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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    When in Sam says she's "not exactly" single, does that mean she IS with Jack, it's a relationship pending, or is there someone else?
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    Yepp, it's blank down here.


      Originally posted by AutumnDream
      Any chance of seeing a cool snow scene on Atlantis? I'd love it if there was some lovely, dramatic, and pivotal scene under falling snow somewhere in the ol' Pegasus Galaxy.

      More rain and snow on both shows! And more night scenes! And more of those cool autumn scenes like Athos in Rising!
      That will be story-dependent and, so far, it doesn't look like any of the stories we've spun so far will require snowy exteriors.


        Originally posted by LateFan
        Hello Joe,

        First time question asker, long time lurker. You mentioned previously that a crossover would be costly, but has a crossover movie ever been considered? Something outside the 20 episodes that each series receives. Maybe something that would intice RDA to come back.
        We've been kicking around the movie idea for years now, but we always come up against the same problem. We have 40 episodes of television to keep us busy.


          Originally posted by PG15
          Hi Joe! Thanks for the answers. Curious that they were both the 4th episodes of the respective series.

          Anyway, I wonder if you can give us more hints about what you and the writers are planning for the next seasons? Maybe a new mysterious working-title perhaps?
          Okay. How about "Great Baals of Fire".


            Originally posted by chocdoc
            Hi Joe,

            A number of fans think that you and the rest of TPTB are reducing AT's role in SG-1 to recurring status in season 10, and also having her make guest appearances in a recurring fashion in Atlantis, thereby effectively reducing AT's role to recurring in both shows only. Is this what is happening? And if so, isn't this a slight to Amanda Tapping who has given her all to SG-1 for nine years, and is partially responsible for its continued success all these years?

            Thanks for your time.
            No and it isn't a slight.


              Originally posted by majorsal
              hi, joe,

              with sam going to atlantis and still being on sg1, will the sam carter character ever have an episode of her own? or, will she always be supporting everyone else because she's not a lead on either show?

              as for the sam/jack issue... i've already bought my protective gear just in case hell freezes over and you actually let them be a couple together.

              (ouch, pulled that snark muscle again )

              There's no reason why we couldn't do an episode focusing on the Sam Carter character.


                Originally posted by Atlantean_Fan
                Hi Mister Mallozzi,

                Second time here, the first didn't work. It was a question about SGA's 38 minutes episode, but I decided to give another shot.

                Well, here it goes: Will we get some more major revelations about the ancients in this seasons or the next ones? Is there a chance to know better what happened in their home galaxy before the great exodus?

                Thanks for your time and your patience.
                Definitely more on the Ancients in both shows next year.


                  Originally posted by Rdcalow
                  Hi Joe

                  Atlantis is a big place and there are so many things going on behind the scenes to keep it up and running. In exploring the city that was described as being as big as the city of Manhattan, it would be great to see larger quarters and other special task rooms or areas that aren't necessarily more labs. I know this means potentially building more sets but there is so much scope in what is undiscovered in the city that we all would love to see. Any chances of that?

                  Martin has pitched out an "Atlantis discovery" story, but we have yet to spin it.


                    Originally posted by greytop
                    Will we get to see more about Mitchell's (the character) family (Parents, borthers, sisters), on screen?
                    Yes. Check out season 9's Collateral Damage for some insight into his relationship with his dad.


                      Originally posted by Camy
                      Mr. Mallozzi...

                      Couple of things...

                      I had the distinct opportunity to go see Rachel Luttrell at the United Fan Con on November 13 in Springfield, MA...I have to say that she is just wonderful; as an actress and in real life. She made us laugh and she even sang for us....what a priviledge....

                      I made her a scrapbook which included several letters, notes, drawings and postings from different fans here in GW....Maybe she will share it with you guys.....

