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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by ToasterOnFire
    Hi Joe,

    Several of us have noticed how often chess comes up in the Stargate world. The game is mentioned or shown in both season one and two of Atlantis as well as the first episode of season nine of SG1. Is it a coincidence or is someone in your ranks a chess lover?

    Brad evidently enjoys his chess.


      Originally posted by chocdoc
      Hi Joe,

      Is the episode Ripple Effect more of a comedy, a drama, or a mix of both comedy and drama?

      Its a drama with some comic elements.


        Originally posted by babaganoosh
        Joe, we need to know...

        How come the kawoosh never breaks through the iris and how Apophis activated the Stargate when he first came through and kidnapped that Air Force woman.
        The iris actually prevents the Kawoosh from forming. As to how Apophis managed that magical feat - there's a question for Brad.


          Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan

          I know it's early as there hasn't even been word about whether or not there'll be a season 10 (though I think there will be)...but have any/all the principles indicated their willingness/desire to return should there be one?

          Of course, I'm not interested in finding out about the interest level/willingness to return by any actor/actress in particular or anything... *cough*AMANDA TAPPING*cough*...I just wanted to know in general...

          Thanks as always,
          Mary Beth
          I believe all of our cast would be happy to come back.


            Originally posted by Cybrokat
            In a few episodes, such as...crud. Something ground. Proving ground, new ground, the one where Jack pretends he's all about weapons so Maybourne will let him in on his weapon stealing team offworld? Jack says he'll keep the door open and then jumps through the gate and sticks his arm back through. Is this like the booties/no booties thing on CSI? After a while, here is just so much nitty gritty you let some go to keep the show flowing?

            And I will not ask about Threads.
            If you step into the puddle, you can't stick your arm back out.


              Originally posted by Ancient 61
              Since there will probably be a season 10, what are the chances that RDA will be in episode 200? There was a mention of this on a German site.
              Its of course possible - but this hasn't been discussed by any of the show's producers.


                Originally posted by immhotep
                hi joe couple of questions about both shows:

                Will the asgard get back on their feet again? and which episode do they finally get some screen time again?
                <sorry innhotep, one question per poster per day>

                immhotep, if these are repeats i appologise the thread is huge and i just cant look through them all!
                The Asgard drop in to lend a hand in Ripple Effect and Camelot


                  Originally posted by Purpleyin
                  Hi Joe

                  My one question is, since it was hinted way back (when there still was an ask Martin thread) that we might see him again this season of SGA, will we get even a fleeting mention or scene with Kavanagh in the second half? Just love to see him, Ben Cotton does a great job on the guy everybody loves to hate - or maybe he's just misundestood, eh.

                  Anyway, if you answer this then thanks in advance, and if not then still thanks for taking the time to answer the questions here in general. It's really nice of you to indulge us fans a little.
                  Yup. Check out Critical Mass.


                    Joe -

                    As you can see there are a great many fans that wanted Sam to be sg1's sole leader again in S9, and why, because TPTB gave us the idea of Sam being sg1's sole leader in S8, as well as on several occasions prior to S8. If you were going to take away sole leadership and give her a co-leader why didn't you show the why, the when, the where, the how of it, and why bring on a co-leader who has NEVER even SEEN a Stargate, never been off-world, etc., and who, by all appearances thus far, has nothing to bring to the team that was not already there when it was Sam, Teal'c and Daniel?

                    As always, thanks for your time.


                      Any plans for Apophis returning for a cameo this season?



                        Hey Joe!!

                        Lei hou ma??
                        I know you have been asked this a number of times, or many people keep alluding to Q's of this sort, but, when are we going to deal with the alien alliance (4 great races thing) again? This hasnt been tralked about in the show for so long, i jus thought it was something that would have been explored much further???


                          In "Prototype" there's some question about how Daniel got into the gateroom to shoot Khalek. If Teal'c needed a noisy crowbar to open the blast door, how did Daniel sneak in unheard and undetected until he shot the round that went through Khalek's personal shield and wounded him? Will this mystery be addressed in later episodes?


                            Originally posted by stargate barbie
                            hey joe,

                            i was just wondering if you could tell me what editing program is used to edit the show?
                            I know our editors work on AVID (although a former editor I worked with swore by Lightworks). As for the specific software - I don't know.


                              Originally posted by TheCaptain
                              Hello Joe,

                              Congratulations on fantastic work on such a top-notch series, for nine great seasons now... well done, and thanks!

                              I was just wondering, what was the reason behind the fact that Jack O'Neill's (RDA's) departure from the SGC to a permanent position within the Pentagon (Head of HomeWorld Security?) wasn't covered all that much in the Avalon/Origin three-part series openers?

                              Was really bummed out, too, that there was little in the way of sadness/emotion with any of our regular SGC personnel at Jack's new posting away from the Mountain...

                              Thanks for taking the time out to answer a nagging question from an uber-huge Aussie Stargate fan! Good luck with all future endeavours!

                              It was decided that, when Jack left SGC, he would head over to Washington for a posting as Head of Homeworld Security. I don't recall exactly what was said in relation to Jack in the opening three-parter, but, obviously, it wasn't clear enough for many fans. Maybe you'd like to take it up with Rob Cooper?


                                Originally posted by contact2918
                                Hey Joe,
                                Forgive me if this has already been asked, but 136 pages is a lot to go through. What are the chances of us ever seeing some Stargate Bloopers?
                                I think bloopers are a great idea and have, time and again, suggested they be included as extras in future DVD releases. Like you, I'm still waiting.