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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe! I don't know if this has been asked yet but when it's time to do a clip show how do you guys choose the director or writer? Do you draw straws?

    5th Season of Supernatural Premiering September 10th!


      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      Season 9 = more of Daniel fighting, investigating, translating, studying, confronting, blowing his top, getting beat up - and then some.
      YAY , love seeing Daniel blowing his top. By the way here is the "R" that seem to have fallen off somehow when I was typing Ben name


        Originally posted by Hanmer
        Hey Joe,

        I've just got Volume 38 of SG-1 DVD's and was wondering...

        Why arn't there any audio commantaires. I love listening to all you guys talk about the episodes, and in Peter DeLuise's case - anything!

        Thanks alot

        Stephen Hanmer
        Steve Hanmer

        Stargate Omega


          Hi Joe,

          Sounds like you're well into writing for S9 now. Can you give us any more info on the new guy on SG-1 - Cameron Mitchell? His backstory, his personality, etc.

          I'm curious if he's intense, sarcastic, funny, moody, has any special skills, that sort of thing. Is he fitting right in or are you playing a different dynamic. Also, what do his friends call him - Cameron? Cam? Mitch? Ron? Mongo?

          Thanks for your time. I really appreciate the opportunity we have to ask you questions and I'd personally LOVE to see the writers and directors at cons.
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            Hi Joe! It was great to see the character of Lindsay Novak in Prometheus Unbound, played by Ellie Harvey, is there any chance she may return in Season 9? It'd be great to see her again!


              Hi Joe,

              I was wondering, is Sam Carter related to the famous archaeologist Howard Carter ?
              (The curse would explain why all the boy-friends kept dying)

              And would you please tell the Ancients we want our socks back ?
              Oww. come on, how else do you explain the fact that they vanish from the dryer ONE AT A TIME !? (Just kidding)

              Thanks for your time,


              SGU Continued....


                Originally posted by Janus
                Hi Joe,
                I was wondering, is Sam Carter related to the famous archaeologist Howard Carter ?
                (The curse would explain why all the boy-friends kept dying)
                LOL! Of course that would explain a lot! It's King Tut's fault! I bet he was a Goa'uld! or an Ancient!

                Good question!


                  Originally posted by JMallozzi

                  Fan favorite Damian Kindler also happens to be a native Aussie and I’m certain would relish the opportunity to touch base with the Australian Gaters.
                  Hi Joe, hope life isn't too hectic for you these days.

                  Regarding the comment about Damian above, being an Aussie I'd relish the chance to talk to him/interview him. What would be the best way to contact him? To get the Aussie persceptive on the SG Universe from an "insiders" point of view. If there are official channels that must be followed etc, where would one find those channels, so that they may be properly followed?
                  Originally posted by JMallozzi
                  As for me - well, this little rant will preclude me from attending any future cons (with the exception of a con in Italy, a con in Czechoslovakia, and Concept Con in Montreal - all of which were kind enough to invite me over the past couple of years but which I’ve been, as yet, unable to attend because of my work commitments).
                  It's odd. The writers would be the second people on the list I would invite if I were organising a con. First on the list would be key actors. I sincerely hope the con organisers see the error of their ways and invite you guys. I mean seriously, who better to find out about the inner working of a characters mind than from the person(s) that created that character.

                  Anyway. Thank you once more for all your time you spend here with us Joe. It shows that you (and probably others - the less vocal minority of writers/producers/directors) really do give a damn about the fans.


                    Hey Joe
                    Thanks for doing this. Here we go...
                    Are we going to get to meet any new alien races in s9 (human varients, not just average, normal, circa middle age, humans)?

                    Have there ever been any stories that you were just aching to tell but couldn't?

                    Does it hurt when fans don't really 'get' the episode, for example the zoo reference in Chimera or the Gemini contraversy?

                    Have you ever read anything in the gate fandom that just made you want to bang your head against the keyboard?


                      Hi Joe

                      More Atlantis questions, plus a few general ones (sorry for repost, there seems to be a thing about a couple of missing pages of questions...)

                      1. How is McKay's sisters name spelt; Jeannie, Genie or some other way?

                      2. Exactly how diverse are the scientists, academics and other personnel taken on the expedition to Atlantis? I know there's obviously several (astro)physicists, an anthropolgist (Dr. Corrigan from Suspicion - was so happy to see they had an anthropologist, makes my degree feel a bit more exciting) and engineers. But are there for example, archaeolgists, chemists, oceanographers?

