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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by ForeverSg1
    Hello Joe,

    Recently at the Comic Con, it was mentioned that Amanda would be making an appearance on Atlantis this season. I've read spoilers saying that the episode she will be appearing in will be Grace Under Pressure.

    Can you tell us if Carter will actually be spending time in Atlantis or if her presense in the episode be like Letters from the Pegasus(actually any new spoilers regarding this episode would be greatly appreciated)?

    I really enjoy watching McKay and Carter interact a great deal so I'm really hoping it will not be the latter.

    Kat (ForeverSG1)
    Sorry, Kat. That's a secret.


      Originally posted by Indiana
      Mr Joe Do you know if we will be treated to an end of season cliffhanger? It's been years since we've had one on Stargate, it would be nice to have one again
      You'll be treated to two cliffhangers this year. One for SG-1 and one for Atlantis.


        Originally posted by shockwave
        Is the rumor that Damian's "THAT character returns" episode is a sequal to Icon true?
        Acutally, there will be a couple of THAT CHARACTER RETURNS episode. 4th Horseman I and II (Damian wrote the first part and I wrote part II), Ripple Effect (which is, I believe, the episode you're referring to, which I wrote) and an as yet unamed script to be written by Robert Cooper - none of which will be a sequel to Icon. You're thinking of Ethon, written by Damian.


          Originally posted by mahram
          Hi Joe this is going tobe one of those very nerdy questions but how come the asgard and hermiod know nothing about the wraith or that they cant use ancient tech? Its always been one of those puzzling questions I have with atlantis. Ok you said the asgard the ancients were allies in some form of UN or federation type society. Wouldnt you think the reason why the ancients came back to our galaxy and a new powerful threat in the pegasus galaxy would be big news to their allies? LOL sorry joe very nerdy question thanks
          We'll be learning more about the background of the Ancients in both shows this season.


            Originally posted by SueS
            Okay, in one of your blogs you said that Damian would be writing the episode in which "that character" returns. In the TV Zone Stargate Special ed. #64 it says that Damian is writing "an as-yet untitled sequel to last season's Icon that Damian Kindler promises will be action-packed."

            Now if both of these spoilers are talking about the same epsiode, it would be easy to assume that "that character" is someone from Icon. However, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. I'm thinking that "that character" is someone totally unexpected. Someone NOT from the original Icon storyline.

            No names please, but am I ... cold, warm, hot?

            The Icon sequel is Ethon. The episode where THAT character returns is Riple Effect.


              Originally posted by ChevronSeven
              Hiya Joe!

              Will we be getting a background on Col. Caldwell - i.e. what he did before taking command of the Daedulus?


                Originally posted by pie
                Hi Joe,

                Thank God for Direct TV! The shows look great. I hope the "edgey" feel continues. Will we be seeing more of Greg Anderson in other episodes? He was very creepy, as was the Prior. Are there more Priors on their way?

                Yup. More Priors on the way.


                  Originally posted by rainbow unicorn
                  Hey Joe, do you or anyone you know play World of Warcraft?
                  Paul and I used to play Dungeons and Dragons. Does that count?


                    Hi Joe,

                    As you may know it was the 3rd Annual Jack/Sam Ship day yesterday and there were approx. 1300 posts in 24 hours in support of the "Ship".

                    In that spirit, can you 'throw us a bone'? What has happened between Jack and Sam since the end of Threads (Fishing) and tonight's episode Origins?


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                      Hi Joe,

                      How long have you been following the Mariners? *sigh* this season--so sad!

                      I am so blessed! Cherriey made this cool sig; scarimor made this great Dr. Lee smilie and Spudster made another neat one Dr. Lee RULES!

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                        Originally posted by LOL4JACK
                        Hi Joe, thanks for your Blog, inside production view, patiently answering a question.. it is really great and we truly appreciate it.

                        My question is, how do you decide who writes what episodes, if it's a funny one let's give it to Joe? I guess if it's the writer idea you continue with the story, but what if it's a producer, actor, director?

                        Whoever pitches the idea usually writes their own script. Rob tends to have more ideas than he knows what to do with, so often he'll hand off his script ideas to other writers. As for putting together the directors schedule - its not unlike trying to solve a Rubiks cube.


                          Hello, Joe. Excellent shows.

                          In "Origin" were the actors performing in front of an actual wall of fire, or was that a special effect? It was very impressive.
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                            Hi Again Joe...

                            I posted a couple of weeks ago about being a Hardcore Jack O'Neill/RDA fan and asked you what could I expect from S9.

                            You told me to watch and that I will like it and so far it's true, I do like S9, you are doing a great job creating this new story and for me a new show still inside the Stargate world and as Daniel said tonight I'm also scared too of the Ori.

                            But I was very disapointed of RDA's apperance tonight, loved Avalon's apperance but tonight's as discussed on Jack's thread and on the Shipper's thread, it made no point, it didn't answer any questions, it was completly out of the story and made no sense. Not a proper send off for a character like Jack O'neill that might not return on screen, what was the purpose of those scenes?

                            Thanks again for your time....
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                              To follow LOL4Jack, the scene in "Origin" between Jack and Daniel felt fake and stilted. Did the actors film the scene with stand-ins?
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                                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                                Rob Cooper named McKay so you'll have to ask him about that. As for Kelowna...what?!?!
                       bad, i jacked up a little...after looking up on gateworld omnipedia i realized that Kelowna is one of the nations on Langara which is the planet that Jonas was from. Also I looked up Kelowna, BC on the interweb and found that it was located in the Okanagan Valley. So i guess to rephrase the question is it a coincidence that the nation Kelowna on the planet Langara is named after the town of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley or was it intentionally?

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