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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Piratejenna
    Hello Joe,

    The 'Burning' at the end of Avalon 2 was incredibly powerful, as was the reaction of Daniel and Vala in the aftermath. It has sometimes been said that SG-1 deals with violence and death on a fairly cartoonish level, so the level of darkness in this scene was certainly different (appropriately so, in my opinion). My question is, how much discussion went on amongst the writers when deciding how far to go? Was it controversial, were there pressures to tone it down, etc? Does it signal a shift towards a more 'adult' approach to violence in SG-1?
    There was no pressure or controversy. Robert showed what he felt was appropriate for that particular moment. It is an admittedly harrowing sequence. And an effective one.


      Originally posted by Shonaille
      Dear Mr. Mallozzi:

      I was wonndering about the character Rodney McKay and I have a question. Rodney has had an amazing amount of growth as a character last season and in his right has shown he can be competent on the field or in dangerous situations, making him an equal and someone that Sheppard can trust to watch his back. In the first two episodes of this season, I noticed McKay seems less sure of himself i.e dropping the gun and his fear of the transporter,Sheppard coming up with solutions more often that he does; almost like how he was in Hide and Seek and less like how he was in the Defiant One and Brotherhood. Will we see Rodney become more comfortable with the dangerous situations he finds himself in for season 2?

      Thanks for your time and Im loving season 2 of SGA and s9 of Sg-1 so far.
      Some big McKay stories ahead and some significant developments in store for the character. Check out the upcoming Duet and Trinity


        I have noticed that the show ratings have been pretty much the same the 2.0 area......What would TPTB consider poor enough ratings not to do another season for the shows?
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          Originally posted by Unamed
          Hey Joe, just wondering whats the story with the whole wraith-salt water thing. I ask because of the Seige III.

          PS job very well done on the new eps.
          For a theory on that, check out 38 Minutes.


            Originally posted by galadriel_freak
            out of curiosity... which sports do you follow? teams? cause i'm bouncing off the walls with joy that we get hockey back (although i did have college hockey to keep me going)...

            p.s.GO WINGS

            NFL: Raiders
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              Originally posted by binkpmmc
              Joe - in keeping with questions regarding sorely missed characters - will the STARGATE feature in any eps in S9, like it did in Matter of Time and 48 hours for example?

              Stargate issues in Ripple Effect and Off the Grid.


                I have been a fan for years. I started watching in the first season of SG-1, and I have been watching as I can, as it is available since then.

                My Question.

                How much thought or discussion goes into balance issues. For example, you might have one episode that gives one group or another a significant advantage over another. Is it a concern that the incidental details of one episode may destroy the intended power mix of the show setting as a whole?

                It seems in some cases this balance of power is addressed by introducing the miracle technology or device, but for whatever reason it will only work once and generally to less advantage as might have been gained.

                I can think of many Atlantis episodes in particular where an advantage is taken away almost immediatly.
                • The personal shield device. (There is only one, and there is no way to duplicate the scientist's methods to construct another?)
                • The wraith vaccine/bio-weapon that proved to be lethel in many people (this instance seems to be more a dramatic issue, rather than a balance issue.)
                • The ZPM the Daedulus delievered turns out not to be able to power the shields for very long. (How did the Ancients survive a protracted seige then? The answer, speculation, is that they sumberged the city, but apparently the atlantis team does not know how.)
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                  Hi Joe,
                  NICE!! Loved The Siege Pt 3 and Avalon1 was a surprise even with all the spoilers! And fuuuuuunny!
                  But I missed something, what are Stargates R & D in area 51? Sam seemed to be on a ship. Help please!
                  Thank you sir! Love your blog, hope it doesn't go away!


                    Originally posted by JMallozzi
                    We have since changed the designation to First Atlantis Reconnaisance Team.
                    Hello Mr. Mallozzi,
                    Firstly thank you so much for answering our questions!
                    Before I ask my question I have to say I laughed myself into a stupor regarding your answer to the name of Atlantis teams! I can just hear Dr. Weir saying how concerned she is that F.A.R.T. is 2 hours overdue!!!! Touche!

                    Anyway, can you give us any spoilers for 'Michael' formerly 'Charlie', I'm fascinated by the title(s)?


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      We have since changed the designation to First Atlantis Reconnaisance Team.

                      Joe, You're kidding right? Otherwise that would make it F.A.R.T.

                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      Tax purposes.

                      No, really. I wasn't even aware I had two names until a fan pointed out the gaffe to me on Saturday.
                      Of course Joe, maybe it's just your version of the "two L's".


                        Hey Joe!

                        Greetings from Germany! Thanks for taking your time to answer all of those questions! It's very interesting to read through them!

                        I have a shipper question! Nah! Don't scroll and ignore it, please! I know you must be tired of those now but at least it's not about Season 9 or if they end up together!

                        It's about Abyss. Not sure you know this but in the end where Sam brings Jack the water and then leaves, Jack says "Thanks" to Daniel, I assume. Now my question: Did he just say thanks because Daniel visited him and was there or was it just my imagination that the "Thanks" was for bringing him back to Sam as well? It looked to me as if Jack was really glad to see Sam again and all that. But as a shipper I like reading into things and maybe I just made that up. I just saw that episode again and it made me wonder if it was for Sam as well ...

                        Thanks and sorry for a shipper question

                        Steffi ~ A Shipper on mission *weg*


                          Do Asgard have genders? It seems like they are all male . The one in Nemesis sounded like a girl though. Also...I ask of you with all of my heart if we can see a baby Asgard clone!

                          I like donuts and good rep . P.S. If you send me good rep, I send it back . If you send me Donuts...I'll...umm...*Silence*


                            You wrote in your blog:

                            Just saw the new Atlantis opening (that's the one minute version). It kicks a**! Gone are the lame/cliche fade up/fade down/fade up/fade down sequences that you see in sooooooo many trailers today. Needless to say, it is a thousand times better than the 10 second opening.

                            Is this one minute version one that SciFi viewers will see, or is this for syndication? Did the music remain the same? Must admit I really enjoyed the season one version, both visually and music.


                              how did you become a fan of the E-ville Aces? i lived there for two years and graduated high school in the area. I used to preform their halftime shows... most of my friends go to the school.

                              p.s. pistons rule!!
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                                Hi Joe,

                                Being Kosher, I don't like to eat a lot of crow. But what the hey. Here goes.

                                I was skeptical as heck about this "totally new direction" stuff you guys were touting for season nine. Really, mumbling to myself like Hermiod. But after Avalon part one and Avalon part two, I think I really have to say I think you guys are doing a fine, no, make that pretty darn amazing job with the story arc this year. And the acting. And the effects. Hat's off to you, really. With a TV show budget, Rainmaker's really pulling off some wicked amazing sh...stuff..this year.

                                But on to my question(s)...

                                1. Did Carter have anything to do with the modifications that were made to the Daedelus? Or is that something we're going to find out more about during the crossover episode(s)?


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