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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    JM - thanks again for taking the time to read/answer our questions...

    I posted this elsewhere and someone suggested I ask you directly.

    I (and others) wish fans had a little more input because I think that some fans have great ideas that would really work with the series (and of course some ideas are so far out there, they can't be redeemed on any level).

    You know it's interesting to me that there's a decidedly anti-submission policy regarding scripts. I mean as I understand it you can't review or even acknowledge when someone submits a script or idea. The reason I understand of course is legal - if an idea is used you could get sued, etc.

    But why not set it up so that there's an agreement between those submitting ideas and the studio that would protect against such a thing?

    Here's an idea in the form of a question for you as a representative of TPTB:

    Forget GET IN THE GATE sweepstakes. Want to get fans REALLY psyched???

    Why not have a contest to see who could write a great script - or at least a great concept from which a script could be fashioned?

    "Anyway I’m sorry but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?"

    ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


      That would probably require them to go through too many - I can't imagine Stargate actually paying for people to read amature scripts (no offence but we all know how you need to save money for SFX). What if the competion was just a random, pick half a dozen names out of a hat, type thing. The winners get to make a short pitch.

      PS Hey Joe thanks for answering our Qs


        As has been stated quite a few times already, this is not a place to discuss things or to make "suggestions" for the show. You're supposed to ask QUESTIONS. And honest questions, not suggestions masked as questions.

        Anyway... Joe, what can you tell us about Ronon Dex? How will he be different from Ford? And how come most of the major characters on Atlantis appear to be under the age of 40?


          Hello Joe

          Its been along time since we’ve seen any change in the tech that is used by SG-1 (obviously excluding Prometheus and the new fighter) but I was wondering will we see the introduction of any technology next season, such as a new assault rifle or MALP or even something smaller that earth has developed with alien tech in the past eight years?


            HI Joe

            What are the chances of seeing some sam/teal'c interaction? I"m not talking about the shippy kind, maybe something along the line of Tangent but with the team split up sam/teal'c & cameron/daniel

            I'm a long time sam/teal'c junkie and would love to see the two of them working together.

            muchas gracias
            Where in the World is George Hammond?



              Originally posted by Lunar
              Hello again Mr. Mallozzi...
              I believe you asked the S/J shippers to ask you about the future of Sam and Jack's relationship (or lack of it!) after S8 finished airing...
              Well, we here in the UK just saw Moebius Part II... so here I am asking you, what's happening for Sam and Jack in the future?
              Thanks for remembering that Lunar I too remember that.

              So Joe any tidbits of news for us on the S/J front for Season 9?
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                Hi Joe,

                Can you tell me why there are no audio commentaries on the new Season 8 DVD's? I really enjoyed listening to everyones comments on the episodes, how special effects were used, the process of the writing, the shout out to the fans, etc. I even got to learn the words to the Stargate theme!

                Thanks for your time.


                  Originally posted by prion

                  1) To your recollection, what is the strangest piece of fanmail you've ever seen?

                  2) What's the strangest rumor/gossip about the show that you've seen fans bandy about?
                  1) I don't know if it was the strangest, but my favorite piece of "fan" mail was from an anti-shipper who sent off this cute little Disney card with Snow White on the front. But on the inside was an angry tirade accusing me of loving ship/fairytale endings so much that I may as well be writing for Disney.

                  2) Let's see. Take your pick: 1) We would be ending season 9 with the much-anticipated Sam-Jack wedding, 2) Former President Bill Clinton might be making a guest appearance on the show, 3) We were considering replacing our standing cast with the cast from Wormhole X-treme, 4) Season 10 storyline: alien baby. Nuff said.


                    Tori and Rachel will remain regulars.

                    And Weir will face her fair share of challenges in season 2.

                    Originally posted by Melyanna
                    With the recent announcement that Rainbow Sun Francks/Lieutenant Ford will be a recurring character in Season 2, there has been quite a bit of (in my opinion, unfounded) speculation that either Torri Higginson or Rachel Luttrell will also be recurring. Can you confirm one way or another so we can put that little debate behind us?

                    Secondly, the episode "Hot Zone" opened a barrel of monkeys with regard to the leadership of Atlantis. Will the show further develop those differences between Sheppard and Weir, and will we get to see more of how the conflict affects both their working relationship and their personal relationship? I hope that their unfinished conversation at the end of the episode isn't the end of that development.

                    Thanks for taking the time out to answer questions here.


                      Originally posted by CUL8TRJACK
                      In the episode 'In the Line of Fire' Carter was blended with the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar and we later learned that due to this blending she now has Naquadah in her blood and has attained the ability to use Goa'uld technology However, though she appears to have the ability to use these devices, she seems to have limited control over these items. I'm curious if there were reasons why Carter hasn't spent more time learning how to use these abilities, especially with her father now being a Tok'ra. Is the ability to use a Goa'uld device effectively something that can only be obtained through genetic makeup and not learned? Cul8trJack

                      The ability to use a goa'uld device is directly related to the naquada in her blood. Because of the temporary nature of the symbiote's presence in her body, she has a very limited ability to use goa'uld tech. Witness her attempt to use the hand device to save Daniel in Meridian.


                        Originally posted by eye of botox
                        Dear Joe,

                        I do have a very, very important question: Will you and Paul be writting new lyrics to the StargateG1 theme song now that RDA will not be a regular in Season 9?
                        Paul has already written the lyrics to Atlantis himself. It goes something like "We're in Aaaatlaaaantiiiis. We're under waaaateeeer..."

                        You'll have to ask him.


                          What was Walter going to ask Baal when Jack finally showed up?


                            Originally posted by Brendan
                            How long can it take to come up with an idea for one episode? After the idea is thought up how long can it take to write an episode? And what are the things you need to consider when writing a script? (Budget, talent, directors style etc.)
                            The first question is a very difficult one to answer. How long does it take to come up with an idea for an episode? That truth depends. Sometimes, it may take a matter of minutes (we'll be discussing an totally unrelated story idea that will give us an idea for another). Other times, it may take days - even weeks.

                            Once we have a story idea, the writers will spin it for a couple of days and then we head off to write an outline. This usually takes a week or so. From there, we go to first draft, which takes a couple of weeks. And, when writing a script, we must consider a multitude of factors, chiefest among them being budget concerns and actor availability.


                              Originally posted by binkpmmc
                              Joe - thanks for your time. Curious if you or others have seen comments on Gemini. There seems to be a growing negativity from many fans who feel that the direction Carter has taken over the past 2 seasons or so has been damaging. Do TPTB see this as what is happening, if not can you give some insight into what exactly is happening with this once strong and respected character and why? What can you say to allay the concerns/worries of the growing number of fans that feel Carter's character has truly been damaged by the way she has been written over the past season or so?
                              I've read some of the concerns fans have expressed with regard to Sam re: the engagement, her feelings for Jack, but I'm not familiar with the controversy surrounding Gemini. Do tell.


                                Originally posted by ThomasCarter
                                Dear Joe,
                                Concerning scripts and story ideas for the show, do you or anyone in the production area accept them from outside sources?
                                Unfortunately, we're not accepting story ideas from outside sources. In the rare instance when a new writer is invited to pitch, it is always through an agent.