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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Mr. Mallozzi

    Hey, i have one question, but first i just wanted to say hi and what you guys are doing with the show is great, it's my favorite show. My question is in the last bit if season 9 episode Mobieus part 2 at the end was the jack, sam, daniel, and tealc, still the geeky ones from the other time line or where they back to normal, like the orignaly ones? I hope that makes sense.

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      Are there any plans to have Colonel Reynolds in SG-1 and/or SGA in Season 9?


        Thanks again for answering here Joe,
        In "Runner" when Beckett operated on Ronon, how did he heal fast enough to go fight Ford without bleeding all over the place or ripping stiches and such? Is he secretly addicted to the wraith enzyme giving him the ability to heal quickly like Ford? I know, if it is a secret you won't tell me but it is begging for an explanation! You are awesome!


          Hi Joe, another Ice cream freak here.

          My question, will Julian Sands be reprising his role as Doci? I thought he was fantastic and a wonderful choice.
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            Hey Joe! Don't post here much because, well, I don't really have many production related questions. Hopefully I'm not persona-non-grata for that.

            But I did catch your blog yesterday, and since we're off from the studio today (being a gorgeous holiday and all!) I thought I'd ask: you have pugs?! As in plural? What are their names?

            Mine are Mylo and Mackenzie. Ha. Pugs. Anyone who loves a pug is my kinda people...

            (dyslexics of the world, untie!)
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              Regarding the Atlantis episode 'Michael', is it going to be the same style like the Mash Episode where we got to see the Soldier's Point of View or will we actually see Michael?



                Hi Joe,
                Are we ever going to learn more about Daniels childhood? Like maybe in some flashback scenes. Thanks!



                  Hey, Joe! Loving the new seasons thus far!

                  Can you give out anymore episode titles, such as the Return of the Genii story's final title (if there is one), or any new episode titles?
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                    Hopefully this hasn't been asked but if it has may I take 1000 lashes from a bamboo stick. I seem to remember hearing that the Ori have more power than the Ascended Ancients in our galaxy. Is this true or am I drinking to much coffee? If so...why would there powers not be equal?....Sorry..kinda a two parter.

                    Also....just so you don't miss this question....there is a question I made that is at the end of page might miss it if you don't know it's there.

                    thanks Joe for all your time.
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                      Hi Joe:

                      I TOTALLY LOVE the show this year, it's freakin' awesome. All the new characters are great, especially Ben Browder, who fits in with the team effortlessly. My favorite character will always be Daniel Jackson, but I have been very impressed with Vala, Gen Landry, and Teal'c, as always. Still waiting to see a bit more of Dr. Lam & Gerak, before I can form an opinion.

                      My question is on the set decorations. They are really fantastic this year. I am really amazed at what is being accomplished in that area. Every off world set has been incredible and has me in awe of the talents and skills needed to design such astonishing "works of art"! Do you have new set decorators this year or has the bar just been raised for everyone at Bridge Studios this year?


                        Hey Joe,

                        In one of your recent blogs you mentioned that the back half of season nine would see, among other things, "the loss of an ally." While I suppose this could refer to either a group or a single person, can you assure us that Bra'tac will live to see season ten?


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                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          The lovely Peter DeLuise.
                          So what happened to Trevor Devall which was reported as having been hired to voice him?
                          (Here for instance)

                          (And what happened to the originally beautifull Asgaard langauge - cheaper to just run it backwards? ;-) )


                            Just a general reminder to folks.

                            For every episode of every season, there are things that people like, things that people don't like. Tis human nature.

                            Joe is just one cog in a very big and complex wheel and while he may have knowledge of how and why things happened the way they did, responsibility for those things is likely wide spread and very complex and may not be something that professionalism allows him to speak about.

                            We ask that you remember this when you ask your question.

                            Seeking information is one thing, hammering home a personal opinion or taking him to task for something on the show is another.

                            Also, another thing to consider if you ask a question that isn't answered.....if ten people all ask basically the same thing about the Ori for example and Joe only answers one, there's probably a reason for that. Please consider and take a few moments to read up if you're asking a question about recent events. also, if a few of you ask the same basic question, don't take it personally if he chooses someone else's to answer.
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                              Joe, I think Origin was outstanding and very courageous on your(as in all you guys) part. Mucho kudos.

                              I was intrigued by the very interesting facial markings of the Prior and Doci.

                              With the Goa'uld borrowing directly from Earth mythologies it was easy to do a bit of research to find what the Jaffa tattoos meant.

                              So my question is, are we going to learn what these markings represent?

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                                Hello Joe,

                                In your July 29th blog you said you were working on The Scourge and you needed to speak with Michael about his character's academic background.

                                I'm curious, will you be factoring in Daniel's academic background that is mentioned in the movie and the movie novelization or just what has been mentioned in series? Because there are things that are mentioned in the series, e.g. he did post-graduate work in Chicago, (most likely at the Oriental Institute), which are not mentioned in the movie or novelization. And there are things mentioned in the movie and/or novelization that are not in the series. e.g. He went to the University of California, graduated with a Master's at 20 and had two PH'D's before he was 30.