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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    I'm reposting this question because it went unanswered the first time. (If it's not answered again, I'll give up and presume that this was intentional. <g>)

    I read on your blog where the return of Jonas/Corin to Stargate full time (SG1 *or* Atlantis) is precluded because of $$. My question is, why did you cast other actors and/or characters for Atlantis in the first place when you could have had Jonas, all set and ready to go? That wouldn't cost more money - it would just be one actor in place of another. You would even have had a built-in fan base because, despite what some people at SG seem to think, Jonas has plenty of fans who would have followed him from one show to the next. Or, by the same token, why couldn't Jonas have become the 4th member of SG1 (with Sam as leader) instead of that Farscape guy?
    - Mary
    SG1 needs it's Fifth Man - Why should we settle for less? Bring back Jonas Quinn!
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      Thanks a bunch for answering my last question--at least I know not to expect a singin' Shep anytime soon

      One more question (I apologize if this has been asked before), I've noticed among my family and firends (also from taking a quick look at IMDb's demographics; which are of course limited), that Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis seem to be very popular among female viewers; even a little more so than other Sci-fi shows. Granted this is based on shaky statistics and personal experience. Keeping this in mind, do you know if the Stargate franchise has made any decisions to court female viewers more than other Sci-fi shows?

      Thanks for your time, and enjoy the break!


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        Assuming there is going to be a S10 for Stargate and S3 for Atlantis, how about giving us a short "wish list" of stories you'd like to explore, or better yet, stories you will be exploring?



          since everything in here is based on sg.. i thought i give you a break so i just read your blog. and you've just watched peacemaker. that was so last year and a half for me haha.. what you think of it? too bad they didn't extend the series. i would recommend you to watch bleach if you haven't started yet. it just gets better and better and better. Ü anyways good day too you.


            Hey Joe,
            I woz just wonderin if we'll ever see the Prommie (prometheus) and the daedalus side by side? Like in a battle or sumthing? BTW I mean the actually daedalus not another daedalus class ship Thanks Kirmit


              Hi Joe..quick question: over at stargate-project there is some information on Ethon that strongly implies that something many stargate fans hold close to their heart could be...lost ...could you possibly comment on this?
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                Hello again Joe, can we see Rodney searching the ancient library for sandwich recipes or other food items? Some more Rodney backstory would be great too...

                Maybe something like Rodney came from a single parent family (his father), his father is dieing and Rodney visits him and gets permission to debrief him about the stargate program and ultimately get inserted with a tokra symbiote to save his life... oh wait that sounds vaguely familiar.
                Seriously tho, backstory = good.


                  Originally posted by d3u5
                  Hi Joe,

                  you ones wrote that you have some idea for C story about Zelenka's past in later S2 episode. So will we see something from Zelenka's past?
                  Not in season 9.


                    Originally posted by Dr Weir
                    I had no idea it was your birthday last Sunday, so:

                    Happy late birthday, hope you had a great day!

                    Thanks to you and everyone else who posted birthday wishes.



                      Originally posted by ancientalliance
                      Hi Joe!

                      On Atlantis will we ever see an Ancient be an integral part of the team - or - one that isn't killed off in the same episode they are introduced?

                      Not in season 9.


                        Originally posted by golfbooy

                        I'm probably pusing my luck here with two questions in one night, but I believe you've mentioned something about being a gambling man yourself. One of the things that always drew me to SG-1 was the actual idea of the stargate. That said, the past few years have seen a decided increase in our use of the Prometheus, the Daedalus, the soon to be introduced Odyssey, etc, to move about the galaxy and to solve problems. Assuming you do get picked up for another season, what are the chances of seeing less spaceships and more of the stargate?
                        Assuming the show is picked up for a tenth season and assuming I'm working on the show next season, its more than likely we'll be doing more off-world exploration through the stargate - although Earth's growing armada should continue to play a significant role in both SG-1 and Atlantis.


                          Originally posted by d3u5
                          Sorry for second question but it just pop up in my mind.

                          Any chance of ice hockey related debate betwen Rodney and Radek? Czechs are pretty good in ice hockey (gold on Olympic Games '98, World Champions '99, '00, '01, '05). So any chance for something like Radek gets letter from home that Czech Republic has won gold over Canadians, and Radek is boasts about it to Rodey or something? )
                          Its possible - but not in season 9. However, I will mention it to Martin.


                            Originally posted by sandyer
                            Hi Joe
                            If there is a season ten do you have any story ideas that you wouldn't be able to use in season 9 becasue it is too early but would fit nicley in a season 10.
                            I pitched out quite a few ideas for season 9 and roughly 1/4 of them were actually used. So far as I'm concerned, the other 3/4 are dead and buried.


                              Originally posted by warmbeachbrat
                              Wow Joe, you're a lean, mean posting machine!

                              Will we be seeing any more goa'uld (plural not singular) in the back half of season nine?


                                Originally posted by tflux
                                Well, I recently just finished watching the Farscape DVD's from beginning to end and now I'm wondering about Vala's future. Provided there is a season 10, what are the chances we will see Vala around more? Maybe as a regular?

                                Personally I'd like to see her as a series regular - she and Ben were absolutely awesome in Farscape. I'm sure some folks around here would disagree with her being a regular, but I know a ton would readily agree!
                                If there is a season ten, there will definitely be more Vala headed your way.