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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Can you tell us why the backstep in McKay's character? I mean was it purely a creative decision or were there other influences like network pressure to change the direction of the show?


      hey joe this isnt more stargate talk but more about you. My question is that startrek has lasted for 35+ years now and star wars still growing strong at 25+ years. If you count the stargate movie, stargate has been around for more then 10 years now. If luck has it stargate might be here for another 30+ years. I was wondering how you feel about being locked in on one show and one theme for another 3 decades or more? Or if you are like george lucus or gene roddenbarry, and would have like to be known for other thing and would like to explore other genres and mediums like plays and movies. Are you willing to commit to that much time, or is there a point in your life where you go, " I have done all I wanted todo with stargate and its time to give the riegns over to someone else and do a new challenge in my life?" Like richard dean anderson, daniel shanks, and amanda tapping will other things in your life like children and family finally outway stargate in your life?


        Hi Joe

        Thanks again for taking time out to answer all these questions and also for your blog which makes an interesting read.

        I've just watched "Runner" and we have Major Lorne in Pegasus now, and I was just wondering is there a chance we will see more SG Team Members coming to the Pegasus Galaxy?

        Colonel Reynolds, Colonel Pierce and Major Griff are three of my favourite SG Team members and it would be great to see them in Atlantis.

        Keep up the good work on the show.

        Many Thanks



          Hello Joe (hehe, the simpsons) I have a theory that Fords sanity under his current condition is proportional to how recently he has had a hit of the wraith enzyme.

          Am I right or am I way off?


            Hi Joe, due to the fact that out of the general viewership of Stargate or any other tv program only a very small proportion go on the internet or buy sci fi magazines to find out what's coming in the future, aren't the viewers that don't surf the web going to be a bit baffled as to where O'Neill and Carter are now? In the first couple of episodes of season 9 I don't recall anything actually being mentioned as to where they are.
            It looked like Carter was on the Prometheus, but O'Neill there was no mention of Homeworld Security.

            So really my question is, is it going to be vocalised in anyway in any episode to explain the relative absense of two of the main characters from last season?


              Hey Joe,

              Does Earth still have a Puddle Jumper? Do we have two because of time travel? Or did the one we have suddenly dissappear and get destroyed by SG-1 5000 years ago in Egypt?

              Thanks once again,

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                Jaffa questions.

                Will we be seeing more of Bra'tac & Tolok in Season 9?

                Also, in all the years of watching SG, I always got the idea the Jaffa were basically humans, just ones chosen to incubate the larval symbiotes to maturity. Yet they are often spoken of as a different race/species, for example in the meeting in the SGC in ORIGINS, a reference to this is made. Can you clear this up?


                  Hey Joe (err, sings Hendrix...) - Origin inspired question(fantabulous 3 parter btw).

                  Is Daniel's having ascended ever going to play a part - as opposed to the knowlegde he gained\ didn't gain while beign ascended? Is the fact he actually did "reach enlightment" ever going to matter in some future episode - or are the Orii working on a "once a puny human, always a puny human, no discrimination" basis?
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                    Hi Mr. Icecream!

                    Origin introduced new rings, white and covered by Ori symbols.
                    So, I assume there must be different network of stargates in the Ori galaxy, doesn't it? If such stargates exist, would they look similar to the design of these rings (white, with Ori glyphs and maybe purple/violet chevrons like the Doci stone) and will we get to see those stargates this season?


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      I skip questions if:

                      1. I can't answer the question for obvious reasons.
                      2. I've already answered the question.
                      3. I mistakenly overlook the question.
                      Great - thanks Joe. The following is a question that follows up on a post about Carter's storylines in S9 and a post you made several pages back: it is a question that did not get a reply post, can you indicate if it was due to 1; 2 and if it was 2 any idea when you answered (a week ago, a month ago, 6 months ago, etc.); or 3 and if 3 can you post about the question:

                      Joe: In reading your entry I have a follow-up (surprise) - your use of the words "part of an investigation", "part of a search", "making a significant contribution", jump out at me: I hope I am expressing my question clearly, Daniel appears to have the vala thing in the first 5-6 eps and the acension thing, Teal'c has the Jaffa thing, Mitchell, well he's new so he has the history building, look at me thing, but Carter . . . since she does not have the command of SG1 to make an arc this season is there a signficant, central and contributing, continuous arc for Carter (for example the history with Jolinar and her abilities from that had great potential) or would you say that all of her stories in S9 are one-offs within the episodes and that she plays a secondary role? Thanks.

                      If it's easier maybe just a reply to this: Since Carter does not have the command of SG1 to make an arc this season is there a signficant, central and contributing, continuous arc for Carter (for example the history with Jolinar and her abilities from that had great potential) or would you say that all of her stories in S9 are one-offs within the episodes and that she plays a secondary role?

                      As always, thanks for your time.


                        Hi Joe

                        can you give us some insight into how the jack/daniel and jack/cam scenes were done for Origin?

                        were they all taped in LA, vancouver, or separately and composited? If so, then it was a heck of a job compositing jack/cam in the 302 cockpit, unless fed ex had a heck of a delivery job to ship that set piece down to LA along with Ben

                        Where in the World is George Hammond?



                          Hey Joe.

                          Are the Priors "given" technology (in the form of the staff + other things) or are they genetically superior like the Ancients once were? In shorter terms, are they just plain humans with amazing technology (telekinesis, self-mortification..etc) or genetically superior humans that are created by the Ori with inate abilities (like the Ancients with healing ability)?

                          Kinda like the Nox dilemma - abilities or technology.



                            Did the Ori Prior in the SGC Briefing Room kill himself, use a form of Ori beaming technology or did he ascend?

                            The reason I ask is because I noticed the Ascended Ori are beings that appear as fire, so maybe ascension by them would be 'fiery'.

                            If he would have used a beaming technology he would have had to 'appear' to have killed himself so that we wouldn't go looking for him while he waits on a way to get the hell out of there. [ala Atlantis destruction mind trick]

                            Thanks in advance Joe
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                              Mr. M.

                              Quick question on the transport rings - in "Origin", the Prior used them to transport Daniel and Vala (cool effect in the water, BTW) to see the Ori. Previously we have only seen the Gou'ald use transport rings for short distances, but in "Avalon", Vala mentions the Ancients invented the stargates AND the rings (and we know the Gou'ald steal technology). Does the fact that the Ori have their henchmen use the transport rings and the stargates a sign that the Ori are Ancients gone "bad", or is the use of transport rings in another galaxy a sign of "things to come" (assuming they ARE in another galaxy)?

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