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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Wass
    Hi Joe nice of you to answer our questions

    In “Hot Zone”
    we discovered that there was a more advanced race/enemy out there that created this nano virus to kill humans
    my question is will we learn more about them in season 2. Thank you
    Yes. We've discussed a storyline involving this race and, hopefully, will see them make an appearance in the second half of season 2.


      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      Originally Posted by Platschu
      Hi Mr.Mallozzi!

      1. How long will the Wraith be the enemy of Atlantis? I think this storyline must ended with a truce, because I won't see a war without end for 3-4 season. I hope that you and the other writers will write about more their origin, tradition, their connection to the Ancients (and the Alliance) and speciel abilities (illusions like Nox).

      1. Check out Siege III, the Atlantis season 2 opener for the why's and whatfor's of that one. And, yes, we'll be learning a lot more about the Wraith in the coming year.

      2. Why will the Wraith choose the combat style of kamikaze if they are almost immortal?

      True, but they possess a hive mentality.

      3. Are the Genii the part of the Brotherhood?


      4. dr. Weir hasn't send troops for the last 3 planets before the Siege, where they could have found ZPMs. Why? Were they unable to dial there? I hope they will continue the searching in Season 2 in JF's story!

      Not sure I understand the question. Okay, I'm sure I don't understand the question.

      5. How can the city be on the ocean without sinking? Will they fly away later? Is there any lifeforms in the ocean or on the continent?

      I suppose it floats not unlike, say, a ship. No plans to fly away in the near future. Lifeforms in the ocean or continent? Its very possible.

      6. Will they revisit the planet Hoff (Poisoning the Wheel)?

      No plans to revisit Hoff.

      7. How many stargate systems are? At least we saw three galaxy, but I would like to see a reference for this (and for the next spin-offs ).

      Only time will tell.

      8. Is there any chance to find a chrystal skull or an alternative universe mirror in Pegasus?

      Nope. However, we may find another device that would allow us to tell similar types of stories.

      9. Will Janus return? What happened in the past with Sheppard and Zelenka? Are they really dead or the Ancients have lied to Weir? How was he able to build a time machine if they weren't able in the 4x06 WoO?

      Different Ancients.

      10. Are the Ancients and the Gatebuilders the same race? Why was in the Rising that the city flied away million years ago? I think the timeline should be reconsider, because Aiyana was 3 million year old, but the people of Janus lived only 10000 years ago. Why?

      In number 4, he was referring to how only two of the planet's from Old Weir's list in "Before I Sleep" were shown/mentioned. He wanted to know what happened to the other three.


        Originally posted by lucylou
        Hiya Joe,

        1. Does it ever surprise you when you see an actor/actresses' performance in an episode that you have seen from the script stage? Have you ever been lost for words because of someones performance?
        - Yes, occasionally I am surprised when I see an actor/actresses' performance that may differ from what I imagined. And, yes, "being at a loss for words" is a good way to describe my feelings at the time.

        2. In television and film there is always chemistry between various actors and subsequently the characters. Have you found during your time on Stargate and/or in television that some chemistrys appear unexpectedly and have storylines been changed to accomodate it?
        Yes. Who knew David Hewlitt would do such a masterful job with the character of Rodney McKay when he was introduced in Stargate SG-1. The chemistry between the Daniel and Vala characters in Prometheus Unbound is a big reason why we'll be seeing much more of Vala in season 9.

        3. It's been amazing to watch David Hewletts portrayl of Rodney McKay on Atlantis and to see the characters emotional growth, the inner conflicts and the self doubts he hides under his sarcasm. Are we going to be seeing more of the more vulnerable and conflicted side of McKay that David's so amazing at protraying on Atlantis? The whole cast are really talented but Davids talent for using facial expressions in emotional scenes just takes my breath away.
        Yes. More McKay in season 2. Woohoo!
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          Originally posted by Lord You
          Joe Mallozzi, according to Gateworld's software you've been posting even more than me! Don't you have anything better to do than fool around on the internet all day? ;-)

          I kid, I kid. Semi-seriously, how do the writers come up with the technobabble that Carter and McKay occasionally spout? And please resolve the debate once and for all (or at least until TPTB change their minds): are off-world gates in SG-1 intended to have spinning tracks or not during normal operation?
          We research the technobabble ourselves.

