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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    1. Will we get meet McKay's sister in the future of Atlantis, or even Season 2 or 3? Not to mention how is her name spelt; Jeannie, Genie or some other way?

    - It's possible.

    2. Exactly how diverse are the scientists, academics and other personnel taken on the expedition to Atlantis? I know there's obviously several (astro)physicists, an anthropolgist (Dr. Corrigan from Suspicion - was so happy to see they had an anthropologist, makes my degree feel a bit more exciting) and engineers. But are there for example, archaeolgists, chemists, oceanographers?

    - They're pretty darn diverse. They had to be given the fact that they didn't really know what to expect when they stepped through the gate in Rising.

    3. People keep talking about Atlantis running out of bullets, soap etc; personally I presumed the expedition was designed to be selfsufficient as far as possible. So did the expedition take support staff and specialists in making necessities (chefs etc) or did they just take all the knowledge and equipment and everyone pulls their weight on tasks - like someone gets barber duty etc?

    - They were well aware that, in all probability, their stay in the Pegasus Galaxy would be an extended one so they planned accordingly. Security would have been a chiefest concern, so it stands to reason that they would have brought a sufficient amount of ammunition to last them a while. As for the "support positions" (ie. cooking, cleaning, etc.) - everyone does their part. On Wednesday nights, Weir makes her famous Chicken Kiev.

    4. What, if any, specialism does Peter Grodin have? It's fun to guess but it'd also be cool to know.

    Grodin isn't really specializing in anything of late.

    5.How do you decide on titles for episodes for the shows? Does anyone have final say, like the person who wrote it out you all? Have you all ever got completely stuck for titles and then come up with one from a randomly inspirated by something silly? And if so what was the title and what inspired it?

    The person writing the script will usually come up with a title - which everyone in the room will hate. Then we'll take most of the afternoon throwing out alternates until we can all decide on the most inoffensive one.

    6. It's been mentioned Teyla's alieness will be explored in season 2, will that include learning more about the Athosians? I'm obviously curious about there customs being an anthropologist and would love to see how they differ from Earthlings. Even if that isn't part of exploring Teyla's alieness, will we still be learning about the Athosians in the future?

    It's possible we will be learning more about the Athosians - but have yet to dedicate a story specifically to them.

    7. What's the official reason for McKay's uniform change in the 2nd half of Season 1 ? (The reason in the show that is, not to do with costuming department ) And what's with the underarm navy/black stripes on the short tshirts, that only he and Weir have? Does this indicate he's civilian 2IC or has had some kind of status change?

    Officially - you'd have to ask Brad Wright.


      Originally posted by Quetzalcoatl
      Joe i have read on the sg1 season 9 page that there will be another jaffa character for teal'c to contend with. Having just finished watching reckoning which was excellent by the way, i would like to know if isaac hayes will be back and more importantly what of bra'tac? surely either of those two characters make excellent leaders for the jaffa
      No stories planned for either as of yet, but, again, its possible - and in the case of Bratac, more than likely.


        Originally posted by Nessva
        Hi Joe,

        Firstly, thanks for taking time out to reply here!

        I was wondering if it was ever originally scripted (or planned in any way) for there to be a romantic undercurrent between Sam and Jack in the show, or if it was just something that evolved.
        I think the groundwork was laid well before Divide and Conquer. But I wasn't around for the first 3 seasons, so I'm not in a position to say exactly when it was originally scripted.


          Originally posted by Wandering Tamer
          Whatever happened to Rak'nor? I thought he was leader but he just dropped off the face of the earth, err... planet... you get the idea.
          Raknor survived the events of Reckoning I and II. He'll be making an apperance in season 9.


            [QUOTE=lucylou]Hey Joe!

            Thanks for replying to my last three questions!

            I have a few questions about the character of Elizabeth Weir on Atlantis who I think is brilliant by the way and has been excellently cast!

            1. Are the burdens of leadership that were mentioned by Teyla in Suspicion in regards to the character of Elizabeth Weir going to be explored? for example the character feeling that she can't afford to show her doubts?

            Check out Intruder for a sense of what Weir has to deal with both professionally and personally in this regard.

            2. Are we going to get more insight into Weirs personality and backstory as well as her relationships with the other characters in Season 2? Torri proved in before I Sleep she's capable of bringing the emotional storylines to life and it'd be really great to see those things explored further.

            Yup. Again, check out Intruder - and future episodes.

            3. Can you tell Torri that she is a really wonderful actress and let her know she has an appreciation thread on this board as we read an interview about how she had read some negative comments and we'd like her to know that she has a lot of people who support her too and think she's a really wonderful actress and is doing so well on Atlantis.

            I'll make a point of telling her - but we tell her all the time.


              [QUOTE=emily_reich]i've got another question

              any chance baal will return next year?? (well, for more reason than to just get killed off... *crosses fingers that her new fave guy doesn't kick the bucket, esp. after the wonderful reckoning *) and
              and specifically, will we get to see what anubis was telling him about in the opening of threads, and will baal try to defeat anubis once and for all now that he knows anubis just wants him dead? any chance it'll be by getting help from earth again now that it seems he was genuinely greatful and impressed with their help in reckoning?

              Check out Threads for Anubis's fate. As for Baal - hmmm, now that you mention it, he still is out there, isn't he?


                Originally posted by General
                I Have recently watched the pilot episode "CHILDREN OF THE GODS" again and, again, I have a question about it, but this time I know who to ask.

