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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Oooo...first question!

    Ok Joe, which episode this year (both shows), in your opinion, is the funniest?


      I'm going to bounce off of what everyone else has been saying and ask you to please, please reassure us that Amanda Tapping will not be shuffled between Atlantis and the SGC. Can you give us anything at all in regards to this unsettling rumor?

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        I guess I'm rather stunned by the recent news from Amanda Tapping and was curious about how you see the character of Samantha Carter as she relates to Stargate Sg1.

        Personally, I initially began watching Sg1 last season when I heard about the new show Atlantis. Well, I watched an episode or two of Stargate at the same time and was immediately hooked. I loved the show, and particularly Carter.

        I have caught up with the show via tivo and reruns and my favorite episodes tend to be the old school, team focused shows.

        But I loved the theme running through the series of Sam Carter being a really dedicated military officer. She wasn't like so many first officers in other sci-fi shows, more science/less military with little desire to command.

        It was a big deal when Captain Sam Carter got her first command. It was a bigger deal when she was promoted to Major. It was an issue with Daniel and Teal'c when she WASN'T made leader of SG1, and it was a HUGE deal when she became the leader of SG1 in Season 8.

        So, then we get to this season, where she's MIA, (understandably so) and the show is reshuffled.

        Frankly, I was completely confident, despite all of the fear mongering on this board, that when Sam Carter returned, she'd be back in charge of SG1. I had visions of Cam immediately deferring to her. After all, it was set up that he didn't expect to get command, that he wanted to be a part of SG1, not lead it, and a huge character arc for Carter was building her up to be THE leader.

        I was also NEVER worried about Vala replacing Carter. The characters are completely different, and I thought it would be a nice dynamic to finally have two full-time female characters on SG1. I like Vala, she's amusing and very well acted.

        Yet, now we've all learned that apparently, there isn't room on Sg1 for two, full-time female leads, and the veteran of the show for 9 years, the go-to-girl, is superfluous, the writers can think of nowhere to take her character.

        How incredibly sad that such an amazing character, a product of some of these same writers, with a 9-year history to enrich any beat, is suddenly directionless.

        Frankly, if not for Carter, I wouldn't have watched without Jack. The best dynamic has always been the team, and Jack was obviously the one that everyone revolved around to a certain extent. Jack/Sam, Jack/Daniel and Jack/Teal'c were all very strong relationships, and if occasionally Sam/Daniel, Sam/Teal'c, Daniel/Teal'c weren't as clearly defined, everyone was defined through Jack.

        To me, it's a no brainer that the character everyone revolves around in Season 10 should be Carter. She is the heart of the show. She is the one willing to articulate in words what being a part of SG1 means. She is the one that, by accepting Vala (while rolling eyes as the occasion warrants) allows a one note character to become well rounded. She is the one whose old friendship with Cam integrates him into the team... She and Daniel are the two that represent humanity in its best for Teal'c, and I can't imagine another human that Teal'c would willingly defer to. (Other than O'Neil and Hammond, both of whom are gone)

        Of course, this all works best with Carter as the leader of Sg1. Not the co-leader, but the leader. Cam as leader doesn't make any sense. Sure, a plot device gave him command, but that doesn't make him a leader that Daniel, Teal'c or Sam would or should follow.

        It's very sad to me that this is obviously not seen as an option. I realize that the boys' club is a fact of life, but realizing this and watching it play out in all of its gory detail are two very different things.




          You know for years women have put off having children until they have had the career that they want for the very reason that they might be replaced permanently when they take maternity leave and that they fear that they can never get back what they have given up. Men can have it all, yep still the Dark Ages.
          Please prove me wrong.

          After so many 'yes sirs' can we have an episode where Carter plays a huge practical joke on her team members, (with so much tech know how she should be able to play a good one and blame someone else!)?
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            Joe - this stuff about splitting AT between SG1 and SGA and "not knowing what to do" with the character, is it because so many fans have reacted poorly to Mitchell as leader or co-leader and won't accept him in either position as long as Carter is around; or is it because Carter makes the new Male Lead look bad; or because Carter clearly runs circles around Mitchell when it comes to command of the team; or because Carter is more experienced with the Gate and Offworld missions and she knows aliens and how to deal with them, friend and foe, etc., etc., or is it because they (sony/mgm/skiffy/bridge?) want the male lead and they have to remove the impediment that makes him look bad and incompetent, so they remove Carter from playing a pivotal, integral role in SG1 by splitting her with SGA, or is it because of ALL of the above or is there, perhaps, some other excuse?

            Thanks for your time.


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                Dear Joe,

                What is the one question you think you've been asked the most?

                Thanks a bunch!
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                  Dear Joe,

                  Can you confirm that you are indeed aware that there are many, many fans who are very happy with season 9 so far and who are looking forward to season 10 and the changes it will bring? Fans who love Vala, love Mitchell are delighted to see Daniel and Teal'c having a meaningful part in the show and enjoy the other new characters of General Landry and Dr Lam. Even though I know that ratings are more indicative of success than fan forums and these have been great so far, I am worried to think that TPTB may believe that the negativity on this site means that all fans have given up on the show.



                    Hi Joe!

                    I hope this question was not asked before:

                    Are you considering a permanent Wraith character for the third season of Atlantis?
                    We had the Keeper from Rising, Steve, the old Wraith from The Defiant One, Bob, the Aurora Wraith and all of them died. And now have the "politician" Wraith from Condemned and the Hive Queen from The Lost Boys, who have not died (yet), is there a chance we'll see them again (apart from the episode The Hive)? I really liked the Sytem Lords and the other recurring baddies (e.g. the First Prime of Anubis who basically had his own arc) of SG-1.


                    Well, not anymore... Good bye Atlantis!


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                        Hi Joe,

                        I was just wondering , if Gerak wasn't on tretonin , what effect would the transformation to Prior have on his symbiote?
                        Could we be seeing a goauld prior?

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                          Hi Joe!

                          I'm a huge Vala fan, and I heard that she's coming back for season 10, I was wondering if she is gonna be on the regular cast!? Because that would be totally awesome!

                          (Also I read over in your blog that your watching Season 4 of Alias, and in regards to Lena, I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN! I swear I only watch all of S4 JUST to see Lena come back, and I don't know if you know, but you can watch out for her in the season final... Which was totally awesome, because it's Lena Freakin Olin and Spymommy rocks muchly.. )

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                            Joe, thanks for taking the time to visit and answer so many questions.

                            Given the character of Vala has had such a positive reponse in many places, and the fantastic chemistry the actor has with the other cast members, can you give us any ideas how she may be developed in Season 10.


                              Dear Joe,

                              What is the record number of takes for any one scene during the entire history of Stargate, due to technical problems, line fluffing or giggles etc. and who was it?

                              Thank-you for your time.



                                Looking forward to seeing "Lots more Vala" in season ten. Can you tell us if she'll be a member of the team, hired on by the SGC, or if she'll be an independent contractor type of character who just sort of stops by on a really frequent basis?