          With regard to the off-world depends on the gate.


            Originally posted by General
            Can you tell us the name of Ben Browders character?
            Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

            Can you give us any more info on any new episodes of SG-1 season 9 or SG-1 season 2?
            Season 9 of SG-1 will start off with a three parter. Atlantis will kick off with the third part of a 3-episode arc, Siege III.

            I don't really want to give much away for US viewers, but after the results of Reckoning Part 2, will a new evil race be created?
            Uh...maybe...I think...

            With RDA shortening his filming Schedule, what will happen to him? May I suggest him ascending, because that way hes not leaving the SGC to go to somewhere like the Pentagon or he isn't dead - that way he'll still have the chance to join SG-1 in the second movie!
            O'Neill may have something to say about ascending given that he isn't even dead yet.

            Maybe you could check out my site! STARGATE OFF WORLD! and say send me an e-mail, [email protected] for me to put on the site! The relaunch is on Wednesday 9th Feb 2005. It would be really, really kind if you did!
            Will do.

            My real name is Ian Mullen - What do you think of my picture below? Created it myself!
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              Originally posted by yasmins
              This question concerns spoilers for Threads. I understand that there is great dramatic potential in portraying
              character deaths

              But I really wish you had not
              killed off Jacob Carter. He was an absolutely wonderful character.

              In an earlier response, you said we might see
              Jacob in season 9.

              Can you tell us how that might be possible or if it is remotely likely?
              Actually, in a reponse to a question, I replied that it would be impossible. I don't think we'll be seeing that particular character in season 9.
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                Originally posted by Whistler
                Hi Joe!

                When you get Writers for episodes, notably new writers, do you ask for a story that they entirely come up with, or do the producers come up with a rough outline as to what the story must have in it, and leave the dialogue and actualy story elements up to the writer(s)? Or something else?

                My question particularly focuses on Sanctuary.
                When we get a new writer in, they will pitch out an idea and, if we like it, we'll spin it into a story. He/She will go off and work on an outline, then we'll give him/her notes. Once we're satisfied with the outline, they'll go off and write the script after which that particular episode's producer (be it Robert, Brad, or Paul and myself) will do a pass on the script.


                  Originally posted by ShadowMaat
                  How much freedom are the actors allowed? Can they, for example, say, "my character would never say/act like this"? Oddly, I'm also thinking of Sanctuary. But I'd like to know in general, too. I know LINES, sometimes, can be changed, but whole tracts of dialogue or behavior could be another matter. Or is it up to the individual writer/producer?
                  We try to be as accomodating as possible if the actors have any script concerns. However, the episode's writer/producer has the final say on how a particular piece of dialogue is written.


                    Originally posted by mahram
                    Hey joe was lord Yu a tokra? He always seemed to nice tobe a gould, as nice as a gould could be. It always seemed to me that lord yu was never a god to his people but an emperor, more dictator like. It seemed that you guys had a rather interesting back story to why Yu was Yu. Could he had been a deep cover tokra, that was turned by the power and corruption of the gould lifestyle? So joe was lord Yu a tokra?
                    Nope. He wasn't a Tok'ra. I preferred to think of him as an enlightened goa'uld.


                      thanks for stopping by Joe

                      It's been a lot of fun to read your answers.

                      I was wondering, i know you guys start taping soon....any teasers you can give us as to the first few eps for atlantis or stargate? episode names or snippits?

                      What can we look forward to in June/July???
                      Where in the World is George Hammond?



                        Hey Joe,

                        I'm sorry if you've answered this already (I swear I looked ) but is there any info you're willing to share on what's in store for Ford, and more specifically, if he'll eventually be back as a regular character?

                        - Matt
                        Secretary-General of GATO ¤ Defender of F.O.R.D.


                          Joe-I'm watching "Heros" and the speech Badwin does about the "Miracle of Birth" is hilarious! As a mother of three, who came up with the this dialogue?


                            Hi Joe,

                            That mention of Dixon's rant reminded me how much I enjoyed the character. Any chance we might see more of Colonel Dixon/Adam Baldwin in future episodes? He rocked!
                            *Whenever the Opportunity Arises take it in Hand*


                              Thanks for answering questions Joe !


                                Hi, Joe,

                                Will we be finding about who the aliens were from season 7's ep Grace?