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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    My question is based on the assumption the Carter is an expert in her field and on a level similar to the individuals listed below.

    Manhattan Project Scientists - Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller
    Admiral Hyman G. Rickover – Father of the Nuclear Navy

    After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1922, Rickover went to sea for several years before earning a 1929 master's degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University. During World War II, he served effectively as head of the Bureau of Ships electrical section.

    Given her unique scientific expertise, is Carter too valuable to be on an operational/combat team such as SG1?



      Originally posted by binkpmmc
      Thanks for some of the info you have put at Solutions.

      You said that Daniel and Carter will cross to Atlantis in S10 - any info on what the stories may be for them on Atlantis - how they will participate, will they be in the same ep(s) of SGA? Will they be on Atlantis or will they be on earth or at the SGC?
      Brad is working on a story in which Daniel, finally, gets to go to Atlantis. So far, we have no Carter crossovers planned.


        Originally posted by majorsal
        why are you quitting this? i just don't get it. you *don't* have to have rda/jack there to do ship (temporarily that is). why are you essentially quitting this ship storyline? please, for once, just give us the facts.

        To be perfectly honest, there are more interesting and important stories to tell at this point.


          Originally posted by SueS
          I know you didn't join the writing staff until later, but are there any story arcs or characters from earlier seasons (i.e. S1-3) you would like to revisit?

          At present, none really come to mind. Although, in a general sense, I did like Heru'ur.


            Originally posted by Erik Pasternak
            How do you come up with names for Earth humans? For example, Lam isn't an awfully common name...
            Rob came up with Lam. I believe he just consulted a website of common Vietnamese last names.


              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              Brad is working on a story in which Daniel, finally, gets to go to Atlantis. So far, we have no Carter crossovers planned.
              So the rumours of Carter being split between the two shows were just that? Rumours?


                Originally posted by Atlantean_Fan

                I would realy like to know if the writers make some sort of background file for every main character including things like he/she has a trauma of some sort, family history, etc or you only decide the highlights like civilian or military, if civ. what area of science expertise or other in case it's not a scientist and the rest you make up as you go.

                I know you weren't with the gang in the begining of SG-1, but I think you were with Atlantis. So you could answer only based on the new show, but if you know for both, I would like to know too.

                Thanks for your time.
                We usually start off with a fairly basic overview of the character, and then create the details as the show progresses.


                  Question about about Claudia: is she due before production of season 10 begins or after it begins? How often will we see Vala in the first few episodes, because of it?

                  I know I can only as one question at a time, but I just have to get them off my chest.


                    Originally posted by FoolishPleasure

                    Are we EVER going to get any backstory on the character of John Sheppard? He is awfully nice to look at, but it is difficult to continue to care for him, and understand his motivations when we know so little about him. We have more info on Waith history than Sheppard's life story.

                    We'll learn more about Sheppard's backstory in bits and pieces. However, at present, there are no stories in the works that specifically focus on his life.


                      Originally posted by kirmit
                      thanks for answering my previous question Joe, tho i have another that has bin playing on my mind for a while, here it goes:
                      Quite early on into SG-1 the first ship was built, the X-301, which was basically a hybrid of tauri and Goa'uld technology. So my question is will we see something like that in Atlantis, a wraith dart/tauri hybrid? I think it'll be really interesting to see and they do have the salvaged dart from 'duet' still to work from. Thanks
                      It would be interesting but, presently, the jumpers fulfill that purpose.


                        Originally posted by GateMan2000

                        Here is an off the wall question but I think it’s a relevant one if SGA and SG1's enemies ever cross paths. Is it safe to say that a Wraith would have an easy time feeding on a prior, or would a prior give the Wraith a run if its money?
                        I think the Prior would give the wraith more than it could handle.


                          Originally posted by minigeek
                          Cooool. Maybe Carter can name a brand new naquada space probe after me. She shall call it..... minigeek!

                          Mwa ha ha ha!

                          Ah well, it was worth a try.

                          Joe, what're the odds we'll get to see Carter flex some of her piloting skills in season ten?


                          No plans for her to do any piloting in season 10. Not yet anyway.


                            Originally posted by alaskannut
                            Hey Joe...way back in Avalon Pt. 2, Daniel said that the Ancients came to the Milky Way in a ship. Now I'm thinking this would have to be a fairly large craft to bring enough people to be able to restart their civilization, with good intergalactic capabilities and excellent defenses to defend against the Orii, and I'd imagine that upon arriving, they'd hide it...and we know that Atlantis represents somewhat older Ancient technology and that it fits these anyhow, is it the craft that they used to escape the Orii?
                            Realistically, there would have been more than one ship. And, yes, they're probably around here (meaning this galaxy) somewhere.


                              Originally posted by shockwave
                              Wouldn't it be easier for you writers/producers if you would split the writing staff in two? One group of writers/producers exclusively for SG1 and one exclusively for Atlantis? Instead of one writing staff where some writers writes most for sg1 and maybe one episode for Atlantis (like you, alan McCulloug) and some writers who work for most part on atlantis with maybe one episode for sg1 (like martin and carl binder)? It would decrease the pressure, and you'll have more time to think things out.
                              - Actually, quite the opposite. Instead of all of the writers knowing what is going on with both shows, two groups would only be privy to what was going on in their respective camps. Given the fact that, although they are two different shows, SGA and SG1 do share many like elements, it helps to keep up to date on events in both galaxies. Furthermore, having the entire group in on story sessions for both shows allows us to come up with fresh perspectives and a greater variety of ideas.

                              Any plans for writer additions for season 10/3?
                              BTW I still love the show, it's just a remark
                              - Its possible we may add a writer, but at this point, we're moving along nicely.
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                                Originally posted by TheUnknown
                                Who came up with Teal'c's catchphrase "Indeed"?
                                To be honest, that was before my time.