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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe
    I just like to say what a brilliant episode Citizen Joe was! (In MO, of course )
    May I ask who Joe Spencer was named for?
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      I may as well ask you Joe, did I see Damian in another walk-on role in Citizen Joe or am I just having visions of his life?


        While we are on the subject of Citizen Joe can you tell us what Rob Cooper was thinking when he wrote this? Was it supposed to be funny and did he really think the fans wanted an episode in which the main cast only appeared about 5 minutes of the time? It would appear the fans either loved it or hated it, I'm afraid for the first time in 8 seasons I fell in the latter half, but we all seem to be asking what the writer/s thought when they wrote it, so where did you want our thoughts to go, or was this just for amusement? Or will the rest of the season answer the questions?
        (Thanks for answer in advance)
        jan t


          Originally posted by binkpmmc
          Hi Joe - does anyone at SG1 take into account any of the things fans comment on, especially the longstanding, loyal fans who have stuck with SG1 from the beginning so that it could continue to grow and expand its fanbase? Would there ever be a conversation behind the scenes where you guys would say to each other - gee there was such a negative fan reaction to that we should change it, or such a positive reaction to that, we should expand on it? If there has been such an instance, or instances, can you share what they were?

          Thanks again for visiting and taking time to respond.
          Some of us do check out the boards on occasion to get a sense of what the fans thought of a particular episode, but we don't let online opinion shape the show - mainly because for every 100 posters who liked an episode, there are usually about a 100 posters who didn't. I've often said "You can't please all of the people all of the time".


            Originally posted by ShadowMaat
            Thanks for the answers, Joe. 'Tis always appreciated.

            Will Weir still be in command of Atlantis next season? There seems to be some question about that...
            For the answer to that one, check out season two of Atlantis, natch.


              Originally posted by Skydiver

              thanks for stopping by Joe, i've gotten more than one chuckle out of your answers.

              I have a question about the official novels from fandemonium. Rumor has it that they have to be approved by mgm, tptb, you guys know anything about them or does anyone have anything to do with them?
              They're no doubt approved by someone at MGM, but gang at The Bridge is not involved in the approval process.


                Originally posted by Buc252
                Hi, Joe. First-time poster here. I've been hesitant to say anything, but this one was just dying for a comment.

                I have to ask, why is it that TPTB on SG1 have been so unconsidering of the Jonas' fans requests that he return full time? His talents - he was primarily a diplomat who *learned* Daniel's craft so he could substitute for him, which means he doesn't *have to* fulfill the sam function as Daniel - could become very handy now that we're dealing more with the galaxy at large.

                In addition, the writers went out of their way to show us just how much Jonas missed going out into the universe with SG1 in Fallen. Seems to me that it was the perfect opening for bringing him back at least in a recurring roll like Janet. (Presuming, of course, that Corin would agree after all that's happened.) Jonas had great chemistry with the other team members, and honestly, if there's no S/J ship or Jack (or very little) in S9, this would be the only thing that would keep me interested.

                Which brings me to another question that went unanswered earlier in the thread - the ship. What's going on with it? If you read the S/J ship thread, you'll see that fans have disproven - fact by fact from the Air Force manuals themselves - that they *can* get together without breaking regs. (And that's not even allowing for options like one of them retiring or simply getting out of the same chain of command.) So will it ever happen?

                Thank you for coming and answering our questions.

                Like the Furlings and the Nox, Jonas can very well make an appearance in the near future - if the right story comes along. As things stand, he's got his hands full back on his homeworld.

                As for the ship - why don't we reserve any future discussion on the matter until after season 8.


                  Originally posted by sueKay
                  Hi Joe

                  I have a question regarding recurring characters. Will we be seeing Bra'tac, Jacob/ Selmak, Rya'c or Ishta next year?
                  Also, is there any possibility of guest spots by Michael Welsh??? I loved him as mini Jack, and he is a superb actor! I know he's filming Joan of Arcadia, but it'd be great to see him on SG1 again!

                  I was gonna ask about S/J ship, but that's already been asked.

                  Thanks for taking the time to talk to all of us!

                  In no particular order - maybe, maybe, impossible, probably, and definitely.


                    Originally posted by SueS
                    I guess this means she doesn't die at the end of this 5 story arc.

