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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    Remind me next week. I'm going to put a call in to MGM and suggest they include deleted scenes as part of the extras.
    Did you mean ask again, or remind about the call? I'll assume the former, and ask: does it look likely we'll finally be getting deleted scenes as a feature soon, or do we just have any transcripts of them in your next blog(s) to look forward to instead?

    Oh, and thanks for answering my question, and sorry 'bout not giving the reminding sooner (like actually DURING last week ). Anyway, here's hoping MGM follows your suggestion.



      Hi Joe--

      I was wondering if we'll get to see Teal'c and Daniel interacting more during S10? There hasn't been that much so far in S9 (mainly due to Vala being attached to Daniel) and I'm really hoping to see those two together more. It's such a unique freindship because of all thehistory behind them and it it would be nice to see it addressed. Or something :-)

      Also, I know there are people put there who love the Jaffa story line. I'm not one of them; is there any chance that we'll get more of Teal'c working with SG-1 as part of SG-1 in more than an "indeed" capacity?

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        Originally posted by Dani347
        Add me to the list.

        Okay, a question to make this legitimate. Shoot, I have two, and I have to decide which one to post now. Okay, will we see Daniel doing linguistic or archeological things in upcoming episodes for this and next season? I don't mean the episodes have to be based around that (although, of course, I would like some episodes like that) but even just a few scenes where Daniel explains the similarities of some alien culture to a culture on Earth, or maybe he translates something to either help move the plot along or help solve something. (Bonus points if it's not something in Ancient) "
        - Yes, he will. Daniel will be very busy, translating, deciphering, and "connecting the dots" on their season 10 journey. Lots o' lore coming your way.
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          Originally posted by Platschu
          What type of relationship have Sheppard and Mitchell? They worked at McMurdoch (Antartica), but we know that Mitchell was badly wounded and Sheppard hasn't played a role in the fight. So they know each other?
          We've discussed the fact that the two know one another, but haven't purused a detailed backstory. Yet.


            Originally posted by AutumnDream
            For the record, Teal'c with hair rocks. And hey, whatever you need to do to keep Chris happy.

            My question is about him, coincidentally! Now that Apophis is long dead and the Goa'uld are all but extinct, will we finally find a way to get that symbol of slavery off of Teal'c's head? I can't see why he'd want to wear the sign of his mortal enemy on him any longer, it's like walking around displaying, "I'm a slave!".

            ...and he doesn't even have a symbiote anymore.
            Good question. In 2010, Teal'c had lost the symbol of his servitude to Apophis so it would make sense that he would have it removed. Logically, it makes sense (plastic surgeons do great work these days) but there is some resistance to losing the symbol on the part of the show's creative mainly because, now that he has grown his hair out, that symbol is one of the few things that make Teal'c uniquely alien.


              Originally posted by Katkin
              Hi Joe… just picking up on what you said about starting out in animation. Is this the notorious Caillou connection? If so I have a burning question: why is Caillou bald?

              Oh go on… at least it wasn’t a Sam-and-Jack question…
              Excellent questions. When I was developing the show for television, Caillou was a French book series that was in the process of being translated to English. The author had toyed with calling the kid Lollipop, perhaps assuming the original name, Caillou (pebble), would have been lost on an English-speaking audience. It would have been akin, I thought, to renaming Tintin, Bernard for an English audience. We kept the name and kept the hair after seeing how downright goofy the character looked with hair.


                Originally posted by binkpmmc
                Thanks. Just curious because actually that was not my question - if you (TPTB) have planned so far ahead in S10 that you know Vala will be in all 20 eps wouldn't you know whether Carter will be in all of them or not - will Carter be in all 20 SG1 episodes as well? In response to your post -- how many SG1 stories have been "broken" for S10 and is Carter part of the main story arc or a background "exposition girl" and is she the leader of SG1 in any of them?

                I can say that Carter will be in most of SG-1's 20 episode run this year and in all of the episodes (8) we have broken so far. As for whether she'll be part of the main story arc - I'd say yes, but people are inclined to have different opinions of what constitutes "part of the main story arc".

                As to the leadership issue, we discussed it and decided that, to make it fair for both Mitchell and Carter fans, Vala would assume command of the team in season 10. Seriously.
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                  Originally posted by Buc252
                  So you're saying that you (collective) *don't* like/love Jonas? Or was this just your way of eluding the financial end of the question? Because a lot of us DID love him.
                  I personally liked Corin a lot and consider him a friend.


                    Originally posted by NowIWillDestroyAbydos

                    Question about the commentaries on the SGA DVD collection. Were commentaries done on all 20 episodes (counting Rising as 2 parts), or just for
                    the 13 episodes (out of the 20 total) that were on the DVD box set?
                    I believe there were commentaries for every episode produced.


                      Originally posted by AGateFan
                      A follow up question to the commentary question.
                      How come you don’t do more of the commentaries?
                      You seem like you would be fairly entertaining and could comment on why stuff was done the way it was done. I noted Martin was doing some for SGA S1.
                      Fairly entertaining? Gee, thanks.

                      For the answer to this one, check out my recent blog entry.


                        Can you give me an address to send an Australian-goods care package?


                          Originally posted by Wraith_Hunter
                          So my question is do you have any other badder enemies lined up for Atlantis in S3. That would be recurring & could even outdate the Wraith in Pegasus longevity? Perhaps even come into the fold & as well as being a foe for the Atlantis team, they could either ally themselves with the Wraith or become an enemy to them as well.
                          Ooooh, yes. Check out the early season 3 two-parter being scripted by Carl Binder.


                            Originally posted by The Engineer
                            Hi, Joe!

                            Which episode you consider to be the 200th 10x06 or 10x07? I am confused about the Children of the Gods. I don't know if it was a single episode or a two parter.

                            Every hour is a separate episode. 10x06 will be our 200th episode.


                              Hi Joe.Since you said there cannot be Sam/Jack Ship without RDA if RDA is in an episode what chances are there it will have Sam/Jack Ship.Thanks for your time.


                                Originally posted by valaCB
                                Hi Joe,

                                My question is about Teal'c.
                                Will he be more than semi in the stories in season 9/10, more than saying 'Indeed'?