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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe,

    I've been listening to the Lost podcast, it is so great and every time I do I always remeber that I should ask you... Any plans on having a Stargate Podcast?


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      Originally posted by Lost City Antares
      How much of a role is earth's fleet (i.e. Odessy/Daedalus) going to play in late season 2 and through out season 3?

      Earth's ships and several allied vessels flex their collective muscles in Camelot, the big SG-1 season 9 season finale.


        Originally posted by jazz!

        Firstly: Thanks and Great work!

        Secondly: I've got a question about the writing/directorial/producing process ( not quite sure which one it is ):

        How many of the fundamental aspects of the show that exist right now, were thought of right at the start of SG1 and which ones did you guys create half-way through?
        ie: Did you plan to have Ancients all the time? Where they always going to be humans? Did the defeat Goa'uld suppose to happen in the way it did?........and so on

        In all fairness, this is a question for Rob and/or Brad since I wasn't around for the show's first season. Suffice it to say, I believe the elements you mentioned were developed over time rather than decided on from the get-go.


          Originally posted by tflux
          Since the announcement that Vala is joining the case for season 10, alot of people have said the show is becoming trite/cliched and following in the footsteps of shows like the X-Files. I completely disagree with those statements - I think the show is just as strong as ever. I think alot of people are concerned that Vala will be pushing Sam out of the picture and that her presense is going to sort of disjoint the team.

          Can you shed any light on what her role may be on the show in the coming season? And I know I'm not supposed to ask multiple questions, but sort of on the same topic - what are your thoughts on the naysayers that have become more and more vocal over the past few weeks?
          I can't really shed much light on Vala's role because much of what will drive her in season 10 is a direct result of what happens to her at the end of season 9 and early in season 10 - episodes which have yet to air.

          As for vocal fans - its to be expected given the changes the show has undergone in the past year or so.


            Hi Joe, I've got some geeky A/V questions for you.

            When you get the gang together and watch Stargate, do you watch the episodes on a TV or a projector? Do you get to see the episodes in HD because they're filmed in HD film? Do you listen to the sound in two, five, or seven channels?



              Originally posted by DelTrax1
              Is there going to be any back log to the Atlantis ship leaving Earth? And I guess what I mean by this is......What happen to the Ancients that where left behind? Did they take another ship to another place or did they just stay on Earth? Sorry about the more than one question....didn't want you to be confused.
              We'll probably find out over the course of Atlantis's third season.


                Originally posted by golfbooy
                Actually Joe, I think if most fans had their way, Teal'c would still be bald. Either way, you mentioned earlier that SG-1 would see a new bad guy/villian/evil antagonist in Season 10. Is this bad guy associated with, related to, or an offshoot of the Ori storyline, or is it a separate entity entirely?
                This baddie will be connected to the Ori storyline.


                  Originally posted by Atlantean_Fan
                  Hi Mr Mallozzi,

                  I would realy like to know how Shep was able to fly, use the cull beam and fire the dart's weapons without McKay's interface by the end of The Hive? Magic learning ability?

                  Thanks for your time
                  Speaking of magic, this is a question for either of our magical Atlantis writer-producers: Carl and/or Martin.


                    Speaking of spinning stories. If Rick does re-appear for any epsiodes in season ten, is there some possibility, any possibility at all, that there'd be some kind of mention wherein there's even a glimpse of a hope for Sam/Jack? I know you've said you "don't know" if there will ever be a resolution, and I get that. But I'd like to get a sense of whether that's because the other producers would rather never deal with it again, or whether there's any hope at all. Assuming Rick was able to come back for a guest spot, what would be the reason there'd be no further mention whatsoever of the pretty undeniable character evolution(s) that happened in "Threads"? Is it a taboo topic at the writer's table there or something?


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                      How much control does SciFi excercise over the creative direction of the show?
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                        Originally posted by JMallozzi
                        As for who the official members of SG-1 will be in season 10 - that's a good question.
                        Just curious - if you do not know who the official team of SG1 is how are you able to write the stories around the team? For example above you say that "Vala will get to interact with ALL of the OTHER team members" and "right now we're focusing on arc-driven stories that involve the team heading off-world" - if you know this about vala, and are focusing on stories that involve the team heading off-world how can you not know who is on the team for S10? (BTW -- you say all of the "OTHER" team members - does this mean Vala is officially a member of SG1?)



                          The weapons on our ships currently pretty much, to put it simply, suck big time. We seemingly have railguns that can take out fighters and such. There was one mention of a main railgun but we've never even seen it fire or anything, much less hit an enemy ship. The most we've managed to see was the missile taking out the wraith scoutship in Aurora and maybe some f302 kills. Are we ever going to see our ships with more advanced or at least more effective weapons? Even if they're missiles, at least have then upgraded so that they move faster so they can actually hit a target without getting shot down miles away (launched through a railgun, inertial reducers like the f302, small jump hyperdrives, upgraded rockets, SOMETHING). Basically, are we going to have any good space combat scenes that actually involve our ships doing something besides sitting around and getting shot at and damaged.


                            I was watching the Burmuda Triangle mysteries on Sci Fi and I started to think that that would make a pretty good storyline into the past of the Ancient's. Maybe something that cause's these case's that is powered by a ZPM....well...just an idea. What do you think of a show that looks into some mysteries that are still on Earth(The Burmuda Triangle) that the Sg-1 team is called in? If you use this it's your idea.
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