                When Apophis comes through the gate, it shuts down. After the firefight, Apophis retreats through the gate. How did Apophis dial/open the gate???
                I've wondered about that one myself.


                  Originally posted by SueS
                  Joe, question regarding S9

                  Is this force field that Daniel and Vala are bound together by in The Ties That Bind part of the five story arc that Claudia Black is in, or it just for this one episode? By the way, this episode sounds great, I can't wait to see it.
                  Robert C. Cooper wrote the three-part season opener - Avalon I, Avalon II, and Origin - wherein we introduce a new team leader, a new base commander, a new Chief Medical Officer, and a new villain. What more could you ask for?


                    Hello Joe,

                    Stargate SG-1 is an excellent series with congratulations to actors, crew, writers, etc.!!!

                    Question: Will we have some progress of Sam's and Jack's relationship shared during Season 9?

                    You know, for example, Daniel's on the phone with Sam or Jack and says, "So, what have you and Sam been doing lately?" And Jack replies, "We just got back from the cabin after a long weekend. She really likes it up there."

                    Of course, more is better!!!


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi

                      Are we going to be having any funny episodes? (I consider Window of Opportunity hilarious) So far - for the most part - Atlantis has been very serious to me...

                      - Check out an early season 2 episode called "Duet", written by Martin Gero.

                      Why did the original actress who played Weir not come back for the series? I really liked her and connected with her...

                      - I like Tori and I'm kind of connecting with her.

                      are we going to have any episodes that will delve more into the characters?

                      - Yup.
                      Thank you for responding.

                      Another quick Atlantis question for you.

                      I would love to learn more about Carson. Are there any eps slated that will focus specifically on his character?

                      Thank you!
                      Mary Beth

                      P.S. Thank you for THREADS (now a fav of mine) and MOEBIUS which was great fun...
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                      ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                        Originally posted by White Knight
                        Thanks for answering my last lot of questions, Joe.

                        1) Do you ever get recognised by fans and get pelted with story ideas/hero-worshipped/stalked?
                        - It's funny you ask. Do you know how many times I'll be walking down the street and somebody will run up to me and ask "Hey, aren't you that guy who writes for Stargate?"? Actually, never. The only people who pelt me with story ideas are distant acquaintances (ie. my grandmother's doctor, my cousin's husband, etc.)

                        Originally posted by White Knight
                        2) From episode 503 - Ascension, where the Ascended guy is in love with Carter and descends, whose idea was it to have a disposable Stargate? Will we be seeing other disposable technology in the future?
                        Please forward all inquiries/orders for the disposable Stargate to Robert C. Cooper c/o Stargate SG-1. Or you can make your own provided you're willing to sacrifice a working toaster.

                        Originally posted by White Knight
                        3) Which character from SG-1 or SGA, either regular, reccuring or guest-starring, is the most similar to you? Is it intentional or unintentional? What about other crew members?
                        Hmmm. Maybe McKay. But he's not quite crabby enough.
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                          Hi Mr. M--thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Will we be hearing from Cassandra again?


                            Will we be seeing any Atlantian war ships in Atlantis other than the Puddle Jumpers? I love the PJs but I would love to see something big. If not in Atlantis now maybe in a flashback of the Ancients at war with the Wraith.


                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              Mr. Mallozzi,

                              Many, my self included, would like to know where the strong female characters are? The writers have trashed the Character of Sam Carter, and almost every new character is male. Why aren't we seeing women leading other teams?

                              - How about Weir and Teyla?

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              Why have you continued this Sam/Jack thing to the point of nausea?

                              - Are you sure you're not referring to the cutesy-wootsy Carter/Pete relationship? That's the one that made me a little woozy.

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              You commented that Teryl might return, that this is Sci'fi. In that case, where is Martouf? And bring Jacob back. Where is Janet? Where is Kawalsky?

                              - The fact that this is scifi doesn't mean it will necessarily happen, simply that it's possible it could happen. Witness Kawalsky and Ra's appearances in Moebius I and II.

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              I keep hearing that the writers like to kill off characters for Dramatic effect...

                              - That's untrue, except in my case. If the guys hadn't reined me in, we would have run out of characters halfway through season 5.

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              If you want strong dramatic value why don't you Kill Jack O'Neill?

                              - True, but I don't know if we could convince Rick to come back just to kill his character. UNLESS, we didn't tell him that's what we were going to do...

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              And NEWS FLASH: If I want to watch reality, I'll watch the news.

                              - Or reality t.v.

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              And back to my original question, before my rant (yes, I am extremely bitter about the way the non-Sam/Jack shippers have been ignored.) Where are the strong, bright, women? I'm tired of the all-male gang. Aren't there any womem writers in your group?

                              - We invite a freelancers to pitch for the show every year - including women writers.

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              Why are there no female leads in Atlantis other than Weir and the chippy? Even the Scientists are Male. No military females and no science females. hm... I see a pattern here.

                              - No female leads beside Weir and Teyla? They make up 2 of the 4 leads. And we have seen female scientists and military females.

                              Originally posted by kalicokatt
                              We get two women in Atlantis and two in Stargate (maybe).
                              - Check out SG-1's new CMO. She's female, smarty, and sassy.
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                                Originally posted by Easter Lily
                                Hi Mr Mallozzi

                                Are there sea bound transport vehicles in Atlantis??
                                - We have a story in the works that will focus on a sea bound transport vehicle...sort of.

                                Originally posted by Easter Lily
                                Will we see much more exploration of Atlantis in S2 than we did in S1?
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