                    There's going to be quite a few changes at the beginning of S9 that will have to be explained in some form or other. Jack (RDA's) absence, a new base commander, Sam (AT's) temporary absence, a new leader of SG-1, Vala as a temporary member of SG-1, etc. I'm assuming these changes will be explained in the first one or two episode of the season.

                    As a writer, how do you tackle the challenge of explaining or incorporating all these changes to the audience while keeping the story moving? Were you or are you involved in writing the season opener? Can you give us a hint or two of the kinds of stories you are pitching?

                    Finally, I haven't seen it myself, but there's a new promo for the second half of S8 that ends with a shot of RDA, AT, and CJ, but no MS. Do you have any idea why it was done this way? (i.e Why no MS?) Okay, I'm guessing you probably don't, but maybe you could find out ... Also, you might want to let the promotion dept. and/or customer service dept know there are a lot of people who are not too happy about this and they should expect to receive a lot of emails, snail mail and phone calls about it.

                    All of the writers get together and pitch out ideas for the first half of the season, then sit down and "break" the individual stories (which amounts to sitting in a room for hours and plotting the scripts, scene by scene, until a) we have an outline, b) Paul gets hungry, c) Damian starts to weep uncontrollably. Then we take a break and start again).

                    As for the SciFi commercial. No idea there. We have little if anything to do with the SciFi promos, commercials, or catchy slogans (remember "Another week, another universe"?). However, like us, SciFi values the fans. So, if you're upset with a promo, or were annoyed by a commercial for an upcoming episode that spoiled the episode by giving away the fourth act twist - let them know. And "consider it done".
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                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      In no particular order - maybe, maybe, impossible, probably, and definitely.

                      Thanks, Joe. That was very helpful for small values of 'helpful.'
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                        Was Finn Michael cloned from DeForest Kelly's DNA? He sure looks like him.

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                          Hi Joe!

                          I am anxiously awating the second half on this season. It looks great!

                          Would you have any idea how I could get in touch with Peter DeLuise?



                            Originally posted by David
                            Joe, what ethnicity are the producers going for with the Ronon Dex character? Will they bring in another African American or are they open to any actor as long as the talent is there?
                            Joe addressed that a few pages back.

                            Originally posted by JMallozzi
                            Originally posted by David
                            Is Dex still being cast? What nationality are you looking to fill the role, or are you open to anyone cast?
                            At the moment, we're looking for the best actor for the role, regardless of nationality.
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                              Originally posted by ShadowMaat
                              MS was probably busy that day. There's no way in hell that it's an intentional slight. But if he was off filming another show/movie or being with his wife and kidlets or... caught in traffic or whatever and couldn't make it in to film the promos, then... give 'em the benefit of a doubt, eh? It was probably the only day RDA was available.

                              Speaking of the Ancients (thanks for the reminder, somme), if SG-1 is taking over the story of the Ancients, then what's left for the Atlantis crew to do? Or will they BOTH be exploring the Ancients/Atlanteans?
                              Both shows share their mythology, so watch for more revelations about the Ancients on SG-1 and Atlantis.


                                Originally posted by ShadowMaat
                                Which is exactly why I eat them. They're the perfect complement to my sickeningly sweet personality.

                                And yeah, Joe's a great guy. I just happen to know of that one weakness of his (shared by several of his co-workers, if I'm remembering correctly).

                                So Joe, just to get this back on topic, what's the difference (structurally, time-wise, whatever) between writing for animation and writing for a live-action series?

                                Were you a Richard Scarry fan before you worked on the Busy World of Richard Scarry?

                                I'm sure you've been asked these before, but I can't remember the answers...
                                In terms of formatting, there is not difference between writing for animation and writing for live action. Structurally, however, the difference is in the type of show you are writing for, be two 12 minute animated segments, a half hour sitcom, or a one hour drama. Also, different shows within those varied genres may time in at roughly the same page count, but may break down differently. On Stargate, each script has a tease and two acts. Buffy, on the other hand, had a tease and four acts.

                                I was familiar with Richard Scarry's work before writing for The Busy World of Richard Scarry, my very first script sale (Patrick Pig Learns to Talk) - but I was always more of a George Marshall fan.