                      Many at the Con commented on the lack of screen and Teyla centered episodes this half of season 2.... We saw great scenes in Teyla this second half of Season 2....great scenes and lines like in the Runner, Trinity, Aurora, The Lost Boys, Condemned, and in Conversion (not great lines there for her..but Rachel did wonderful showing her facial expressions which said so much)yet, we feel we need her character to develop more as far as Teyla the Athosian leader, Teyla the Warrior, Teyla and her telepathic ability to communicate with the well as have her interact with the other characters like Weir, Beckett, and Rodney....Do the writers and producers have an idea for Teyla's character in Season 3? If so, can you give us a hint? or more?

                      We just love Teyla..and to pass the word along for my fellow Con participants..we just think Rachel Luttrell is the best and you couldn't have chosen anyone better for Teyla's role...Keep up the good Work!
                      We love Rachel and have tossed around some ideas for the Teyla character in season 3. Alas, its too early to reveal anything yet.


                        Originally posted by chocdoc
                        Hi Joe,

                        Thanks for the tidbit on Daniel's arc for season 10. Can you provide any tidbit of info on Carter's story arc/storylines for Season 10? I know you said she didn't have a specific story arc for season 9, but now that you are all spinning stories for season 10, I wondered what was up for Carter and how the character's full potential will be used. Will she still be part of SG-1 team and also go off-world? And how will she be split between SG-1 and SGA? Thanks.
                        The greater story arc I discussed was in relation to the Ori. We haven't discussed major character arcs for season 10. Of the stories we have broken, Carter will be playing an active role as a member of SG-1.


                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          On occasion, you do miss certain characters - ie. Hammond, Fraiser, Jacob, and Jack.
                          Well, Joe, if you can put a fish in the lake [in Moebius], there's no reason why you can't give us an Alive Jake.

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                            Originally posted by binkpmmc
                            Exactly the point - there are so many unresolved issues with the Jolinar arc it would be a great way to explore one of the many wonderful sci-fi related arcs left unresolved for Carter (Replicarter being another) and help keep Carter firmly rooted to SG1.

                            Does your answer mean we will be seeing a Jolinar arc for Carter in S10? How about a Replicarter story.

                            As always, thanks for the time.
                            No plans to pursue either of these possible storylines, the Replicarter in particular. So far as we're concerned, that story is done.


                              Originally posted by Kelso
                              Hey, Joe...

                              Are there any plans to see Wallace Shawn (Arlos) or Maury Chaykin (Nerus) in Season Ten?? These guys were both fantastic, and would make fabulous reoccurring characters.
                              Nope. I believe Maury is now a regular on SciFi's new show Eureka.


                                Originally posted by yabyumpan
                                Hi Joe, I'm loving the show this season, love the new direction and the new characters. I must admit that by the end of last season I was on the point of giving up on SG1, but then I heard about BB & CB coming on board and read a few spoilers and decided to give it a try and I'm really glad I did.
                                One of the main things I'm really loving this season is Daniel. I've never been much of a Daniel fan before and have positively disliked him at various times, but I think Daniel this season is facinating. It seems to me that he's darker and has more of an edge to him. It's like we're seeing the results of the previous 10 years of loss and fighting and dying (and dying and dying :g. To me it feels like he's gone through all he's gone through, was about to get some sort of reward by going to Atlantis then had that taken away from him and he's got thrown back into the frey again with an even worse "bad guy" and something's snapped.
                                He's cranky, has less patience and is less willing to be understanding. Not so much of Mr Nice Guy.
                                This seems to me to be a much more realistic portrayel of the character than if he'd just been shown to be carrying on as normal. I'm not saying that I think he's "gone bad", just that he's almost reached the end of his tether and it shows.

                                Ok, so my question (at last), Is this something that the writers and MS consciously set out to do with Daniel this season, to make him a bit edgier and a bit darker? Or did it just come out of the writing and story that's being told? Or am I just 3 fries short and seeing something that isn't there

                                Whatever it is, I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to seeing where you take him (and the show) in the rest of the season and in S10.
                                No, there is definitely something to this. As a matter of fact, I'd argue that the Daniel character has grown darker over the years.