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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hey Joe

    In your blog entry of July 27th you wrote: Speaking of mixed opinions, I finished the Half-Blood Prince last weekend.

    Then two days later, on the 29th, you wrote: Some of you asked what I thought of The Half Blood Prince. Well, if someone asked me to order the Harry Potter books in my order of preference it would go something like: ... (snip) and Order of the Phoenix. Although I haven't read the last book, I'm putting that one after Order of the Phoenix for now.

    Me thinks you've been over thinking a time-travel script and it's meddled with your head!

    p.s. Moebius certainly meddled with mine.
    p.p.s. Could this very confusing time-travel episode perhaps be "Ripple Effect"?


      Hiya Joe,

      I've just been listening to S6 DVD Commentaries and in one, (Disclosure I think) you (or possibly some other guy) said if you were in charge you would do a musical Episode of Stargate.

      Are there any plans for such? And if so how would this feat be accomplished [ie) how would you justify people sponteanously breaking out into song?]
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        Hello JOE, its been awhile! Anyway have many questions but darn it only allowed one

        My question is: are the Ori and the Ancients the same RACE?
        LIke at one time they were all Alterrans on one planet and for whatever reason some left the group and became the Ancients and the group that didnt became the ORI?

        Please answer this for me cause im pretty lost.
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          Hi Joe quick question,

          In "Runner" why wasn't Dex feed upon by the Wraith was it because the wraith was unable to feed upon him?


            hi joe over the years you probably edited out tons of stuff from sg1 because of time contrainsts and other factors. There is probably so much that even one season could be considered a who dvd set. I was wondering if you would release an edited scenes only dvd? I think fans would love to see those dvd's release. You guys temp us with selected deleted scenes but how about all of them in one dvd . And by the way, have you guys ever come to vancouver island or victoria bc to shoot scenes or for conventions, or stuff for the david foster foundation?



              Hi Joe,
              In Avalon 1, Jack is talking to Gen. Landry and telling him that he is in town to sell his house, car and bike. Now about the bike, my question is ...
              Is the bike
              .... a) Jack's bike
              .... b) Sam's bike
              .... c) it was not in the original script and RDA added it
              .... d) non of the above

              thank you Joe for taking time in reading this.

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                In runner, did the wraith feed upon Dex at all and take away years at the end of his life, or did he just put his hand upon him and stop at that point?


                  wil Kevan Ohtsji be in season 9 and what happend to his character in Reckoning Part 1


                    Hello Joe,

                    Can you give us anymore details on Auroa?




                      Hi Joe!

                      Judging from pictures, it looks like we'll be seeing more of Major Lorne in Atlantis. Will we also be learning more about him, or is he more of a straight man to McKay's and (I assume) Sheppard's antics? He seems like a fun character, one who deserves a first name... *innocent look* Although if naming him means he's getting killed, I'm happy to stick with Lorne.

                      Maybe his first name is Major...


                        Hi Joe,

                        As of now, when you answer this question, what episodes of SG-1 and Atlantis are currently being filmed?
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                        5th Season of Supernatural Premiering September 10th!



                          I have a potentially funny question, but I'm more curious about this:

                          Have any of the other Ascended (besides the Ori) pulled an Oma (can I call it that?) and created a religion around Ascension? (probably pulling an Orlin at the same time)

                          Thank you for your time.

                          Bah, who am I kidding!? You people probably already thought of the "Good Ascended Religion" storyline, haven't you? [Goes and hides in corner, ashamed]
                          This poster has a Superiority Complex. Apologies in advance.


                            Dear Sir,

                            Is it possible that it was Daniel who tipped off the Russians about SGC violating the treaty (that he personally helped negotiate?)


                            Sincerely yours,



                              Hey Joe,

                              Any chance the character from long ago to make an appearance in this season is Jonas Quinn?


                                Hello Joe,

                                Quick question: Will we see some Ori ships?

                                I think that Doci in Origin said something about building a Fleet.

                                Thank you for answer.

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