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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hey Joe,
    Would you go deeper into Mitchell's character in S10, 'cos that guy's a cracker!

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      Now that Earth is getting into space travel, are we going to find planets/systems that the Ancients choose not leave a Stargate on moral/ethical grounds?
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        Hello Joe,

        Here are a few hypothetical questions for you. The Nox seem to be very similar to most of the ancients they we have met that are close to ascension. Are the Nox currently ascending or are they close to it?

        With the Ori not being normal beings, can they sense the Nox even though they are hidden to most? and if so, How would the Nox take this worship or die type of mentality if the Ori visited their world?




          Not a question so much as a petition:

          PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE bring back Major Davis [Colin Cunningham]! He was the bomb!
          Bring Davis Back!


            Hi Joe, I was wondering about all this talk about Mitchell and Daniel looking a like, that maybe Michael Shanks should keep the blonde hightlite he had while shooting CSI:Miami? I think it looked really good on him, but I am probably in the minority again, because I also really like the beard.


              Any idea's that you can share with us regarding the 200th episode for Stargate Sg-1? Just incase you have the time here is a thread devoted to just that.....theorizing what the show will be about.
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                Hi, Joe.

                If you do decide to bring Maj. Paul Davis back, will you at least give the guy a promotion? He's been a major for so long now. I think he deserves to be Lt. Col.

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                  Originally posted by JMallozzi
                  Me. Rob. Brad. Paul. Maybe Martin as well.
                  What about directing the 200th? It is Martin or Peter (or maybe Andy)?


                    Hi Joe,

                    I was just wondering if the Production team had hired someone new to make the Stargate Atlantis opening credits? Whoever it is, fire them, and get someone who can make good visuals to accompany the awesome musical score.



                      After reading your comments and some of the interviews with cast and crew I have a question for you: Will the show really be so Vala-heavy as it seems now or will we have still a fair amount of episodes when she stays in the background so that is room for interaction beween the other characters?
                      I would love to see Mitchell and the rest of the team learning to know each other better and having the old team members rebuilding their friendships.
                      And if season 10 is like the Vala episodes we already know than there will be not much room for that.

                      I´m not completly against Vala but the informations about season 10 hint very much about a very Vala centred season 10. And that´s nothing I would enjoy. Especially I´m interested if there is a chance for a Daniel episode that isn´t a Daniel/Vala episode. Can I hope for that? Or at least for enough room for all characters to have little stories of their own (as it was always before Vala appeared) or will it be always "Vala and her sidekicks"?

                      Please don´t see this post as an attack. It´s just that I´m a bit concerened about season 10 and (after hearing so much about Vala and her place in the show) would like to know what the plans for the other members of SG 1 are.
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                        I have an Atlantis based question, I just wanted to know if the set for the Wraith ships are the halls of Atlantis with some facade over them or are they a completely different set, the layout looks very similar.
                        I would also like to compliment you on the work you've done so far on Stargate, You have done an awesome job
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                          Joe if Stargate was going tobe released as theatrically released big budget summer movie, who would you like to direct the movie? How about a guy like John Woo. Make it action oriented, or a directed who knows more about the scifi aspects like a JJ Abrams type guy.


                            Mr. Mallozzi-

                            I was just wondering if the writers have any input into the music? I think the music is great on Stargate and it definitely affects the mood of the viewer (funny music, sinister music, romantic, etc.). My kids (6 and 8) queued me in to the sort of subconcious effect music has by their responses to the music (they always comment when the replicator theme comes on) and it just got me wondering if the writers ever watch the finished product and go "Dang, that scene was supposed to be serious and the music guy put light-hearted music with it" or anything like that.

                            Thanks for your time.
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                              If you had a choice of any other TV writer to hire, who would it be?


                                Dear Mr Mallozzi

                                Can we please have some Dutch people on Atlantis ?
                                A back-ground extra with a dutch flag on his shoulder would be enough.
                                (More then one would be nice, but I'm not gonna push my luck)

                                Please ?



                                PS Season 2 and 9 so far were great, keep it up !

                                SGU Continued....