reference that was cut, that where O'Neill says about Doughnuts in his monologue, and the Alternate Hammond says they are still trying to figure out what they are!

              Basically I'd like to know about this segment, if you can, can you tell us, who came up with it, at what stage was it cut from the actual episode, and if it was ever shot on film?



                A few queries that might cause me to be pelted with sharp and evil objects.

                (1) Aris Boch and his race and the roshna. Will we be seeing anymore of this in Season 9?

                (2) In the one episode which had an ascended being follow Samantha Carter about the ascended being created a small little makeshift stargate which actually worked. I do not believe this was entirely lost, so does this mean that the SGC now has the ability to create stargates?

                (3) Will we be seeing more of this mysterious race who created the plague/virus in the one Stargate Atlantis episode that was designed to kill Humans?

                (4) What do you like in your coffee?

                (5) Ford. Are you going to do any Ford oriented episodes for Atlantis, at all?



                  Please use this thread to discuss Joe's answers to questions in the current thread. We need to keep this thread as clear of side conversation as we can to make life easier on Joe, who kindly shares some of his time with us!



                    Hey Joe

                    Were you involved in the making of Stargate: The Alliance?

                    Do you know when is it gonna come out?

                    I hope the guy that made the game didn't rush or did something to make the game suck. If you are gonna make a game... you better make it good or else thereis going to be a lot dissapointed fans.


                      Hi Joe

                      Thanks for continuing to answer questions here (I love reading the answers.)
                      And I have more of them...

                      How much backstory do you all plan for things like enemy technology? For example the wraith darts. There's ponderings on how many people they can beam up (like if they would literally physically fit...and if they use modified/hacked Ancient stargate/ring tech to dematerialise them?) and is that kind of detail that has a planned explanation somewhere down the line? Just curious how much seemingly insignificant parts of the shows mythology (to most viewers) are written in in that way.


                        I forget if I asked this before, hope it isn't a duplicate.

                        Every time I hear the name Carolyn Lam, the new doc, I think of Carolyn Lamb, the brainless bimbo in Engish history who publicly chased after Lord Byron long after he dumped her, and made a laughingstock of herself going to parties under the influence, etc. Gak. No chance of changing the character's name at this point?


                          Hi Mr Mallozi! or is that too formal???

                          Hmm trying to think of a question. Anyway give my best wishes to Amanda and her new baby. Good Luck!

                          Q: Have you ever written a script that you think there is a really funny part and they have reduced by taking out a line?



                          P.S I just thought of another question, Will we be seeing rodney use that personal sheild again? I loved him making his deadman jokes!
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                            Hi Joe! I love the show and hope it never, ever ends. Just keep replacing the characters that want to retire.

                            Any chance we will see the Time Machine in action again someday? Perhaps maybe to save the Tok'ra queen? Or heck any plots to save the Tok'ra at all from eventual extinction?

                            Is Rodney Cursed? It seems every time he goes out on a mission with another scientist they are instantly slated to become a 'red-shirt' and die. Even walking around the station isn't safe if you are with Rodney it seems.

                            Some people have been wondering if we will see any 'fanciful' creatures in future episodes, such as mermaids, unicorns or dragons. Perhaps delve a bit into western mythology a bit and have it explained as you have with Egyptian mythology.

                            And my last, waaaay out there question, has there been any thought on merging Battlestar Galactica and Stargate? They are, after all - on their way...


                              Eleven SG-1 questions

                              1) It says on the Gateworld spoiler stuff under SG-1 that SG-1 will be using more of the deadelus classed ships to explore the galaxy instead of using the Stargate.... now are we going to be seeing less of the Stargate or is this something happening in the background?

                              2) Will we be reinvestigating the aliens from Grace?

                              3) There was an episode back in Season two i don't remember the name but it was when Jacob Carter was first introduced, we found out that he had cancer, there was a guy that knew about the Stargate Program did we ever find out who killed him or did i miss somnething. If you never went threw that is there any chance of something being explained by you or in an episode that would have Oniel geust starred????

                              4) Tollan. If the first question i asked is about Deadelus being used more is there any chance of traveling to the tollan people of tollanna to find out th edamage done.

                              5) Nox... Any chance we will be traveling to the nox world

                              6) Will we be seeing the furlings in season 9? (obviously this has been asked but i felt the need to ask it again)

                              7) In the spoilers it says that an episode originally planned for Season Seven called judgement would bring back the ashen (i know theres a C in there someone mind telling me where it is) is it confirmed that it will be in season 9 for a possibility cause i wanna know the damage we caused them with the black hole.

                              8) Are we ever going to see Nyan again from episode 319 i belive ti was. He came from the continent of Bedrosia on some unknown planet that we don't have a name for.

                              9) Are we ever going to see Nick Dr.Jacksons Grandfather again as well as the "Giants" as Nick called them in there actual person

                              10) The ZPM found in Zero Hour is that gonna be fixed?

                              11) What are the Antinecs form Upgrades...? Will we ever meet them or disocver more about them.

                              Atlantis One questions

                              1) Can you send me some pics of Atlantis and a Wraith hive ship :-D some good ones i especially like the one scene from Sanctuary where Atlantis is in fog. [email protected] (if you can plz and thank you)
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