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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi--thanks for taking the time to check out our questions periodically. I'd like to second the call for a good Sam-Teal'c story. I, like, others would like to know how much input the actors have regarding scripts. Also, will Chris Judge have a chance to write an episode next season? Will Amanda Tapping get another chance to direct?



      I hope we haven't scared you away with all our questions!

      I have a question I actually posted on a different SG-1 forum but no one responded... Then of course I found the GateWorld forum and realized I should have been here all along. No offense to the other forum but this place rules! (but I digress...)

      As for the question - it has to do with the Goa'uld, Tok'ra and Jaffa: How do they sense when they are around hosts or former hosts of a symbiote?

      For instance, I know that the presence of a Re'tu causes Jaffa and Tok'ra to feel dizzy - but Sam, being a former host, could not sense the Re'tu (or at least she didn't seem to in Show and Tell).

      Now I know the simple answer is that they sense the presence Naquada. But that general response opens up two more questions:

      1. What physical sensations do they experience when around someone who possesses or used to possess a symbiote? It clearly isn't as strong as when they sense a Re'tu's presence, otherwise Sam and Teal'c would be dizzy all the time.

      2. If it is the presence of Naquada they sense (with whatever physical sensations from above), then why don't they have the same sensations when they are around Naquada? Why would they have to test a substance to see if it is Naquada, wouldn't they just know it by being near it? I have not to my recollection heard anyone say they sensed pure Naquada - otherwise, wouldn't Sam and Teal'c have sensed that the asteroid in Fail Safe was made up almost entirely of Naquada?

      Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else here does too!

      Mary Beth,
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        I just read an article on solutions which mentions as Executive producers only you, Paul, Brad and RCC. Michael Greenburg and RDA seem missing. That RDA is missing is not that big a surprise, but Michael Greenburg too? He was always the one that said they should make a season 9 and everything he said seemed to indicate he'd still be very much involved in season 9.

        Is Ishta gonna return in season 9, especially as she could be more available now that Enterprise is (sadly) cancelled?


          Hi, Joe,

          Just a quick thanks for using the "quote" option.


          You can contact me through my GW Forums profile (email preferred) or on Facebook.


            Hi Joe,

            Thanks for the time you spend in answering our questions, we really appreciate it! I have three questions:

            1) Will we ever see the asgards use the bodies of their ancestors in season 9? The ones that are about the human body size?

            2) I remember reading somewhere that in SGA the teams would be using some kind of translator, will we ever see this device?

            3) I know that in season 9 we will know more about the origins of the ancients, my question is, will there be a direct contact from the people of earth and the Ancients (the non-corporeal ones and excluding the outcast ones)? Or their rule of no intervention would make this impossible?

            Thanks Joe!



              Dear Joe,
              Got to Know...I'm sitting watching SGA's "Before I Sleep" with 2 physicists, one from NASA & one from JPL; and a NASA Headquarters Program Mgr, in the room, when the Ancient Bureaucrat says to Weir..."Causality is not to be taken lightly...." After everyone's insane laughter stopped...I wondered if the writer was having a fabulous "in" in-joke with us or he was being seriously dense.
              Causality should not be taken lightly.


                If you would be promoted to showrunner, what course would the show take under your guidance?


                  Dear Mr. Mallozzi,
                  I really think it would be so cool if official Atlantis uniforms were sold ... in different colours you know, the red one (commanding staff), the blue one (scientists), the yellow (medics), the green one (gate technicians) and the black one for militaries ... and with a great choice of flags to put on it !

                  It would be a wonderful merchandising idea ... have you ever planned or imagined such a thing ???

                  Thanks again for answering our questions

                  Oh ... and, as season 2 begins shooting next week,
                  don't forget we're still waiting for a french guy in Atlantis ...


                    Hello Joe,
                    Have a question I've been wondering about for a while now...

                    If the Goa'uld have been around for 10K+ years now, how is it their technology has not advanced with all the ancient devices and knowledge left in the milky way?

                    Even if they did not find any new ancient tech in the last 100 centuries, left alone they as species would definitely progress from having interstellar ships to being at a point much further along then they are in the story line. (even before anubis showed up with all his ancient knowledge)

                    Just look what the human race accomplished in the 20th century as an example. We went from the first man powered flight in 1903 all the way to landing a man on the moon 66 years later. I can’t even fathom what we could do given 10k years of growing up time.

                    Thanks Joe,


                      true that is but then again the Goa'uld are stupid......... dont tell me to give examples u know they are i mean just look at them 0-0


                        Please remember that this thread is for asking Joe questions only! There's a thread for discussing his answers right here in General Discussion as well.

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                          Hello again Mr. Mallozzi...
                          I believe you asked the S/J shippers to ask you about the future of Sam and Jack's relationship (or lack of it!) after S8 finished airing...
                          Well, we here in the UK just saw Moebius Part II... so here I am asking you, what's happening for Sam and Jack in the future?


                            Ok, Hi Mr Mallozzi,
                            I really am enjoying stargate even after 8 years and i hope you can beat the Star Trek streak, but i'll get on with my question.

                            Is it safe to assume the following,

                            Kinsey is still on earth as are the survivors of the Trust/Goa'uld.

                            Danniel will not be ascending again

                            RDA's character will not be written out completely, due to the supreme coolness that is O'Neill.

                            Thanks, Lori.


                              Hi Joe:

                              Can you shed any light on why the majority of the last two eps (ones that you and TPTB acknowledge could have been the last of SG1 - the series finale) were wasted on alternate characters? This show and this team were built up for 8 years and to end with focus on alternates seems odd. Thanks for stopping by.


                                Hey Joe!

                                I know I've PMed you with one question, but don't worry...I'm not going to repeat myself.

                                I've heard two theories as to where Carter will be for the first five episodes of season nine.

                                1. She'll be working on a project in D.C
                                2. She'll be going to Atlantis

                                I'm assuming she's going to D.C as it would be impossible to actually show her at Atlantis, but if I'm wrong, how will we know she's in Atlantis?

                                Am I making any sense??
                                Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)