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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by sharky277
    Technicle Question Here:

    What kind of software do you guys use for the visual effects and CGI's? They look great and I know the software is godawfully expensise, but it's nice to dream. Some one said you might use Maya but I'd like to get it from the horses mouth.
    Did you see the Stargate: Secrets Revealed? They used TONS of software! And its always changing, so the software gets dumped pretty quickly. The cgi guys said once it arrives in the mail, its outdated.


      If I wanted to reproduce a Stargate (SG-1 or Atlantis) script as a study guide for a scriptwriting class, who would I need to contact?


        What was even more interesting is knowing the kind of building that they produce all the CGI and visual effects in, as well as the people who produce the effects. And when I say people, I mean people who are barely out of high school aka cant even legally drink in the United States.
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          For those who asked about the Sci Fi promos for the second half of S8 and the absence of Daniel, Michael Shanks was out of the country when the new promo shots were filmed:

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            Well, my last question kinda sucked, so hopefully this next one will be better. Anyway, the question of the hour on my own board (link in the signature) is as follows: "What's Christopher Judge's status for season 9?" We've noticed there's been no announcement yet, and there's another thread around here that claimed that you'd already mentioned he was on board, but I didn't find any evidence of that when I did a search. We just want the word straight from the "horse's mouth" in order to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Speaking of my board, ever visited it (assuming, of course, you've even ever heard of it)? j/k

            Oh, and another good question is, if the series continues its recent habbit of improving like a fine wine w/ each year and thus also keeps getting season after season, any chance of getting those bloopers/deleted scenes on some of the box sets as opposed to the "special disk after the series" idea, which may make for a longer wait by this point?

            Originally posted by ShadowMaat
            I wouldn't mind seeing... more of McKay, either. If we're taking a vote.
            And I wouldn't mind seeing more of Teyla, but that's probably a matter for another thread completely.



              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              There will be changes at the SGC come season 9. As you've no doubt heard, we'll be introducing a new General to take over for Jack at Stargate Command.
              Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

              I know many people have done this over the years, but I would still like to thank you for constanting stopping in here and talking with us. I know of no other show on television that pays so much attention to its fans. Evidenced by the episode Citizen Joe! =) Excellent episode!!

              My question is now that you'll be introducing a new General to take over at the SGC, what will become of Jack? I believe Robert Cooper stated that O'Neill will continue to be apart of what goes on in the SGC, so will he be promoted, reassigned, or even retire *crosses his fingers and hopes it's not the latter, as it would be giving hope to those hopeless shippers*

              Obviously you can't give it away, perhaps you haven't even written it out yet? But does Jack stay in the military or will we be seeing him in more civilian outfits? *once again crosses his fingers and hopes that it's not the latter*

              Thanks alot Mr. Mallozzi!

              Very Respectfully,

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                Mr. Mallozzi--
                I was wondering, how do you decide what name a certain character will get?



                  If there has ever been a question you wanted someone to ask, but it never has, consider that I asked it and will you please answer it?



                    Originally posted by ShadowMaat
                    Have you seen Home yet?
                    He answered his door dressed in boxers and a t-shirt and didn't seem all that panicked to find Weir there. Something tells me McKay doesn't have any crippling modesty issues. Although you never know.

                    I wouldn't mind seeing... more of McKay, either. If we're taking a vote.
                    Well in that case he was probably thinking of other things anyway but could you imagine McKay in a far more potentially embarassing position. Not that it would happen but wet boxers competition. I can't think of anything else right now but it would be nice to see how McKay would deal with such things because usually he brags about everything he's good at/for.


                      Mr. Mallozzi,

                      I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about how "Threads" came to be an episode preferrably aired in a 90 minute format rather than the ordinary shorter one.
                      For instance, when in the creative process did the production staff come to realize that it was a candidate for a lenghtened airing, and what makes the episode sufficiently special (without revealing spoilers of course) compared to others that the lenghtening was motivated?

                      Thank you,
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                        Hi Joe!
                        This might be a silly question, but I was watching Macgyver the other day and saw that one of the head writers name was John Sheppard. So I as wondering if RDA had anything to do with naming Major Sheppard?

                        Thank you so much for coming here and answering our little questions!

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                          Hi Joe Mallozzi ! I'm a french fan (and sorry for my bad english ). I've some questions :

                          - It's probably too early fot that, but will it be a season 10 ?
                          - In the season 9, will we see Anise ? (i like very much this character)
                          - Can you tell our more for the new enemy of this season ?
                          - Will the temporal travel of Moebius (s8) introduce changes in the history, mythology, etc of the 8 last seasons in the season 9 ?

                          and a messages for all the actors, producers and scipts writers of stargate : congratulation for your work ! Stargate is the best scifi show of the world !! .


                            Mr. Mallozzi...

                            Will Carter be written out of the first 5 episodes of Season 9 in a good way, or will it be some kind of cop-out like "she's on vacation/honeymoon" or something of the like. I am adamant that Carter would not leave the SGC willfully for any longer than a few days...

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                              Originally posted by sharky277
                              Technicle Question Here:

                              What kind of software do you guys use for the visual effects and CGI's? They look great and I know the software is godawfully expensise, but it's nice to dream. Some one said you might use Maya but I'd like to get it from the horses mouth.
                              vfxsoup, our own Atlantis visual effects supervisor, could answer this one. I believe that Rainmaker (which does the majority of Stargate effects) primarily uses Maya, but I'm not 100 percent sure ...
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                                It Jonas will come back on solid to Stargate SG -1 or to Stargate Atlantis? If not, then I ask about explanation why.