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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Erik Bloodaxe
    Not sure if this one was asked before, but I was curious as to who does the voice for Hermiod?

    The lovely Peter DeLuise.


      Hi Joe,

      Thank God for Direct TV! The shows look great. I hope the "edgey" feel continues. Will we be seeing more of Greg Anderson in other episodes? He was very creepy, as was the Prior. Are there more Priors on their way?



        Originally posted by SaharaGate
        Hi Joe,

        After watching both Siege 3 and Avalon 1, I was again reminded of something I've been noticing for a while, which is that quite often the directing/camera work on Atlantis seems (to me) rather different to that on SG. I realise the same camera crew and directors work on both shows, but they still seem a little different. Atlantis seems to love its crane shots and its steady cam and just generally seems to experiment a little more (in the editing too). SG on the other hand has always seemed a little more conservative in its style (though both shows are obviously very professionally shot & put together).

        So my question is, is this a conscious creative decision about the two shows or perhaps a product of Atlantis' larger set...or am I just totally imagining it?

        Interesting you should say that. Martin Wood, who is directing the lion's share of Atlantis episodes, is the King of the crane shot.


          Originally posted by Alex Rubit
          Hi Joe,

          I have a quick question about "Avalon 2". We now know what the real name of the Ancients used to be (what they used to call themselves), and I was wondering what the correct spelling of the name is. I'm thinking it's spelled "Ulterans", because there might be a connection to the Latin word "ulterius".

          I know that "ulterius" basically means "further away, more advanced" (according to my online Latin dictionary). And considering that Ulterans refers to Ancients who came from a galaxy far, far away, and that the Ancients were of course pretty advanced, I think that would be a great way for going about naming them.

          Now either way, I think it's a great name, but I just have to wonder if I might have figured out how you came up with it? Am I right, or...way off? I (being a writer myself) personally love coming up with names that have a hidden significance like that.

          Some really great episodes on both SG-1 and Atlantis, by the way.
          Robert Cooper came up with the name: Alterans.


            Originally posted by DelTrax1
            Well.....I am not sure if anyone has asked this before....but here it goes....I think that you put together "It's good to be King".....If I'm wrong may I poke myself in the eye. ........Are you a Tom Petty Fan and did this song have anything to do with the show's name?.........just listening to some Tom Petty ....It's been a while and came across the song ...."It's Good To Be King.." ....Weird ......but I like it....could have been a good song to play when RDA came through the gate.
            The original title of the episode was "The Man Who Wasn't King" which I personally preferred. But Paul argued that Its Good to Be King was more appropriate and I was overruled. I believe he drew his inspiration from Mel Brooks.


              Originally posted by Kastro187420
              Hi Joe, I dont know if this was asked before or not, so im gonna go ahead and ask anyway...

              In "Broca Divide", it seems that the audio track for that episode is off just by a second or so.In one scene, you can clearly see Teal'c saying something, and his lips will move, and make the motion for the sound, but you don't actually hear anything for about half a second or so.It very well could just the Sci-Fi Channel, but its also one of the only episodes that does that.

              Any Ideas why?
              I'm not sure. It could just be a sync problem with the episode aired or you may have caught some imperfect ADR in which the new line voiced doesn't sync perfectly with the actor's lip flap.


                Originally posted by Livi2Jack

                I have to take issue with you on the fire scene in Avalon p2. Don't you folks consider that children watch? Way too gruesome.
                You should have seen the original version.


                  Originally posted by sueKay
                  Hey Joe

                  Just a question. I've yet to see Avalon, but from the looks of it, it didn't get very good ratings and the response here has been very mixed. What are you going to do if this season under-performs?
                  Look for another job. I have connections at the corner Kinko's.


                    Originally posted by impulsivelad
                    Speaking of Hermiod, I love his irreverent mumblings. Are we seeing more of him this season?


                      Originally posted by John&Teylaalltheway
                      Hi Joe

                      First of all thanks for responding and taking the time to answer questions
                      My question is since you've already answer that Shep & Weir is a possibility does that still mean Shep & Teyla is a possibility too becoming romantically involved ?
                      And if I may is Weir & Caldwell a possibility too ?

                      Thank You

                      Shep-Teyla. Weir-Caldwell. Zelenka-Hermiod. Anything is possible.


                        Hey Joe, do you or anyone you know play World of Warcraft?


                          Originally posted by keshou
                          Speaking of the last four episodes.....

                          I recall reading a report out of Comic Con that RCC and BW said the S9 finale for SG-1 would definitely be a cliffhanger.

                          Is that still the case? Is there any contingency for producing an episode that would close out the series if it looks like the chances for renewal may be iffy?

                          Thanks Joe!
                          We won't get definite word about a renewal until well after the season finale has been written. Cliffhanger it is.


                            Originally posted by Capt. Voronokova
                            Dear Mr. Mallozzi:

                            This question was inspired by your blog entry, so you've only yourself to blame. When you’re writing, do you write the scenes consecutively, (i.e., start with teaser and continue straight to the end credits), or jump around? Obviously it’s a collaborative process with brainstorming and outlining, (and editing, and reediting ), but when you’re first writing the actual script, do you sometimes write a scene in the middle that inspires you and then branch forward or backward...and how does writing parallel storylines (A plot/B plot) fit in?

                            As always, thanks for taking the time to be here. Loved Avalon 1 (still kind of squicked by A2 immolation, but great acting by all) and Atlantis so far!
                            I may have a later scene in my head, but I never write it until I get to it. My writing style is fairly standard: start with the beginning, progress through the middle, and conclude with the end. However, after completing a scene, I will go back and revise it before moving on the next one. After that one is complete, I'll go back and revise both scenes, then move on the next - and so on.


                              Hi Joe, thanks for your Blog, inside production view, patiently answering a question.. it is really great and we truly appreciate it.

                              My question is, how do you decide who writes what episodes, if it's a funny one let's give it to Joe? I guess if it's the writer idea you continue with the story, but what if it's a producer, actor, director?


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                                Originally posted by aAnubiSs
                                So Joe, how come you use Malozzi in the credits (atleast for The Intruder) And Mallozzi here on the forum?
                                Tax purposes.

                                No, really. I wasn't even aware I had two names until a fan pointed out the gaffe to me on Saturday.