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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hey Joe ("Have I made that flavor of ice cream yet") Mallozzi,

    We appreciate that you talk to the Stargate fans here, and we really appreciate when you speak frankly to us. So do it again please. Why did "whoever" choose the shortened Threads version for the S8 DVDs, and even moreso - why no commentary?



      Hi Joe,

      I have an Atlantis question for you. How come the U.S. military presence in Atlantis doesn't wear their regulation hats when they go on off world missions or have their hair the standard military length?

      Thanks a bunch!


        Hello Mr Mallozzi!

        I've recently seen some episodic photos from The Long Goodbye. They look very interesting! I know you previously said that Weir 'opens up a can of whup-ass for Sheppard', but can you give any more spoilers? I'm intrigued!!

        Thank you!!


          Guys, let's take it easy in asking the same questions. What i'm referring to is three posts in a row about Threads. Asking the same question multiple times won't get it answered any quicker and frankly, what is or isn't on the DVD's is beyond Joe's purvue.

          If you have a question, and you see someone asking almost the same thing, there's really no need to basically re-ask someone else's question.
          Where in the World is George Hammond?




            how's the personal home theatre going for you? are you building a collection?


              Hi Joe,

              Several of us have noticed how often chess comes up in the Stargate world. The game is mentioned or shown in both season one and two of Atlantis as well as the first episode of season nine of SG1. Is it a coincidence or is someone in your ranks a chess lover?



                Hi Joe,

                Is the episode Ripple Effect more of a comedy, a drama, or a mix of both comedy and drama?



                  Joe, we need to know...

                  How come the kawoosh never breaks through the iris and how Apophis activated the Stargate when he first came through and kidnapped that Air Force woman.



                    I know it's early as there hasn't even been word about whether or not there'll be a season 10 (though I think there will be)...but have any/all the principles indicated their willingness/desire to return should there be one?

                    Of course, I'm not interested in finding out about the interest level/willingness to return by any actor/actress in particular or anything... *cough*AMANDA TAPPING*cough*...I just wanted to know in general...

                    Thanks as always,
                    Mary Beth
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                      In a few episodes, such as...crud. Something ground. Proving ground, new ground, the one where Jack pretends he's all about weapons so Maybourne will let him in on his weapon stealing team offworld? Jack says he'll keep the door open and then jumps through the gate and sticks his arm back through. Is this like the booties/no booties thing on CSI? After a while, here is just so much nitty gritty you let some go to keep the show flowing?

                      And I will not ask about Threads.


                        Since there will probably be a season 10, what are the chances that RDA will be in episode 200? There was a mention of this on a German site.


                          hi joe couple of questions about both shows:

                          Will the asgard get back on their feet again? and which episode do they finally get some screen time again?
                          <sorry innhotep, one question per poster per day>

                          immhotep, if these are repeats i appologise the thread is huge and i just cant look through them all!
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                            Originally posted by keshou
                            Hi Joe,

                            I happen to be a big Sam/McKay fan. I know there's a crossover planned and I'm hoping for some really good scenes between the two of them - not just Sam coming in to help solve a problem.

                            Will S9 bring us any good angsty scenes that help develop the Sam/McKay friendship/rivalry?

                            Check out Grace Under Pressure for the answer to that one.


                              Originally posted by SnoggingPicard
                              Loved the episode "Trinity", especially the Teyla and Ronon plotline. Has the issue of him killing Kell been resolved, or will this come back again to bite Teyla and Ronon in the butt?
                              These kinds of things have a way of cropping up when you least expect them...


                                [QUOTE=Kpnuts]Hi Joe,

                                I was wondering what you had to say about the growing number of fans (myself included) who think that Stargate is going way past it's sell-by-date beginning with seasons 7-8.

                                - I'd say that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

                                There seems to be an overwhelming feeling amongst many people that the powers that be should end the series on a high rather than go down the X-Files route of season after season of blindly pushing on.

                                - We will end on a high. Eventually.

                                With Stargate Atlantis on now as well, do you not feel it's time for SG-1 to end with some diginity left?

                                - The show's ratings are still very strong and there are still plenty of stories to tell. Many fans are still enjoying the show.

                                Ratings are all well and good, but most of the time, ratings don't reflect quality. I was just thinking that the SG-1 story has always been about the Goa'uld, now with them destroyed, would that not have made the perfect ending?

                                - And I'm certain that many fans would argue that the quality of the show is as good as it ever was. Ultimately, the show has always been about a group of explorers who head through the stargate - and that remains unchanged.

                                Was it really worth re-introducing yet another enemy as well as introducing (practically) a new cast?

                                - I would say, yes.