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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by TracysTrails
    Hi, Joe!

    I don't know if you're a regular CSI viewer or not, but will you be watching CSI Miami for Michael's appearence in December?
    I don't watch CSI Miami. But I would love to see Michael's scenes.


      Hi Joe… just picking up on what you said about starting out in animation. Is this the notorious Caillou connection? If so I have a burning question: why is Caillou bald?

      Oh go on… at least it wasn’t a Sam-and-Jack question…


      WWW.SUPERNANNY.US.COM. Log on. Or it’s the naughty chair for you.


        Originally posted by ImaginaryGoddess
        Hey Joe

        As I am a writer (ignore the fact that I wrote a musical LOL even if it was called Atlantis) and avid watcher of well-written tv, you're my hero! Plus it'd be awesome to meet and fall in love with a guy like you - someone who understands writing and also would watch loads of DVDs and eat ice-cream with me! Heaven! Your wife is a very lucky woman. I really like hearing how you both sit down to watch various tv series together. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

        Anyway, to the question... I'm planning to buy an ice-cream maker as a wedding/xmas gift for my brother and his new wife (she's also my boss) because she's a freak about ice-cream. Since you're the expert should I be getting one with its own freezing unit or should I be going for the other type? I'm willing to go the more expensive option as long as it's the right way to go.

        Thanks in advance

        PS Bonus points if you make Daniel cry in Season 10. I'm all about the angst hehe.
        I have both although the one with the separate freezing unit is a bit of a pain if you want to make for than one batch. I think its easier to go all in one. I don't know about recommending any particular models, but I do have my eye on something called The Gelato 3000.


          Originally posted by JMallozzi
          Of the SG-1 stories we have broken so far, Carter is in all of them.
          Thanks. Just curious because actually that was not my question - if you (TPTB) have planned so far ahead in S10 that you know Vala will be in all 20 eps wouldn't you know whether Carter will be in all of them or not - will Carter be in all 20 SG1 episodes as well? In response to your post -- how many SG1 stories have been "broken" for S10 and is Carter part of the main story arc or a background "exposition girl" and is she the leader of SG1 in any of them?


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            Originally posted by buc252
            Originally Posted by Buc252
            So, from your previous post, it would have been too expensive to have a five-person team (Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Jonas, and Daniel) in season 7, yet in Season 10, suddenly it's not a problem? If you can afford Claudia, why can't you afford Corin instead? Vala is truly horrible.

            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            We love Vala.

            So you're saying that you (collective) *don't* like/love Jonas? Or was this just your way of eluding the financial end of the question? Because a lot of us DID love him.
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            - Mary
            SG1 needs it's Fifth Man - Why should we settle for less? Bring back Jonas Quinn!
            Jack O'Neill would die for any member of his team. But there's only one he'd live for: Samantha Carter.



              Question about the commentaries on the SGA DVD collection. Were commentaries done on all 20 episodes (counting Rising as 2 parts), or just for the 13 episodes (out of the 20 total) that were on the DVD box set?


                A follow up question to the commentary question.
                How come you don’t do more of the commentaries?
                You seem like you would be fairly entertaining and could comment on why stuff was done the way it was done. I noted Martin was doing some for SGA S1.
                Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

                ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

                AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


                  Hi Joe,
                  My question is in regards to the enemy situation in Atlantis.

                  Right now it's only the Wraith who are a serious threat as an enemy. The Genii are more of an annoyance than anything to the Atlantis expedition. Especially since they could use Daedalus to beam up their SG & then alert the Wraith to the underground structures on the Genii homeworld. However I get the feeling that the Genii will become an ally in the future.

                  So with that there really isn't any main players other than the Wraith. Who have now all awoken & are running seriously short of food. Obviously this will head towards civil war, where they will all split into their own groups & fight each other for the surviving planets as well as feeding on each other.

                  I've read slight spoilers regarding the outcome of S2. Which by the way, I have to admit sounds really exciting & can't wait until I see them all on Sky 1 here in the UK.

                  Earlier on this season there was supposed to be an epsiode regarding the nano-virus creators, which got shelved for the 'Coup d'Etat" episode.

                  So my question is do you have any other badder enemies lined up for Atlantis in S3. That would be recurring & could even outdate the Wraith in Pegasus longevity? Perhaps even come into the fold & as well as being a foe for the Atlantis team, they could either ally themselves with the Wraith or become an enemy to them as well.


                    Hi, Joe!

                    Which episode you consider to be the 200th 10x06 or 10x07? I am confused about the Children of the Gods. I don't know if it was a single episode or a two parter.

                    School is overrated.


                      Hi Joe,

                      My question is about Teal'c.
                      Will he be more than semi in the stories in season 9/10, more than saying 'Indeed'?


                      and i wish- If Jack, the man, will be a guest in season 10. I hope we will see him with Vala One scene is all i ask
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                        Originally posted by JMallozzi
                        No, there is definitely something to this. As a matter of fact, I'd argue that the Daniel character has grown darker over the years.
                        Hi Joe, thanks for responding and while I agree with the answer can I ask you to clarify something? My actual question was Is this something that the writers and MS consciously set out to do with Daniel this season, to make him a bit edgier and a bit darker? Did you (collective) sit down at the begining of S9 and talk about Daniel being slightly darker and edgier this season. While I see the way Daniel is this season as a natural progression after all he's been through, other people are seeing it as a new Daniel, one that doesn't relate to past seasons. So, again, was this a conscious, discussed character arc for Daniel? Sorry to bang on about this but I'm interested in the process of the writing this season. Everyone is obviously (and many have said) that they're re-enthused this season, glad not to be writing the show as if it's the last season, so I'm wondering how much thought went into character development or if a lot of it just came from the story and the new direction of the show.
                        Thanks for your time, as I've said, I'm loving this season and can't wait for the second half.


                          The Chevron Guy, although not a primary character, adds to SG1 in the small things that he does - some humerous (always saying Chevron 7 engaged) and some not.

                          Will we see a similar character introduced to Stargate: Atlantis? Say perchance someone in a company clerk/Radar/Klinger type of role that we see occasionally, but not too often.
                          "The Clarke Postulate - One's ability to correctly explain advanced theoretical thermodynamics as applied to string theory within a fictional context is directly related to one's ability to cook the perfect lemon chicken with mushrooms in a nice garlic butter sauce. While some use this unexpected correlation as proof of intelligent design, I believe that its all about the person's choice of mushrooms.

                          I also believe that there is a tear developing in the space-time continuum which if left uncheck will allow Microsoft to become a world power. I suspect that unless we all download Firefox 3 on the same day, thus sealing the tear, that life as we know it may be over and children will have their teddy bears and blankets ripped mercilessly from their arms.


                            Hey joe,
                            Just remembering in S8 Carter said sumthing about there being no rule that an sg team had to consist of 4 members, keeping inmind Vala with now have a main role in S10 is a 5 member team out of the question?


                              Hello Joe,
                              Is there a possibility of the Ori becoming a threat to the Pegasus Galaxy? It would be interesting if the Wraith began worshipping the Ori. Or if the Wraith were the only race capable of fighting the Ori effectively. Crazy idea, I know. But they are the guys that drove the Ancients out of their galaxy!
                              Thank you very much for your time. Your persistence in answering our questions is astonishing...




                                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                                On occasion, you do miss certain characters - ie. Hammond, Fraiser, Jacob, and Jack.
                                At first, thank you answering all this questions!

                                Here is mine:

                                Will we see someone of these characters again in season 10? Especially AU-Janet?