                      3. People keep talking about Atlantis running out of bullets, soap etc; personally I presumed the expedition was designed to be selfsufficient as far as possible. So did the expedition take support staff and specialists in making necessities (chefs etc) or did they just take all the knowledge and equipment and everyone pulls their weight on tasks - like someone gets barber duty etc?

                      4. What, if any, specialism does Peter Grodin have? It's fun to guess but it'd also be cool to know.

                      5.How do you decide on titles for episodes for the shows? Does anyone have final say, like the person who wrote it out you all? Have you all ever got completely stuck for titles and then come up with one from a randomly inspirated by something silly? And if so what was the title and what inspired it?

                      6. It's been mentioned Teyla's alieness will be explored in season 2, will that include learning more about the Athosians? I'm obviously curious about there customs being an anthropologist and would love to see how they differ from Earthlings. Even if that isn't part of exploring Teyla's alieness, will we still be learning about the Athosians in the future?

                      7. What's the official reason for McKay's uniform change in the 2nd half of Season 1 ? (The reason in the show that is, not to do with costuming department ) And what's with the underarm navy/black stripes on the short tshirts, that only he and Weir have? Does this indicate he's civilian 2IC or has had some kind of status change?



                        Hi Joe,

                        Are there any questions you wish somebody would ask?

                        If so, what might those be?
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                          You've said several times that Rob Cooper is showrunner for SG-1 and Brad Wright is doing the same on Atlantis. That being the case, how involved was Brad in "Moebius" (the almost series finale) and in developing the new direction for season nine?


                            Hi Joe,

                            I was a little disappointed with the way in which the end of the Hammond and Fraiser characters was brought about. I'm not going to say 'bring them back', since what bugs me was the way they ended.

                            In Fraiser's case, I hoped for more in the memorial service scene at the end of Heroes 2. I'd thought a good idea would be to have a collage of "Janet" images flashing by as Sam gave her speech, as a tribute to the character, in a similar fashion to Teal'c's in Threshold. I felt her end was too abrupt for a character we'd known and loved for seven years.

                            For Hammond, I wanted a nice farewell scene between him and SG-1 in Lost City 2, even if it was only as brief as the one from Chain Reaction. I know the five of them had a great scene in Lost City 1, but I wanted a 'goodbye' moment as they had for Jonas, with the rest of SG-1 wishing him well, saying how much they'll all miss him etc.

                            So call me sentimental.

                            But my question is this: will something like this last be possible now that Jack is taking over Hammond's new job and he is (i assume, ignore all this if I'm wrong) retiring? A scene with him and SG-1, wishing each other good luck, him saying how he's felt when reading their mission reports in the last year, and so on? Just to show the human side of them all together, one last time.

                            I admit to feeling very let down when Hammond's character stopped so suddenly at the beginning of S8. Could this be rectified in Season 9???


                            PS If I've said something stupid above, please allow for the fact I haven't seen past 806 Avatar. If something happens in the rest of S8 that makes what I've said irrelevant, sorry : )


                              Ok, the follow up:

                              Mr. Mallozzi:

                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              Well, that's assuming that each season times out to approximately a year in the Stargate universe. If you assume that, then it has been 6 years.

                              Ok, as I thought, so why do both Jacob and Sam mentioned '4 years' if it's been six? Was it a mistake, or did something happen 2 years after Tok'ra 1 & 2 that caused Sam to almost lose Jacob? I certainly don't remember anything.

                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              What's the quote?
                              Few spoilers here, so...

                              Sam says she wants to get the ZPM upstairs, but Jack stops her and tells her why he wants to do it. Then he mentioned that she has 'packing to do'. I don't know what he means by this:

                              1. Packing for the fishing trip?
                              2. Packing to go to Atlantis?
                              3. Packing to go live with him? (God-forbid)

                              It's just something that confused me at the end of Mobius 2.

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                                Thanks for your humor, understanding and patience! However, in pursuit of truth and enlightenment ; I feel compelled to ask this question.

                                Will the UST storyline arc between Jack and Sam continue in Season 9?

                                ETA: My impression of this thread was that we GateWorlders were allowed to ask Joe any questions within reason. Since Joe has a sense of humor and seems to like to have fun with answers, I consider my questioning an attempt to entice Joe into spilling his guts. Although I hear that Krispy Kremes may work better. While I can sympathize with those fans that care nothing about this storyline, I do enjoy it; and I was having fun in this thread until there began to be criticism of questions. Furthermore, the answer to this question would actually benefit all fan groups of Stargate but for different reasons.
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