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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Rdcalow
    Hi Joe,

    Again thanks so much for answering our endless stream of questions. I would love to see more of what makes Sheppherd tick. We've seen that the lackadasical attitude he often sports can be shed instantly when he is faced with a crisis and keeps a cool head and deals with the threat in a very focused way..but does he have a family? DId he leave anyone behind? Can we see some team building down time for his team? And btw, it would be terrific if he and Mitchell did know eachother..

    Yes, it would be nice to find out a little more about Shep, not to mention all of our Atlantis crew. And, over the course of season 2 and 3, we will be offering glimpses into their respective pasts and what they left behind on Earth to pursue the Atlantis project.


      Originally posted by Whistler84
      I understand that you're just beginning to write the scripts for Season Three. Is there an episodes that centers around Weir and Teyla? I know I'm not the only one who wants to see them interact more, perhaps show some friendship? (It'd be great to have an episode where the boys get in trouble and the girls have to save the day.) Torri Higginson and Rachel Luttrell have mentioned several times that they would love to have more interaction between their characters. I hope you keep it in mind when writing!
      No story that specifically centers on the relationship between these two. However, there are still plenty of stories to tell in season 3.


        Originally posted by chocdoc
        Hi Joe,

        You mentioned that Sam and Mitchell have a back history, but that this would not be explored in season 9. Are you all thinking about exploring that back history a bit in season 10?

        Thanks for your time!
        It is possible - if the right circumstances in the right story come along. For instance, a while ago, a fan asked whether Daniel would be telling Vala about Share. At the time, my response was "its possible" simply because the circumstances had not presented itself. Lo and behold, the proper circumstances did come along in Counter-Strike.


          Originally posted by binkpmmc
          Joe - there are some great eps from the past that focused on the Stargate (the use of which seems to have been greatly diminished in the last few seasons and we hardly see it never mind have stories that really involve the Gate in any way anymore) like 48 hours and the one with the black hole I cannot recall the name of (I think it was A Matter of Time?) and the way it was used in fabulous ways in 1969 and in 2010 and how it was used it to blow up a sun, etc., - all great stuff - did I say I miss the Gate -

          Will there be any eps in the rest of S9 or S10 that either focus on the Gate, as in some of the past eps, or at least have the Gate involved in the story the way it has been in the past? Please if all you are going to say is "why not" or "Its possible" or "we will see the gate" then go ahead and skip the question.

          Ripple Effect and Off the Grid deal directly with stargate issues.


            Originally posted by stem_ago

            Now that SG1 is moving into exploration and mythology and away from the romantic entanglements (best news I've heard in ages btw), have you developed a story behind the identification of the Ori with fire (traditionally evil/hell in western religions, however identified with life in many early civilizations)?

            Not specifically that element, however we'll be learning a lot more about the Ori as the season progresses.


              Originally posted by The Engineer
              Hi, Joe!

              Don't get mad, but what exactly does annoy () you about the "Furlings"?

              Just their names.


                Originally posted by Dave C
                Hi joe

                you guys are doing a great job on both shows

                any plans to look through Ronan's past, perhaps have him meet other survivors of his homeworld

                cheers and keep up the good work
                Yes. Rob has pitched out a story that will offer a little more insight into Ronon's history with the wraith.


                  Originally posted by TheUnknown
                  On the show, are gods in Earth cultures such as Apophis and Ares named after the Goa'uld, or did the Goa'uld merely use the names?
                  The series has operated under the assumption that the goa'uld made use of pre-established religious and mythological figures, assuming their personas in order to exercise control over potential believers.


                    Originally posted by Ace
                    Hey Joe,

                    Any chance of seeing Jonas's world dealing with the Ori in Season 10 or 11? I'm being optimistic


                    Its possible. A lot of it will have to do with the consequences of Camelot.


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      For instance, a while ago, a fan asked whether Daniel would be telling Vala about Share. At the time, my response was "its possible" simply because the circumstances had not presented itself. Lo and behold, the proper circumstances did come along in Counter-Strike.

                      Does this mean we might see Sha're in Counter-Strike?



                        Originally posted by ChevronSeven
                        Are you planning on forgetting him all together? I understand that you have to perform this transition because RDA is no longer on the show, but O'Neill was woven into the series so tightly, that he still should be remembered from time to time.
                        From time to time, he will be referenced. There are no plans to forget him altogether. On the other hand, you can only do so many one-sided phone calls before it begins to feel like that season of Three's Company...


                          Originally posted by DrGemini2405
                          Hey Joe,
                          Would it be illegal if I wrote my own spin-off of Stargate online with completely different characters, planets, aliens and villains? (By illegal, I mean would I get sued?)


                          There is that possibility, yes.


                            Originally posted by brihana25
                            Mr. Mallozzi, do you ever regret coming out to play with us?
                            Nah. It's never boring.


                              Originally posted by Royal_Nonesuch

                              Thanks so much for answering my last questions. Now to my newswet enquiry--it relates more to the proces of writing than the show itself. I'm currently writing a Philosophy paper on the ontological status of ficitonal characters. I've located a number of articles by philosophers on the subject, but I would appreciate an author's insight. Finally the quesiton (to make it more SG related):

                              "In what capacity does Col. John Sheppard exist?"

                              Thanks and believe me, I can understand if you don't want to answer this one lol, the whole quesiton has been driving me up the wall!

                              Here's a question back at you. If an actor acts and no one tunes in to watch his performance, is he any good?


                                Originally posted by the dancer of spaz
                                Hey Joe,

                                Are you guys tempted to do cameos for the 200th episode? Because that'd be pretty funny.
                                No planned cameos for the 200th episode. Not yet anyway.