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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    2. Have u gotten any hate mail yet from how u killed our SG-1?

    Nope, but I'm still hopeful.
    ROFL... Nice one... LOL

    Quick question Joe, how do you find the time to have a sane life with writing 40 episodes for two shows and continuing to answer questions for the spoiler hungry fans of this wonderfull show? What's your secret... I bet it's ancient chinese herbs right?


    P.S. Keep up the superb job Joe!!
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    "Good Morning Dr. Silberman. How's the knee?" - Sarah Connor 1994


      a quick question again (thanks for answering all these )

      will there ever be another tok'ra gone bad on the show? (aka, one that started actually working for the goauld or became one, even a system lord...) there was cordesh in season 2, but it wasn't ever really explained if he had recently started working for the goauld or if he'd always been a spy... so in a way we haven;t had much in the way of this "good-to-bad" from non-earth characters

      anyway, the idea of someone good becoming bad has always been interesting... so any chance? season 10 maybe?

      (also is there any chance baal is a tok'ra gone bad? ... ok, so i know the answer to that one already... )

      thank you again
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        Originally posted by White Knight
        Will it be revealed in the show exactly how many countries are in the loop, and how many of them sent personnel to Atlantis?

        I don't know if we'll get an exact list of the countries participating in the program or the exact number of people sent.

        One more thing: what kind of books do you read,

        I enjoy: Evelyn Waugh, Lemony Snicket, J.K. Rowling, Thomas Berger, to name a few.

        and what kind of movies or tv shows do you watch?
        The Simpsons, The Shield, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm.


          Originally posted by AlphaBlu
          I need to as again, 'because two things are still bugging me.

          Mr. Mallozzi:

          1. Threads. Both Jacob and Sam mentioned "4 years" constantly. Hasn't it been 6 years since Tok'ra Part 2?

          Well, that's assuming that each season times out to approximately a year in the Stargate universe. If you assume that, then it has been 6 years.

          2. Mobius 2. What does Jack mean by 'packing'? I cannot work that one out.
          What's the quote?


            Originally posted by greytop
            Dear Mr. Mallozzi,
            I had a question that got lost in the suffle when some of the posts did not get on the board because of some glitch in the system. So I'll ask it again.

            Again thank you for your time.



              Originally posted by Salty
              Will we get to see Kolya again on Atlantis? He's a great adversary for Sheppard and there seemed to be a little foreshadowing at the end of Brotherhood when Sheppard held the gun on Kolya.
              Yeah, that's very possible...


                Originally posted by stargatesg1uk
                Hi Joe,

                Thanks for answering all these questions. I'm sorry if this one has already been asked, but anyway.....

                Will we be seeing a bit more of Walter Harriman in S9 of SG-1?
                And is there any chance that we may see some appearances for him in Atlantis S2?
                No planned appearances in Atlantis, but definitely more Walter in season 9. In fact, here in the production offices, we are referring to season 9 as The Year of the Walter.


                  Originally posted by Osiris
                  Hi Joe, I would like to know if Sarah Gardner is planned to return in season 9 (in the stories already written for the new season or future ones). She's very appreciated by the fans and her character has a lot of potential considering she's been Osiris' host.
                  I'm well aware it depends on the availability of Anna-Louise Plowman and finding the right story... but please, do your best to bring her back and you'll be great honored in the afterlife.
                  I'm a big fan of Anna-Louise and, as you said, depending on her availability and if the right story comes in afterlife? Really?


                    1. If you had any character in particular that you like to write for?

                    Still getting a feel for the new characters we're introducing in season 9. Ask me again in a month.

                    2. Is Kinsey really dead? Any chance we'll see more of him in season 9?
                    And of course, the most important question, from Reckoning 2:

                    There's a chance he died - and also a chance we may see him again.

                    3. What has Siler left to Jack in his will?

                    His unpaid parking tickets.


                      Originally posted by ShadowMaat
                      I can't remember if this was asked or not.

                      Will Bates ever come out of the coma? Will he be OK if/when he does?
                      Only time will tell on that one.


                        Originally posted by White Knight
                        1) Do you ever get recognised by fans and get pelted with story ideas/hero-worshipped/stalked?

                        If I had a dollar for every time I walked down the street and had someone stop me and say "Hey, aren't you that guy from Stargate?", I'd have absolutely no money at all.

                        2) From episode 503 - Ascension, where the Ascended guy is in love with Carter and descends, whose idea was it to have a disposable Stargate? Will we be seeing other disposable technology in the future?

                        The guy's name was Orlin and he was the one who built the "disposable stargate". Its unlikely we'll see another one in the future.

                        3) Which character from SG-1 or SGA, either regular, reccuring or guest-starring, is the most similar to you? Is it intentional or unintentional? What about other crew members?
                        Maybe that wraith from Defiant One. I can be very temperamental. And, yes, it WAS very intentional. My writing partner Paul is a lot like President Hayes (see Inauguration) in that he often likes to take off his shoes and relax in his office.



                          What is the status of System Lord Kali? What about Morrigan? And Amaterasu? Klorel?

                          Thanks in advance.


                            1. Will Carter's new position take her off-world (e.g. working at the Alpha site or on the Prometheus or Deadalus?) or is it an earth-bound position?

                            When season 9 kicks off, Carter will be far, far away.

                            2. We know Amanda will be back, but for the characters do they consider Sam's new position to be permanent or temporary? IOW, will they be surprised when she returns?

                            They could be surprised but, honestly, after everything these guys have seen over the past 8 years, I doubt very much that anything surprises them anymore.

                            3. When Sam returns, who will be in command of SG-1?

                            When she returns, Mitchell is leading SG-1. Do you mean who will be leading the team when she re-joins SG-1?


                              Originally posted by Easter Lily
                              Hi Mr Mallozzi

                              Are there sea bound transport vehicles in Atlantis?


                              Will we see much more exploration of Atlantis in S2 than we did in S1?

                              Thank you for your time...
                              Check out season 2 for some interesting answers to those questions.


                                [QUOTE=Purpleyin]Hi Joe

                                Is the Japanese scientist from "Letters from Pegasus" Dr.Kusunagi (or Kusinagi? I'm unsure of spelling) mentioned in passing in Seige Part2?
                                And will we be seeing more of her?

                                Also wish to know if there are plans to use Simpson, the woman who spoke up against Kavanagh in "38 minutes", again.


                                Its very possible will see either or both in season 2.