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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe:

    I'm so thrilled and excited about Season 10, that I forget sometimes that we still have the 2nd half of Season 9 to look forward to. Can't wait!

    I know you guys have started pitching stories, etc, now that you know evryone is coming back. When do you all get into full mode preparation, ie: writing scripts, assigning stories and directors, etc. Do you get much time beforehand to get prepared before the actors show up and you start shooting episodes?


      Hi, Joe!

      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      Their friendship will not be the focus of any particular episode but will develop over the course of the next two seasons.
      Are those "next two seasons"
      a) 10th and 11th?
      b) 11th and 12th?
      c) no comment?

      thanks for your patience.
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        We have a lot of new people here so maybe it's time for a little 'joe's thread rules' refresher

        a) one, and i do mean ONE question per post
        b) one, and i do mean ONE post per day
        c) Keep it polite

        And as a further suggestion, it might be best if folks limit thier exposition. This isn't the place to state your opinions (grab a pen and write a letter or go have fun in Joe's blog), this thread is to ask Joe questions.

        And if the question is buried in 4 paragraphs of opinion then it's more likely that your question will be over looked and not answered.

        Joe comes here on his own time and of his own volition and these rules are meant to allow as many folks as possible to ask him questions along with making this process as effecient as possible

        Thank you
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          Hi, Joe!

          I don't know if you're a regular CSI viewer or not, but will you be watching CSI Miami for Michael's appearence in December?


            hi Mr. Mallozzi

            I have a little question (i hope no stupid)

            is a little chance seeing Sam and Jack together in 10 season (fishing or more )

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              Hey Joe

              As I am a writer (ignore the fact that I wrote a musical LOL even if it was called Atlantis) and avid watcher of well-written tv, you're my hero! Plus it'd be awesome to meet and fall in love with a guy like you - someone who understands writing and also would watch loads of DVDs and eat ice-cream with me! Heaven! Your wife is a very lucky woman. I really like hearing how you both sit down to watch various tv series together. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

              Anyway, to the question... I'm planning to buy an ice-cream maker as a wedding/xmas gift for my brother and his new wife (she's also my boss) because she's a freak about ice-cream. Since you're the expert should I be getting one with its own freezing unit or should I be going for the other type? I'm willing to go the more expensive option as long as it's the right way to go.

              Thanks in advance

              PS Bonus points if you make Daniel cry in Season 10. I'm all about the angst hehe.
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                Hi Joe,

                You commented that there is a past history between Sam and Mitchell, but this will not be explored in season 9. Are there plans to explore this past history between them in season 10? Thanks!


                  Hey Joe,

                  Having recently rewatched Rising Part 2 and the cool puddle jumper sequence taking out all the darts I have to ask when's the next time we'll see jumper-on-dart action? Or maybe even an F302 dogfight?

                  I can't get enough of those puddle jumpers



                    How much of a role is earth's fleet (i.e. Odessy/Daedalus) going to play in late season 2 and through out season 3?



                      You have confirmed that Mitchell and Sam have a past relationship. So have you already told Ben and Amanda what that relationship was?



                        Firstly: Thanks and Great work!

                        Secondly: I've got a question about the writing/directorial/producing process ( not quite sure which one it is ):

                        How many of the fundamental aspects of the show that exist right now, were thought of right at the start of SG1 and which ones did you guys create half-way through?
                        ie: Did you plan to have Ancients all the time? Where they always going to be humans? Did the defeat Goa'uld suppose to happen in the way it did?........and so on

                        It's a joke. My way of deflecting attention from my own obvious heroism. You'll get used to it.


                          Since the announcement that Vala is joining the case for season 10, alot of people have said the show is becoming trite/cliched and following in the footsteps of shows like the X-Files. I completely disagree with those statements - I think the show is just as strong as ever. I think alot of people are concerned that Vala will be pushing Sam out of the picture and that her presense is going to sort of disjoint the team.

                          Can you shed any light on what her role may be on the show in the coming season? And I know I'm not supposed to ask multiple questions, but sort of on the same topic - what are your thoughts on the naysayers that have become more and more vocal over the past few weeks?


                            Is there going to be any back log to the Atlantis ship leaving Earth? And I guess what I mean by this is......What happen to the Ancients that where left behind? Did they take another ship to another place or did they just stay on Earth? Sorry about the more than one question....didn't want you to be confused.
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                              Originally posted by NowIWillDestroyAbydos
                              Are Emancipation and The First Commandment a few from Season 1 (ones you'd like to change)?
                              Maybe. One is a lock though.


                                Originally posted by LOL4JACK
                                Hi Joe,

                                Pregunta... when you are writing do you sometime miss a character that you would love to have available because you just thought of the perfect line? In a way I Guess I'm specifically wondering about Jack, I would love to see his reaction or what would he say to Gerak, the Oriis, Neru or Nerum, Vala... but really in also in general any character... Thanks!
                                On occasion, you do miss certain characters - ie. Hammond, Fraiser, Jacob, and Jack.