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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Joe Flanigan said he was going to pen a script in Season 2. Has he done an outline for it and if he has, can you give us any details?

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      hello joe,

      have you been up to see how all the new cast are fitting in?

      so is claudia in the first 5 eps and will she be in future eps.?? will we get more background into vala?? and same for mitchell, carolyn landry <think thats lexa's character> and general landry?

      and congrats being back to work even though you guys will be takeing a 2 week break that seems strange cause i thought you could film all the eps. amanda was missing or do you take two weeks off after you begin filming?


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        Originally posted by JMallozzi
        Originally Posted by PoeticTragedy
        Joe, level with me here dude, when are we going to see Sam and Jack together finally, after eight years of keeping us guessing are u really going to keep us guessing till the end
        They finally got to go fishing together. Finally. After 8 long years!
        Mr. Mallozzi,

        I am a happy fan of the subtle Sam and Jack relationship. While I do believe the fishing in "Threads" AND "Moebius" was meant to clearly tell S/J Shippers that they are together, I deeply understand the confusion of many S/J Shippers. Although I can understand Teal'c and Daniel's overwhelming desire to go fishing, a private fishing trip between Sam and Jack would have been seen as true "togetherness".

        In the Stargate universe, there has been no shortage of obvious physical relationships between characters such as Sam/Pete, Jack/Kerry, Teal'c/Ishta, Daniel/Hathor . There has only been physical intimacy between Jack and Sam in this context:
        • 1 Alien virus
        • 2 Alternate Universes (TBFTGoG & PoV)
        • 1 Time Loop (that only one character remembers)
        • 1 Hallucination caused by head trauma
        • 1 Death of a friend
        • 1 Death of family member
        • 1 Alternate Timeline that no longer exists
        Now while this seems to be alot, to paraphrase Teal'c "It is only our universe (& timeline) that counts." So here is the question....

        In Season 9, will there be a non-alien induced, non-hallucination, in this timeline, in this universe physical or blatantly obvious demonstration of a true "boyfriend/girlfriend" relationship between Sam and Jack?

        Thank you for your patience and understanding!! ((((((((Joe)))))))))

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          The Sam/Jack ship relationship is a crucial part of sg1. It is also totally in character with Sam being a strong woman. What is out of character is having her "settle" for Pete. What were the writers thinking that they came up with that? I am so glad the rumor mill says Pete becomes toast.

          I miss Thor, who has not appeared much recently, and Don Davis, and Teryl.

          I am still hoping Na'rim and Schroedinger are alive somewhere, although that is contrary to the Sam/Jake story line. Well, how about having Narim appear from an alternate universe where he hasn't met Sam, but has somehow acquired Schroedinger? He is wasted on Dr. Weir.


            Thinking about this further, esp. the loss of two in threads, and teryl, narim, don davis, etc., I don't think the powers that be on any series realize how attached viewers get to the entire ensemble. They kill off people for dramatic effect, or don't renew supporting actors' contracts, not apparently realizing that they weaken the show and build resentment each time this happens.


              Maybe instead of telling Joe how to do his job, condemning him for decisions that weren't his and explaining things that are bloody obvious to everyone, people should stick to the topic of the thread and just ask Joe questions without all the commentary. There's a discussion thread close by where people are free to- get this- DISCUSS the answers, the questions, the attitudes, and everything else related to the subject which is not, itself, a question.

              Sorry for adding my rant to the others, Joe.

              Is there any chance of asking Jacqueline Samuda back to write another script? Her character may be gone (99% sure), but that doesn't mean SHE can't come back, right? And if I remember correctly, Tichenor's rejoining the crew, too...


                Hello Mr Mallozzi,

                I wanted to ask a quick question regarding RDA's departure from the
                show. I've heard that RDA may still be in negotiations regarding
                him possibly appearing in several episodes next year, but I was
                curious as if Jack's departure from the SGC is going to be discussed at
                the beginning of the first episode or if it will just be said that he is
                on personal or re-assignment as with Colonel Carter.

                I think many of us are worried that both Jack and Carter's departure
                at the beginning of the season are going to be casually written off
                with a simple mention of them not being there.

                I know you can not give us any detailed information but is this something
                that has already been written? Or are you leaving this open in hopes that
                RDA would be able to return for the first episode?



                  Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

                  Congratulations you are my first post!

                  One question: When are you going to finally attend a con?

                  P.S. MORE FURLINGS!!!


                    Joe Mallozzi
                    I think Stargate is a great show, you are all doing a awsome job, and I really like how its evolved over the past few years. I especially am looking forward to the new direction that things will be going. I appreciate the time taken to answer our question.

                    1)Will we ever meet any ancient(s) willing to help us? I don't just mean like Oma, who "walks a very thin line," but like Janus from "Before I sleep. (ie. who aren't afraid to intervien, or go against the others.)

                    2)Are their any other city/ships (like atlantis) out there?

                    3)I imagine this has been asked numerous times but, Will we learn the function of the 9th cheveron in S9 or SA2 (or ever)?

                    4)Are the Orii (like gou'ald) based off any real world (myth) characters? If yes could you tell us who?

                    5)In a previous quote it had been written/implied that the ancients and gatebuilders weren't the same race. Now this sparked much debate, so I would like to know: Are the Ancients and the Gateguilders the same race?

                    6)In a previous question someone asked you if season 9 would be in the same timeline as the one we knew for the other seasons (ZPM not withstanding), and part of your answer was "Except for maybe Hathor" what exactly does that mean?

                    7)Why is it that "Reese's background must remain shrouded in mystery for the time being"?

                    8)personal theory highlight: Is the reason for sam's absence that she is with jack at the pentagon, to be with/near him (personal), and working on earth defence (career)?

                    I really appreciate you giving the time to answer these questions.
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                      Long time lurker, first time poster.

                      Was just wondering if we are ever going to meet Rodney's sister. After watching Letters From Pegasus, it seemed like he really wanted to make inroads into repairing their realtionship and it would be really nice to see.

                      Keep up the good work.



                        Hi, Mr. Mallozzi.

                        There is something that's been bothering me. Will Daniel have any romantic relationships in Season 9? And, will it be Vala or Sarah Gardner?

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                          GIVE THE MAN A BREAK!!! He's got like 30 PAGES of stuff to respond to.

                          Hey I got an idea to keep the show going on for a really long time. Why not give each of the writers a year off? Like give Robert Cooper season 9 off, Joseph Mallozzi season 10 off, Brad Wright season 11 off, etc. And off not have a "down season" for each of the main actors? Have RDA be in ten eps. this season and film them all at the begining. Give MS season 10, AT 11, CJ 12, etc. THis way the writers and actors would stay fresh. There wouldn't get bored because they could go write/acted in/drect other movie/shows. What do you think?

                          And oh ya, GIVE THE GUY A BREAK.
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                            Originally posted by General
                            I Have recently watched the pilot episode "CHILDREN OF THE GODS" again and, again, I have a question about it, but this time I know who to ask.

                            When Apophis comes through the gate, it shuts down. After the firefight, Apophis retreats through the gate. How did Apophis dial/open the gate???
                            Great question.


                              Originally posted by Sasdi
                              With all the new people being added, won't the original character's performances be diluted (i.e., I see LT Ford's character is being downsized)? With too many characters, how are you going to develop the chemistry and characterizations?
                              As some characters leave, new characters are introduced (ie. exit O'Neill, enter Mitchell). I personally think this will be an exciting year for both shows.


                                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                                Great question.
                                hand device?

                                that's what i always thought at least...or just some invisible device i just always assumed was there.

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