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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe,

    You mentioned in your blog there was an episode were our occasionally bespeckled one would be traveling far away, is this the episode where he gose to Atlantis or a separate episode, thanks in advance and merry christmas and new year.


      Originally posted by Lost City Antares
      Thanks Joe for all you answers to both mine and other questions!

      I was wondering if the SGC will be moding ori wepons and tech for their own uses (like the X-301, except working).

      Thanks again!
      If we can figure out how to make it work, you bet we will.


        Originally posted by DelTrax1
        What's the one thing that everyone really wants to see happen that's not a Sam and Jack Ship? That's right the Furlings....and what better way to introduce them is in the 200th episode. Is this what we are going to see in the 200th episode? I'm mean....why would it be that hard to create a Furling for the show? It is just inconceivable!!! Oh and by the way It's snowing uncontrolable in Seattle!
        Don't laugh. We've seriously discussed the possiblity.


          Originally posted by AutumnDream
          Hey Joe,

          Just wondering if we might see any Gate-related coolness on Atlantis. Not a gate-centered story, but rather... we know the gates the Ancients built in Pegasus are more advanced and recent than the ones we have here in Milky Way, so maybe they were working on things like "gate attachements/peripherals" or upgrades that improve or expand the functionality of the gates?

          An interesting prospect that we discussed last year but haven't been able to find the right story for yet.


            Originally posted by KronJP6
            Hi Joe,
            Will we see anything between Daniel and Vala before season 9 is over? By that a mean a tender moment, tearful reunion, a big passionate kiss?

            Nope - and you'll understand why that won't be possible while watching Crusade.


              Originally posted by PartyLikeIts1984
              Oh, great and mighty Mallozzi, purveyor of all Stargate goodness:

              Has a character ever been written in to an episode because someone famous expressed an interest in guest starring?

              Thanks in advance for answering, and if you don't, well this thread is still cool. Thanks for putting up with so much crap from so many angry, angry people.
              Wayne Brady and Isaac Hayes were two actors who really enjoyed the show and had expressed an interest in making an appearance. We had originally offered Wayne a more comic role but, to his credit, he held out for a nice juicy bad guy part.


                Originally posted by greytop
                Will we see Vala's child in S10?

                What child? Well, let's just say if she was pregnant and did have a child, then, yeah, we would probably see that child in season 10.


                  Originally posted by The2ndQuest
                  Question about the jackal-headed "Anubis" Jaffa helmet design (from the movie)-

                  Anubis-the-system-lord aside, was there a particular reason that design never saw use on SG-1 (particularly in Moebius, when we see Ra once more), and, if not, is there any chance of seeing it in an episode one day? (though, I'd imagine given the current state of the Jaffa in Season 9 it'd have to be as a flashback or something, but whatever)

                  Just sorta found it odd that the Horus helmet popped up a few times, yet the Anubis one did not, despite being more prominent in the film.
                  The movie is very different from the series (ie. by all indications, Ra was a goa'ulded shapshifting Asgard in the movie). Although it was before my arrival, I believe the reason they used the Horus helmets was because they wanted to tie these Jaffa directly to Heru'ur. Perhaps they may have been plans to use the Jackal-helmeted Jaffa had we introduced Anubis sooner, but by the time we did, we had put the helmets to rest. They were extremely cumbersome, but did make for some hilarious outtakes of top-heavy Jaffa stumbling blindly through the brush.


                    Hi Joe!

                    I'm curious about what your job entails on a daily basis. You seem to be writing at the moment when the show's not shooting - what else do you have to prepare for when not shooting? And what do you do when the show is shooting, as a producer? Is there still writing to be done then?

                    Cheers & Happy Holidays,
                    Four out of five voices in my head agree: I'm ok. It's the fifth one that scares the hell out of me.


                      Originally posted by chyron

                      Now that Earth is getting into space travel, are we going to find planets/systems that the Ancients choose not leave a Stargate on moral/ethical grounds?


                        Originally posted by ShardsofGlass
                        Joe, you said:

                        You also said:

                        Are you saying that no one but Daniel and Vala get their own eps or arcs? I guess I want to know -- do you have anything planned for Mitchell at all?
                        All of our main characters will get their opportunities to shine, either in individual stories or within bigger stories.


                          Originally posted by GateMan2000
                          Hello Joe,

                          Here are a few hypothetical questions for you. The Nox seem to be very similar to most of the ancients they we have met that are close to ascension. Are the Nox currently ascending or are they close to it?

                          With the Ori not being normal beings, can they sense the Nox even though they are hidden to most? and if so, How would the Nox take this worship or die type of mentality if the Ori visited their world?


                          Please forward all Nox-related questions to Brad Wright.


                            Originally posted by NowIWillDestroyAbydos
                            What about directing the 200th? It is Martin or Peter (or maybe Andy)?
                            No decision on that yet.


                              You say there will be a lost in Episode 4 on Season 10? Will one of the main
                              SG-1 members die to make room for Vala? Or something like that?

                              *mod snip*

                              Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.
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                                Hi Joe...

                                I know you have been asked this question over and over again, but you just answered one of the most controversial question.... The Furlings.... so I thought I would give it a try

                                You said that you (TPTB) did not consider the Sam/Jack storyline interesting anymore and that there are other stories to explore, in a way I agree with you, RDA is no longer around but... I guess the purpose of the producers is to keep the fans happy, after all, we are the ones who watch the show. Most of the SG fandom is female and a strong group are Sam and Jack shippers... We love returning characters and we would love (Shippers and non Shippers) to have more mentioning of Jack O'Neill, he is a part of Stargate and a much alive character as you have mentioned... and if the news we receive come from Sam, the better the shippers.... so... how difficult is it to makes the shipper's happy with allusions such as the "Not Exactly"?
                                Thanks and Merry Xmas!!!!! Carolina
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