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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    At the risk of repeating myself...
    Originally posted by ZPMMaker
    Hello, mighty Joseph Mallozzi, whose name appears on my TV at least twice a day.

    This is going to sound like quite an odd question, considering all the other questions in this thread, but I'm going to ask anyway.

    How does one apply to become a script writer for either SG-1 or Atlantis? I would very much like to become a script writer and have a few episodes for Atlantis already thought out and planned/scripted.




      We've been having a little discussion about Mitchell's grandma, of all things. If she was supposed to be a fully developed, if off screen character, what kind of woman is she supposed to be? Are the long hours in church and the fact that she sounded like one of the priors meant to convey a strict, dour type of woman, or something else?
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        hi, joe,

        why is it hard (or impossible) to do s/j ship without rda/jack being there?




          Hi Joe!

          Since I usually watch multi-part episodes (that are back-to-back) in one sitting, I would like to know if "Arthur's Mantle", "Crusade", and "Camelot" are all integrally connected, (Like Avalon/Origin), or are they "sort-of" connected like Prototype and Fourth Horsemen (since they refer to Khalek a couple of times in FH), or are they not related at all (except for the overall Ori storyline)?

          I hope you didn't get lost in the weird grammer in the above sentence.

          EDIT: Oh, and same thing with Atlantis. Are Inferno and Allies halves of a two parter or are they standalones?


            When you found out that you couldn't get Sean Patrick Flannery to reprise his role as Orlin, was there ever any plans to bring back Skaara?


              Seems my question got lost in the chaos a few weeks ago so I'll ask it again:

              Why no mention of the EU in Stargate?


                Will Daniel's grandfather ever come back.
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                  Any chance we'll see the return of Loki? Given the mythological background of the character, I think he'd make an excellent villain!


                    Hey Joe

                    Any chance of seeing a large scale Ori vs Asgard/Earth space battle?
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                      Quick and to the point.

                      Will we ever see Furlings?

                      You have a whole new season (on BOTH shows) to do something with this plot (and fans want it), so can you please give us something? You responded to this question once before by saying they were wiped out ages ago, so we probably won't see them, but if we can se Ra again, we can see Furlings.

                      Thanks for reading.


                        Hey Joe,

                        Rainbow Sun Franks has said that The Hive is the last time we see Ford in Season 2 and we won't know whether he's alive or dead at the end. Any chance we'll be seeing Ford show up in Season 3 of Atlantis or even Season 10 of SG-1?
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                          Joe, can you clarify for us the name/names of the Asgard's galaxy/galaxies?

                          It seems to be causing some confusion.

                          It seems we have a galaxy named Ida containing a planet named Othalla (Seas 2, Fifth Race).
                          We also seem to have the planets Halla and Orilla in a galaxy that is also named Othalla.

                          So, what is the situation? Do the Asgard inhabit multiple galaxies (Ida and Othalla being two of them), or is there only one Asgard galaxy the it was renamed in the series canon for later seasons? Or was it just a goof? Or what, exactly?


                            Hello mr. Mallozzi,

                            My apologies if this question has already been answered. But i would like to know if we will see Janus again.

                            My thanks in advance,



                              I have enjoyed seeing Gossett, Jr. on the show and wanted to know if there might be any future recurring characters that will feature any other prominent actors/actressess?
                              The only reason I ask is because I really enjoy the arcs
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                                Hey Joe
                                First let me apoligize if this question has already been asked, or answered, the thread is just too long to read I'm just wondering if there will ever be an episode on SGA that shows the normal day to day routines, occurances, problems and exploring. No wraith, or Genii, or enemies in general, just a bunch of the little things about all the characters while there at work and when they're off duty as well, that shows a normal day on Atlantis.