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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Gatorgumbo
    Hi Joe, and thank you for answering our questions.
    I would like to know whether the Orii ascended to the same plane as the ancients. As I recall in regards to Anubis there were many planes between mortality and that of the ascended ancients. It would seem to me that if they, the Orii, are ascended to a lower plane, that would be a reasonable explanation as to why they need worshippers, i.e. to remain ascended and why a relatively few ascended ancients from our galaxy could hide it from them for so long. Potentially, it could also explain why Anubis wanted to remake the galaxy so as to attain at least the Orii level of ascention through creating wholly devoted worshippers (at the very least it would explain the difference in lights/black cloud/fire in ascended forms). Subsequently, aside from the reason that the other ascended ancients didn't do more to stop Anubis because of their policy of non-interference is that doing so would have attracted the attention of the Orii. This would make an interesting story arc in that had Daniel and Vala not used the stones device, Oma and Anubis's fighting would have brought them anyways but the Earth would have been completely caught unaware. It seems to me that perhaps the ancients may have been caught unaware of the Orii once before or refused to believe/convert and were wiped-out by the plague, but managed to save themselves through ascending to an even higher plane than the Orii.
    Interesting theory but, no. They all ascended to the same plane. For more on this, check out The Fourth Horseman I and II.


      Originally posted by Erik Bloodaxe
      About the deleted bar scene from "The Ties That Bind": any chance of getting a transcript/summary of what was going on in that scene?

      Didn't the deleted scene make it to the SciFi website. If not, I'll post the written scene (and deleted scenes for other episodes). Let me know.


        Originally posted by belgian
        Hi Joe,

        i am starting my own fansite about stargate and i was wondering how i could get new pics or spoilers or general stargate news, do you know if there are certain people that i need to contact for that or ...

        thanks in advance
        You'll have to contact the production offices for something like that.


          Originally posted by NG.1

          I have a question...why was/is there so many South African actors in SG-1?

          The lady playing Hathor is one.
          That beautiful hunk playing Ba'al is one including Mr South Africa.
          And somebody mentioned that Teal'c's temple priestess girl is one.

          Also I love the fact that in Atlantis you see the South African flag on some of the scientists sometimes walking in the background,

          So...overall - do you guys have any connection with South Africa or do you just love my country,
          We just plain love it.


            Originally posted by oragans
            you have said previously that you would like to create your own tv show - would you like that to be sci-fi or some other genre.
            A science fiction mini-series, a horror-comedy, and a drama.


              Originally posted by Syokhan
              Hi Joe,

              I was wondering if you had something to do with the choice of the name 'Kusanagi' for one of Atlantis' scientists? Because when I hear 'Kusanagi', I think of Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and I understood that you were an anime fan
              Funny you should ask. I just finished the seventh and final volume of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Great series.


                Originally posted by SlightlyManiacalGater
                Hi Joe.
                Last year around this time we were hearing some apparently well-founded rumors that there would be a direct-to-DVD SG1 movie set in season 2. Then apparently things fell through. My question is whether there is still a possibility of such a project, and if so will it be an adaptation of what the original plot was supposed to be, but using the current cast (i.e., Mitchell and Landry rather than O'Neill and Hammond)? If not, could you tell us what the original plot was?

                Thanks so much.
                There was no plot per se, but it was intended to be a "lost episode" that would have taken place somehwere during the show's third season. Alas, there are no plans to follow through.


                  Originally posted by Whitekiboko
                  Joe, I have a question about "beachhead"....

                  was Maury Chaykin's character developed with his work as that gourmand genius Nero Wolfe in mind?
                  Brad wrote the script, then went out and cast Maury because he knew he'd be a perfect Nerus. And he was right.


                    Originally posted by Uncle Tobias
                    Might we get an Ori episode with such dialogue as:

                    Landry says "You're late, Colonel Mitchell!"
                    "Sorry, Sir - I had a Prior engagement."
                    Probably not.


                      Originally posted by SaharaGate
                      Hi Joe,

                      Just a quick question about Trinity.

                      In the scene where Rodney is asking for Shep to back him up, (right after he asks him if he can come in and Sheppard says no)was there by any chance an extra line or something scripted (perhaps even shot?) and then left out?

                      There just seemed a slightly odd beat (or lack of one?) after Shep refuses to let him in.
                      Offhand, I don't remember.


                        Originally posted by ShardsofGlass

                        Why hasn't Mitchell been given more to do so far? Not only has he had very few lines and not helped drive any of the storylines, he's been blocked to be behind other people and been given less close-ups, which makes Mitchell virtually invisible. Many people are very unhappy. Right now, it's as if he's a supporting character and not the lead. What's going on with his character?
                        A couple of things. Mitchell is a terrific character, but the show is called Stargate SG-1 - so all of the characters (including Mitchell) should be given an opportunity to shine. Secondly, we had a lot of ground to cover in those first six episodes (with the introduction of new characters, a new villain, new dynamic). Check out upcoming episodes for more Mitchell.


                          Originally posted by Lwells
                          A quick question on the beginning of the shows. Gateworld stated that the beginning of SG-1 and Atlantis would be made shorter down to ten seconds I believe is what it said. The question is why these two had to be shortened and not Battlestar? It still has a very long introduction. It was said that room had to be made for commercials (not like there aren't enough already!!!!!) Are not as many commercials run during Battlestars show? Just doesn't seem fair to me is all.
                          Good news. Brand new (long version) opening credit sequences for both shows will be airing with the back half of both series in January. Watch for 'em.


                            Originally posted by illuminarok
                            Mr. Mallozzi,

                            Concerning the Zed-PM that Atlantis has now- I notice the Daedalus is almost constantly in between Atlantis and Earth. Does the Daedalus get to take the Zed-PM with them for every trip they make to shorten the trip, or does that Zed-PM reside on Atlantis permanently now? Thanks in advance.

                            The ZPM resides on Atlantis in the event they need to cloak the city from the wraith.


                              Originally Posted by JMallozzi
                              We won't be getting into the specifics of his departure.

                              Hi Joe,

                              I believe this is the first time I've begged an answer to a question from you.
                              My question concerns your answer to another GWorlder above.
                              Why Not?



                                Hi Joe:

                                Everything I've read about the upcoming episodes in the 2nd half of the season sound just incredible, although don't know how you'd beat the 1st half, so far. But you guys continue to amaze me and exceed my expectations.

                                Any idea when you might hear about the 10th season? Hearing about things that will be happening this season, it's hard to imagine the possibility of it not returning. There's so much more story to tell, and story arcs to continue into another season, or several more, for that matter. Have there been any hints from Sci-Fi that there will be a 10th season?